How Long Does A Lennox Air Conditioner Last?

Choosing an AC unit to improve the comfort of your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you're wondering how long a Lennox air conditioner lasts, you're not alone. Longevity of these appliances is important, and the right usage paired with a good brand can make the most for your money. So, we've found the answer to what you can expect for the lifespan of a Lennox.

Modern air conditioners, such as Lennox models, can last between 15 to 20 years. However, you'll find older models' life expectancy slightly shorter, between 10-12 years. Nevertheless, appropriate usage and ongoing maintenance can extend the life of your Lennox air conditioning unit. 

You'll want every penny to count when choosing an Lennox AC unit. So, keep reading as we'll answer more questions about energy efficiency, maintenance routines, and costs associated with Lennox AC models. It is also important to note that the Lennox warranty can be of service if you have untimely issues with your AC unit.

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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, there are five steps you should do, all simple for the typical DIYer. 

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Clean or Change the AC Filter

A filter that is filled with dust can lessen the airflow quality of the AC; it will also put tension on the AC’s system. The good thing about it is that this is the easiest thing to do. You have to do this at least once a month. Although, this may need more attention, especially if you are continually using the air conditioner.

Check out replacement filters for Lennox models HCF16-10 and HCC16-28 on Amazon.

Keep the AC Coils Clean

The coils in your air conditioner have a big role to play for it to work efficiently. There are two of them: the evaporator coil and the condenser coil.

Evaporator coils absorb the heat from the air in your room, while the condenser coil completes the air conditioning process where it converts the heat into cool air. Having a dirty coil means increasing the energy consumption by 30 percent. So, it is really necessary to clean the coils.

Inspect the Coil Fins

Coil fins are aluminum types, and they are parallel to each other. When they are bent, the airflow through the coil might be blocked. You can maintain this alone; all you need to do is to find and buy a fin comb to comb the fins back to their normal state.

See this fin cleaning kit on Amazon.

Examine the Condensate Drains

Condensate drains can be clogged, just like the filter as well. And when this happens, the drainage process might be disrupted. This should be checked from time to time.

Call a Professional

Have your air conditioner checked by a maintenance professional at least once a year. Doing this will ensure your AC is still in good running condition, and they will address the underlying issues.

Is Lennox A Trusted Brand?

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Lennox is undoubtedly a promising brand. When we talk about heating and central air conditioning products, Lennox is an industry leader. This brand has been considered the most efficient central air conditioning unit as of 2021. 

Safety is valued by Lennox, and they are dedicated to providing homeowners with products to aid in comfort. Additionally, and most impressive, is that Lennox does this with care and concern for the global climate.

The public favors buying Lennox air conditioners because these are reliable and highly regarded appliances. This brand is known for its heavy-duty and noiseless air conditioners. Lennox also provides generous warranties.

Is Lennox AC energy efficient?

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Have you already heard of Energy Star? Energy Star is a valuable symbol. Products that are able to obtain this symbol are deemed energy efficient. Energy star is government authorized, so it is a trusted symbol.

Lennox is Energy Star qualified. Choosing this brand means you made a competent choice.

How Much Does A New Lennox Air Conditioner Cost?

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Another common question when buying is the amount you are going to spend.

Lennox offers three series:

  1. BASIC
  3. BEST 


This is the Lennox Merit Series we are talking about. It has four models of air conditioners with five years of warranty coverage. 


This is the Lennox Elite Series. It has four models of air conditioners and 10 compressors, all with five years warranty coverage. This collection offers a one-of-a-kind experience of comfort.


This is the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. This collection has three models of air conditioners, with a warranty of 10 years. Of the series, Best appliances have the ultimate performance and features.

Note: Lennox air conditioner prices and installation costs may vary upon your location, labor fee rates, tax rates, and also upon these factors:

  • Unit Size
  • Distance
  • Performance of the air conditioner
  • Ductwork repair or replacement
  • Difficulty of the installation

If you want to know about the unit prices and installation costs, check the table below for reference.

Merit 13ACX 13 / Single-stage $3,350-$5,225 $1,350-$2,700 $4,700-$7,925
Merit 14ACX 16 / Single-stage $3,500-$5,480 $1,300-$2,700 $4,800-$8180
Merit ML14XC1 16 / Single-stage $3,685-$5,700 $1,350-$2,700 $5,035-$8,400
Merit 16ACX 17 / 2-stage $3,850-$5,975 $1,400-$2,750 $5,250-$8,725
Elite XC13 15.5 / single-stage $3,950-$6,115 $1,350-$2,700 $5,300-$8,815
Elite EL16XC1 17 / single-stage $4,200-$6,375 $1,350-$2,700 $5,550-$9.075
Elite XC16 17.2 / single-stage $4,425–$6,550 $1,400-$2,750 $5,825-9,300
Elite XC20 20 / variable $5,150-$7,400 $1,450-$2,875 $6,600-$10,275
Signature Series


18.5 / single-stage $4,500-$6,725 $1,350-$2,700 $5,850-$9,425
Signature Series


21/ 2-stage $4,985-$7,050 $1,400-$2,750 $6,385-$9,800
Signature Series


26 / variable $5,450-$7,775 $1,450-$2,875 $6,900-$10,650


You are probably thinking about the expensiveness of this brand right now. But, there are two reasons why:

  • First, Lennox is top-tier when it comes to efficiency.
  • Second, Lennox has a strong reputation and reliability.

You will pay more for its maintenance, but as time goes by, you will notice that you are actually saving and retrieving the money you spent over the years because of its low energy consumption.

Final Thoughts


Lennox brand AC units speak for themselves when it comes to longevity and quality. You can have a choice of various series -Basic, Better, and Best- to get the ideal appliance for your home needs. Additionally, if you maintain a Lennox AC it can provide up to 20 years of efficient service.

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  1. Lennox is notorious for leaking expansion coils, due to corrosionof the cheap thin walled copper tubing encased in aluminum fins. On average a unit might run about 2 years before it fails due to loss of freon. Part may still be under warranty but labor and freon costs are not, leaving homeowner on the hook for about $4,000. Oh, the replacement coil? Its uses the same defective material and design. Repeat pocess about every other year.

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