How Long Does An Electric Furnace Last?

It's important to have a good idea of how long critical household appliances and components will last. Do you have an electric furnace you want to replace but don't know if it's time? Well, we've done some digging and have the answer for you.

An electric furnace should last you between 20 and 30 years on average. You can expect an electric furnace to last you five to ten more years than a traditional gas option, which is why they are so popular. That said, not all electric furnaces are the same, so it's best to stick to a reputable brand and keep an eye out for products that have warranties.

If you still have some questions about the longevity of an electric furnace, don't worry. In this post, we'll discuss the topic in greater detail. As we begin, we will cover all things electric furnaces and discuss how to keep yours in good shape. Whether it's time for an upgrade or you just purchased your furnace, we've got you covered. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A worker repairing the gas furnace, How Long Does An Electric Furnace Last?

Do Electric Furnaces Last Long?

Electric furnaces are most definitely a great long-term option. As mentioned, an electric furnace should last you between 20 and 30 years, which is a considerable amount of time.

Of course, as your furnace ages, it might develop problems, so you might end up having it closer to 15 years before issues become more common.

How Do You Know When Your Electric Furnace Is Going Out?

Although there are plenty of signs an electric furnace might be on its last leg, there are some key indicators to look for. These signs include:

  • Frequent issues/breakdowns
  • An older furnace (15+ years old)
  • Increased energy bills
  • Sudden noises
  • Dry/low-quality air
  • Poor temperature control
  • Soot

Although your furnace might not show all of these signs, it's best to have it checked out as soon as an issue arises. Doing this can save you time and money later on and even extend the life of your furnace.

Do Electric Furnaces Last Longer Than Gas Furnaces?

Between electric and gas, an electric furnace will last you a bit longer. Typically, you can expect a gas furnace to last you around ten to 20 years at most, or about half as long as an electric option.

Gas furnaces tend to have more maintenance issues as they reach around ten years old, while most electric furnaces stay problem-free until they are 15 years old. Electric furnaces also won't develop build-up over time, which is another reason they typically hold out longer.

Should I Replace My Gas Furnace With Electric?

Switching your current gas furnace for an electric one is a great idea. As mentioned, electric furnaces will last longer than gas and are also much safer.

When it comes to which of the two saves more money, gas is cheaper to run in the long run but does tend to develop costly issues as it ages. On the other hand, electric furnaces are cheaper to install and require little upkeep, so they are generally the better option.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Electric Furnace?

A service crew looking at the gas furnace in the basement for potential damages

Price-wise, replacing an electric furnace will usually cost you between $1,900 and $5,600 on average. A new electric furnace should cost you around $1,000 to $3,000, while installation/labor will be an additional $800 to $2,500.

Of course, pricing will vary depending on where you live and how difficult it is to get parts/people to you, so keep that in mind.

Is It Worth Upgrading Your Furnace?

Generally, you want to replace your current furnace if the cost to fix it is more than 50% of a new one. Although electric furnaces won't develop problems as often as gas options will, that's not to say they can't run into expensive repairs the older they get.

As mentioned, you shouldn't need to be super worried about an electric furnace under 15 years old, but again, every appliance is different.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Furnace Per Month?

You can often budget for around $130 to $180 per month to run an electric furnace. Although this won't be the same for everyone, if you plan to keep your heater on for more than three or four hours a day, your electric bill should be at least $100 per month.

Depending on how cold it is outside, this will also impact your bill, so try to budget for an increase through the winter season. An electric furnace should cost you around $4.80 to use per day, so for 30 days, your total bill should be about $144.

How Much Power Does An Electric Furnace Use?

Power-wise, the electricity usage of an electric furnace ranges from ten to 50 kilowatts. It is estimated that a 2,400 square foot home uses close to 18,000 watts for heating while a furnace is on.

Like running AC in the summer, your electric furnace will use more energy if it's colder outside, thus increasing power use/your monthly bill.

That said, newer energy-efficient electric furnaces will be better at saving power while they run, which is why they are recommended.

Do Electric Furnaces Run Constantly?

A digital thermostat indicating 71 degrees in the display

An electric furnace should not be running constantly. On average, an electric furnace will turn on about three to eight times per hour but will shut off between heatings.

If your appliance is older, it might have a clog or broken part that is causing it to run non-stop, which is not good for your energy bill. As mentioned, if you suspect your furnace has a problem, time is of the essence.

Do Electric Furnaces Lose Efficiency Over Time?

Efficiency-wise, it is common for an electric furnace to become less efficient as it ages. Like any appliance, your furnace will start to need to work harder to get its job done, causing a decrease in its efficiency.

A few good ways to improve a furnace's efficiency are to:

  • Clean and replace its filters
  • Inspect it for air leaks
  • Clean out its vents regularly
  • Turn down your heat during the daytime
  • Have a professional inspect your furnace yearly
  • Upgrade any worn down parts on your furnace as needed

Although these are just a few good habits to develop, taking good care of your electric furnace can extend its lifetime and even save you some money each month.

How Do I Choose An Electric Furnace?

For those in the market for a new electric furnace, there are some things to consider. Most importantly, you want to find a furnace that is energy efficient, preferably ENERGY STAR rated, so you know it will save you money.

Newer electric furnace models tend to use around 30% less energy than older options, so try to splurge for the most recent version of an appliance.

Another important detail to consider is whether a furnace is big enough to heat your entire home, so make sure to ask about its overall heating ability before purchasing.

How Long Are Most Electric Furnace Warranties?

Generally, an electric furnace's warranty will last between five and ten years, depending on the brand. Coleman provides a ten-year limited warranty on their electric furnaces, which is helpful if any of your furnace's parts fail during that time.

Of course, not all companies offer generous warranties, so it's essential to find a product with a promise behind it.

Many new electric furnaces will come with a ten-year or lifetime manufacturer warranty on their parts versus gas coming with a 20-year warranty on their heat exchanger.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you have an electric furnace or want to get one, knowing how long yours will last is essential. An electric furnace should last you between 20 and 30 years on average.

When it comes to signs your current electric furnace needs replacing, watch out for frequent breakdowns, increased energy bills, loud noises, poor-quality air/temperature control, and soot.

Between electric and gas furnaces, electric ones are safer and last longer, while gas costs less to operate over time.

Regardless of what furnace you have, make sure to have it looked at regularly, and remember to upgrade any broken/worn down pieces as needed.

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