How Long Does A Portable Air Conditioner Take To Cool A Room?

Do you have any idea how long can a portable air conditioner take to cool a room? Of course, it is not instant. That is why we wrote this post to provide you with our thoroughly researched answers.

A portable air conditioner can lower the temperature of a room by 5 degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes. It is a very convenient air conditioner since it can provide cool air anytime and anywhere you want.

Do you think portable air conditioners are worth every penny? Well, we encourage you to read on to know more about your portable air conditioner.

Air conditioner portable, How Long Does A Portable Air Conditioner Take To Cool A Room?

Tips to Cool a Room Quickly

Portable Air Conditioner in interior

If you are too excited to quickly cool your room whenever you switch your air conditioner on, follow these simple tips to make it possible.

Strategic Installation

Always be mindful of where to put your portable air conditioners. If possible, avoid the windows with sunny spots. If you can find a low humidity window spot around the room, it is best to put your portable air conditioner there.

Exhaust Fans Can Help

Exhaust fans are of great help in this kind of situation. By venting the air outside, it can get rid of the smell inside the house and the heat at the same time.

No Exhaust Fan? No Problem!

If you have fans in your home, you can use them as substitutes to exhaust fans. All you need to do is open your window and curtain, place the fan in front of it and aim its blow outside. You can do this before switching your air conditioner on.

Use Blinds And Curtains That Can Give Shade

You can not turn down the sun during the day so, you should carry out the adjustments. In other words, use your thick curtains to shade the insides of your home from the sun. With its help, you can somehow make the ambiance inside your room cooler.

Check this Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain on Amazon.

Turn Off All The Heat-Emitting Appliances If Not In Use

Television, computer, lamps, and incandescent lights are some of those home essentials that produce so much heat when in use. Give them a break and shut them down if you are not using them at the moment.

Keep The Exhaust Hose Straightly Fine

Keep your eyes on the exhaust hose of your portable air conditioner. If it twists or bends, expect that the heat inside your room will not completely vent outside.

How Long Can You Run Your Portable AC?

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If you want to improve and cool your indoor temperature most conveniently, the answer will always be a portable air conditioning unit. But how long can you run it?

Perhaps you already know that there are many pollutant sources indoors, sometimes they are worse than the outdoors. Air conditioners can improve the air quality inside our home because those pollutants are water-soluble. And since the air conditioner evaporates water from the atmosphere, it can pull out these pollutants.

Portable air conditioners with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters can be more effective in removing pollutants from the air. HEPA filters can get rid of mold, dust, pollen, and any air-borne particles.

When people are continuously working all day, they overtire. And that is how portable air conditioners end up, too. They tend to wear out faster when they are overused. You can choose to run your air conditioner all day, or all night. However, you might want to watch out for a huge electricity bill for the upcoming month if you do such.

To clarify, it is always better to switch your portable air conditioner for a few hours and switch it off when you reach the appropriate temperature. If possible, don't wear it down. Always give your portable air conditioner a break like the other devices.

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Air Conditioner

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Just like any other home appliances, air conditioners have both good and bad sides, as well. And let us share with you what those are.


Lower Cost Than Other Air Conditioners

If you want to cool your room cheaply, you might consider having this. You can purchase one from any major retailer for an economical price.

Unlike the product price and the installation price of a central air conditioning unit, a portable air conditioner is a cost-effective alternative. You can buy one for less than $500, but it will depend on its model and features.

You Can Put It Anywhere

It is the most substantial advantage of a portable air conditioner to consider. You can bring it anytime and anywhere you want around the house. You have the complete freedom to cool a different room anytime, and the best part is that you can do it all alone.

No Sweat In Installing

It is by far the easiest one to set up. You will need to put it beside a window for its exhaust hose and an electrical outlet to plug it in. You can opt to see its manual for the instructions so you can assemble the drain hose, hose adapters, and a window bracket easily.

Needs Only A Little Window Space

Unlike those other air conditioning units, a portable air conditioner may only need a small cut from your window for its hose. Worry not because it will not block your natural light.



Unfortunately, portable air conditioners produce a bit of sound when running. Nevertheless, you shouldn't fret too much because that is only its background noise.

And that noise is not too troublesome, so you can still enjoy your nap and good night's sleep. We highly suggest reading some customers' reviews to ensure that the background noise is tolerable.

Less Energy Efficiency

You may think about having your portable air conditioner a substitute for your principal air conditioners only. Yes, it can provide cooling, but that doesn't mean that it is energy efficient.

If you can invest in a better model, go for it. Do not consider it your primary air conditioning source since it can make your electricity bills go high, and we know you wouldn't like that. If possible, use it for emergency purposes only.

Consider Your Room Size

There are certain air conditioner types that we should use for different room sizes. And one example is portable air conditioners, which are only advisable for small rooms. Because cooling a larger room will make them work harder and as a result, it will consume higher energy usage.

Keep It Well-Maintained

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your portable air conditioner, keep it maintained enough. You need to ensure that the exhaust hose is not clogged and keep the filters clean as much as possible. Don't forget about the water tank because you will also need to empty it from time to time to avoid water damage and leaks.

Checklist For The Proper Storage Of Your Portable Air Conditioner:

a lived-in Apartment's Pressing ironing station includes an iron, folding ironing board, a chair, a bright window and a portable ac unit.

  • Drain the water from the air conditioner.
  • Switch the air conditioner and turn it to fan mode to dry itself completely.
  • Thoroughly clean all its other parts, especially the exhaust hose and drain pan. Dry them all after.
  • Flatten the exhaust hose properly to prepare for storage and avoid future damage.
  • As much as possible, replace the air conditioner's old carton. You may want to get a clean cover cloth to prevent dust build-up.
  • Store your portable air conditioner in a dry spot and never in an area that can be damp.

How Long Will My Portable Air Conditioner Last?

Portable air conditioners can exist for up to 5 to 10 years. And with regular air conditioning maintenance, you can still extend its lifespan to another five more years.

Summary And Clarification

If you have read throughout the article, you know how long a portable air conditioner takes to cool a room by now. Additionally, we know that you are considering its pros and cons whether you're still going to continue using it or not.

And if we are to give advice, you should continue to use one occasionally. After all, it is unavoidable for all types of air conditioners to not have disadvantages.

To make it concise, you have to find strategic ways to improve its efficiency and extend its life. And it is your comfort and relaxation that all matters anyway.

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