How Long Does A Ruud Air Conditioner Last?

When buying air conditioners, it is essential to choose a reliable AC unit that is not only affordable but can also last for a number of years. We have researched everything you need to know about Ruud air conditioning units.

Ruud Air Conditioners can last for at least 15 to 20 years. However, if the unit is properly maintained, your AC can last up to 30 years. You should keep in mind that if you live in a dry area, then your Ruud air conditioning unit will most likely last for about 10 years without having any issues.

Ruud Air Conditioning Units are proven to be durable, especially because they have been on the market for 100+ years! There are several ways how to take care of this AC unit to ensure that it runs to its full potential even after using it for many years. Keep reading to learn how to  make the most of your Ruud unit!

Air conditioner unit connected to the residential house, How Long Does A Ruud Air Conditioner Last?

How long will a Ruud air conditioner last?

The good thing about Ruud air conditioning brand is that it can last for at least 15 to 20 years, especially if the unit is properly maintained. However, you wouldn't have to worry about equipment repair when you purchase their product because Ruud offers a 10-year warranty on all its units.

If you want, it is possible to extend this warranty for another 10 years with the Protection Plus extended service agreement program. Protection Plus has parts and labor coverage. Any mechanical and electrical failures within the unit, such as heat exchanger and compressor, are covered by the warranty.

This means that you would not have to worry anymore about components and labor expenses. However, the warranty does not cover the parts of the air conditioning unit that are damaged because of incorrect installation. Non-electrical components replacement is also not part of the agreement.

Nonetheless, another positive point of this warranty is that the agreement is transferable. This only means that if you wish to sell your home, you can transfer the agreement with the new homeowner for a nominal fee of $25 within 30 days of the closing of the sale of your home.

Are Ruud AC units reliable?

If you are planning to buy an air conditioning unit, you may be wondering which brand to purchase. Ruud HVAC has a wide range of central air conditioners, which is nearly suited for any situation. In order to be a consumer friendly product, Ruud air conditioning units aim to be highly efficient by operating at its best while consuming and providing low electricity bills.

Ruud air conditioners are proven to be of good quality. These units have a rating of 13 to 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) which is 54% higher than most air conditioners.

While some units use conventional compressors, Ruud utilizes scroll compressors which are durable and the most highly reliable compressor on the market. An HVAC system that is equipped with scroll compressors can last longer, is energy-efficient, and can keep your home quiet because these compressors cause less drag on the refrigerant. 

Part of the reason why Ruud is becoming popular is because of its cost-effectiveness. It is proven that their units undercut most of HVAC systems on the market while still offering the best quality.

For instance, Ruud's 14 SEER introductory unit is almost $5oo lower in price when compared to their competitors. Not only that, but buyers also claim to have long-lasting satisfaction, especially when the unit is installed properly.

What are the different Ruud Air Conditioner Models?

The good thing about Ruud air conditioners is that it presents a broad spectrum of features and variations for each unit. This only means that Ruud will have the AC that will fit the needs of any type of structure, including your home.

Before we delve deep into the topic, it is fair to know that Ruud air conditioners are classified into two categories which are "Achiever" and "Ultra" series models. Let us find out more about these two models!

EcoNet Enabled Ultra Series Variable Speed (UA20)

The UA20 air conditioner model has the highest rating when it comes to efficiency. This unit reaches 20 SEER, which is basically higher than what most air conditioners offer. One part of the appeal why this model is one of the best is because of its advanced air and water control system, which helps save energy, and provides the comfort that you need. 

This air conditioner also features the Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor. It has a modulating technology that aims to provide more precise temperature control, better efficiency, and lower humidity. This model is also built with a new composite base pan that absorbs sounds, eliminates corrosion, and is lighter and stronger than steel. 

EcoNet Enabled Achiever Plus Series Two-Stage (UA17)

Ruuds's UA17 unit is equipped with Two-Stage Copeland Scroll Ultra Tech Compressor, which is more efficient than air conditioners that have single-stage compressors. It enables a more precise temperature control for your comfort, and it includes a smart home system that is Alexa-compatible.

This design has fewer cabinet fasteners making them easier to maintain and install. 

SEER rating is one aspect that is often valued by buyers. UA17 has a rating of 17 SEER, and utilizes the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-41A -also making it an ideal choice.

Achiever Series: Two-Stage (RA17)

The coil is the main feature of this Achiever Series because it comes with a single row condenser specification. It makes the unit lightweight and makes the coils easier to clean and maintain. Because of the presence of these coils, and because of the focus on cleaning essentials, your AC unit can operate at its full potential.

This is not the only quality of this Achiever Series, it also offers a hassle-free panel removal since it is designed so that you can easily reach the internal parts of the unit.

Like most Ruud air conditioner models, RA17 has a SEER of 17 and uses the R-410A refrigerant, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. This AC is also equipped with a two-stage scroll compressor that is functioning at a medium speed and only changes to optimum speed during intense summer heat.

Achiever Series: Single Stage (RA16)

When it comes to choosing the best AC units, the design and build of the product plays a huge factor. The RA16 is manufactured with the new composite base pan, which holds louver panels, is corrosion-resistant, and can absorb sound. 

Ruud's RA16  with a SEER of 16 also has an excellent cooling performance. This rating is high enough to keep your electric bills low.

Unlike the RA17, this model uses a single-stage scroll compressor. But you don't have to worry! It also has efficient cooling capabilities like other models.  This also aids in increasing the efficiency of the model. Not only that, butit also makes the unit safer to use. 

This Achiever Series design is encased with a durable outer casing which adds to the strength and reliability of the product. Installation and removal of the unit is also simpler since the AC is coupled with longer wires.

Achiever Series: Single Stage (RA14)

Ruud's RA14 Achiever Series model achieves efficiencies up to 15 SEER, which is highly recommended in areas that experience hot summer months. Similar to RA16, this unit utilizes a scroll compressor, a R-410A refrigerant, and a composite base pan.

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What qualities make Ruud a better choice than other AC brands?

AC unit connected to the residential house

Ruud has been offering one of the best air conditioning models for a long time. Like we mentioned earlier, it provides superior air conditioning qualitywith an affordable price compared to any other AC units. Unlike its competitors, Ruud is highly appealing to buyers because of the units' efficient compressors, good SEER, and heating and cooling options.

Efficient Compressors

Photo of the inside of the compressor scroll

Ruud's air conditioning units are installed with reliable compressors that provide better weather insulation. Customers have the option to choose between single and two-stage compressors.

The best thing about this is that the AC uses scroll compressors which are highly ideal for models that offer excellent cooling performance. It delivers a quiet and reliable operation, enhances comfort, and is energy efficient.


A good air conditioning unit should have a high SEER rating. The Ruud air conditioner models mentioned above proves that this brand offers one of the best SEER ratings. Having this quality ensures that your AC is performing at its best while your electric bills are not that high.

In Closing

Ruud has its qualities and perks that differ from other air conditioning brands. What matters most is that it is cost-effective and durable. Because of this, Ruud air conditioners are highly sought on the market.

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