How Long Do Trane Furnaces Last?

Trane furnaces keep our homes pleasant and comfortable to live in, even during the winter without breaking the bank. Their high-efficiency models will benefit your home long-term with improved airflow, consistent heating and cooling, minimized sound, and a lower carbon footprint. These factors make Trane furnaces a wise investment, but exactly how long do they last? Can it still work passably in the next decade? We've looked to Trane and consumers' feedback to find the answer.

Trane furnaces are expected to last for up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Compared to other systems on the market, Trane has the best product design and durability, ensuring functionality for a long time. Additionally, they offer an extended warranty on their machines to safeguard your return on investment.

Keeping a relaxing atmosphere in your home requires a proper furnace to accommodate any weather changes. Many other factors affect your furnace's performance, and many things to consider to keep our systems cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. We know that keeping and maintaining a furnace can sometimes be a challenge, so we have researched some tips from experts to help you out.

High energy efficient furnace in a basement, How Long Do Trane Furnaces Last?

How much do Trane furnaces cost?

Furnaces are called an investment for a reason. You will need to look at this purchase as something that will benefit you and your family for a very long time and something that can add significant value to your property. Being one of the best on the market, Trane furnaces cost between $1,800-$6,000 depending on the model and the size of your home. 

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What are the benefits of a Trane Furnace?

Upgraded Energy Efficiency Technology

Detail of house efficiency rating on digital tablet screen

Trane has been consistently improving its FER (Fan Energy Rating) efficiency. This rating aims to save approximately 3.99 quads of energy, reduce the carbon pollution equivalent to 4.7 million homes, and save 9 billion in electric bills. Trane has been striving to exceed the standards by: 

  • Switching motors from PSC to ECM, allowing it to operate at different speeds to improve airflow
  • Reducing power requirement by 46%, lowering utility bills
  • Employing the Vortica II Blower for more efficient delivery of airflow

Uses Hybrid dual fuel package systems

A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

This feature is used to accommodate those who live in areas where natural gas is not available. The system uses propane as gas fuel enabled by an electric heat pump and a gas furnace, maximizing efficiency and effectively keeping your home at an ideal temperature.

High indoor air quality

Woman touching touchscreen checking air purifier filter at green level with thumbs up graphics.

You can readily improve the air quality in your home since the Trane furnace is already an effective forced-air system. Installing an air purifier, dehumidifier, or air filtration system can be an instant upgrade that protects everyone in the home from respiratory illness while enforcing a more comfortable atmosphere.

How to Maintain a Trane Furnace

Protect your investment by regularly checking your furnace for any signs of damage and addressing them immediately. Caring for them will ensure that efficiency and functionality are not compromised, and electric bills do not spike. Here are some of the things you need to inspect as you maintain your Trane furnace.

Clean Dirty Air Filters

Home furnace air filter replacement

Air filters weed out the dirt and dust and prevent it from entering the system and into your home. You will need to clean them out at least once a month if you want to keep your bills controlled. 

HVAC systems tend to work harder to pull in the air if it is constantly covered by debris, acting as a wall that interrupts the air from freely flowing, increasing the power required to make the system work. 

Inspect Pilot Light

The Pilot light can be an indicator of how much heat is being supplied around the house, as well as give a signal should there be a carbon monoxide leak. Cleaning out dirt is crucial to avoid false readings, so make sure you inspect it regularly. 

Check the Blower Motor

The blower motor ensures that warm air is circulating throughout the home to combat the cold outside. You want to make sure that the vents are blowing out air, so check for any blockages or saturated moisture on the blower motor and immediately clean it. If left unaddressed, it will make your utility bills skyrocket and nullify the efficiency functions of your Trane furnace. 

Clean Out the Vents

Home air duct system maintenance for clean air

The vents are responsible for leading airflow. If it is blocked by debris, it will affect your home's temperature and signal the system to work harder--except you will not be feeling any of it. Make sure there are no external blockages such as pests, nests, or dead animals by checking once you notice any difference in the air of your home.

Learn more about cleaning out furnace vents here.

Listen for rattling noises

Unfamiliar rattling noises around your furnace are a sure sign that something is wrong. These noises are most likely caused by a hardware material, so it is best to call for professional help when this happens. As always, you will need to stay alert for any unusual changes in your furnace to be safe from any accident. 

Improve home insulation

Man installing thermal roof insulation layer using mineral wool

Your home insulation is the foundation for your home's internal climate. If you want to maximize your furnace's functionality, your insulation must first be prioritized. Make sure there are no gaps from which air can enter or escape, and doors and windows are sealed shut. 

Clean out and tune up ductwork

The ductwork is the most commonly ignored fixture in the house until it starts making problems. Make sure to check them every once in a while and take out any dust and scraps. This is especially important if you have recently made renovations around the house.

Seek help from a professional

As with any machine, consulting a professional is still the best route to take when doing maintenance. Cleaning it yourself may be good, but you might still miss out on some spots that an expert can easily address.

Professional advice is especially critical if the problem involves electrical and mechanical problems, so make sure to have access to one in case of emergencies.

Signs you need to repair your furnace

Irregular temperatures 

Irregular temperatures mean that your furnace might be working more than usual to meet your home's expected temperature. When this happens, it means some cogs in the machine might be malfunctioning. A furnace working twice or thrice as hard will translate to your utility bill without you benefiting from the functionalities it should have been giving. 

Expensive bill

Man using calculator and calculate bills in home office

If you notice a sudden spike in your electric bill, your furnace may not be working properly. The furnace affects the entire indoor climate system, so there may have been a domino effect that was started by a faulty furnace. 

Unusual beeping sound

The high-pitched beeping is an indicator that there is something wrong with the draft, and the valve is attempting to fix it. It can also mean that the air filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned, which can quickly be fixed.

Bad Smell

A bad smell should always be taken seriously, as this can be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak. You will need to evacuate the area at that moment and call a professional--or the fire department--immediately afterward. 

Rusting on the area

Rusting is a serious issue that needs the expertise of a heat repair technician. Rust on the furnace can cause water leaks, damage electric parts of the furnace, and release toxic gases. This is typically caused by a high concentration of moisture and humidity. 

Presence of Smoke

Smoke on your furnace is a serious situation that must not be taken lightly. Smoke happens when there is nowhere for the furnace's combustion to release on, so it is forced to go to the ductwork. When this happens, turn off the furnace and wait until you can get a professional to take a look since there may be a blockage on the vent.

Dust Buildup

A dirty furnace not only affects the machine itself but your entire home as well. If your furnace filters are clogged with too much dirt, the air circulating in your home may be filled with dust particles and settle on your furniture. This can cause allergies and respiratory ailments, making your home an uncomfortable place to live. Aside from this, dust buildup can interrupt the operation of the system.

Final Thoughts

As with any machine, the Trane furnance can only perform to its peak capability if you maintain and care for it well. The cost of maintaining it is offset by the value-adding and comfort benefits it can provide, as well as the energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable features it boasts. 

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