How Long is Rheem AC Warranty and Does It Cover Labor?

You just bought a Rheem air conditioner, and you are wondering about the details of the warranty that goes with your new unit. How many years is the coverage? Is labor included? We have consulted the experts to provide you with the correct information for your peace of mind.

Rheem's air conditioner standard warranty coverage ranges from 10 years on limited parts to a lifetime on the major components of its premium models. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover labor. However, you can still avail of an extended labor warranty through service providers authorized by Rheem.

Rheem's air conditioner warranty program is considered at par in the industry. But just like any HVAC manufacturer, the warranty doesn't include labor expenses. Keep reading for the details and how you can possibly avail an extended warranty on labor.

Trained hvac technician performing preventative maintenance on a air conditioning condenser unit, How Long is Rheem AC Warranty and Does It Cover Labor?

When Does Your Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

Rheem air conditioners are a respectable brand in the industry. The products are known for their durability and high-quality performance. Incidentally, there are externalities that are beyond control that may affect the product and hamper its full performance. External factors may be environmental, and yes even manufacturing issues.

As a result, your air conditioner may need to be serviced by HVAC professionals.

The servicing attempts to identify the problem, assess if it needs a repair, whether minor or major, or a total replacement of the unit. Here are the indicators that your air conditioner unit needs to be serviced.

  • Warm air blowing from the vents
  • Damp smell coming out of the vents
  • Rattling noise from the unit
  • Room temperature that does not match the thermostat reading
  • AC unit that constantly cycles on and off
  • Humidity that is present indoors
  • Water that leaks within or around the air handler

If you detect one or more of the above issues, Rheem says you can directly reach out to their accredited contractors, or your unit's installer, instead of their manufacturing office.

Your Rheem contractor will professionally assess the problem, determine the extent of the damage if there is any, and present the appropriate solution. They will also determine if the repair will be covered by the unit's warranty.

Repairmen works on a home's air conditioner unit outdoors.

Rheem can also be reached through their customer service online. Be sure you have the precise details of your AC unit such as model type and serial number. Then you will be walked through a series of questions regarding your complaint. Depending on your responses, you may then be directed to a local contractor for further assessment.

Rheem Air Conditioner Warranty Programs

Rheem air conditioners, and their other products, have carved a niche in the industry. And similarly, Rheem backs their air conditioners with the best warranties.

Limited Warranty Package

Every air conditioner unit purchased includes its standard limited warranty package. The terms offer a replacement for component parts that will fail due to normal usage.

The warranty coverage is basically 10 years replacement of limited parts, 10 years conditional unit replacement, and an impressive lifetime replacement on the major components. The last two are applicable only to exceptional cases and to the premium models.

Repairman works on air conditioner horizontal shot

The warranty coverage takes effect on the date of purchase or on the date of installation. There are rare instances when these data cannot be determined, thus, the warranty coverage starts on the product's manufacture date plus 90 days. The manufacture date can be verified through the serial number.

Extended Service Agreement

At the time of purchase, Rheem's limited warranty does not cover labor.

Some homeowners are critical of the labor expenses for repairs to their air conditioning unit. Due to this, certain HVAC contractors have looked into this opportunity and offered a warranty solution instead.

The HVAC contractors have designed an Extended Service Agreement (ESA) which offers the same terms as that of Rheem's limited warranty with an added 10-year labor coverage. The added feature is designed as an extension of the existing Rheem warranty package.

The HVAC contractors include the ESA as part of their service offerings. These contractors are recognized third-party solutions providers of the Rheem company.

There are also warranty solutions provider companies, contracted by Rheem, who primarily handle ESA for prospective homeowner clients.

Extended Warranty Package

As the name implies, this refers to the extension of the initial limited warranty when you purchase an air conditioner unit. Homeowners have the option to purchase additional coverage. The features of the package include the following:

  • Takes effect after the limited warranty expires
  • 10 years coverage
  • Covers parts and labor on mechanical and electrical failures
  • Transferrable in case you sell your home

With the extended warranty, you still get budget protection while still enjoying your Rheem air conditioner unit for many more years.

How to Redeem The Warranty Coverage

In order to redeem the full coverage of the warranty, you need to register your air conditioner unit with Rheem. Have it registered within 60 days from the date of purchase, and you get a 10-year limited warranty on parts including the compressor. 

Rheem invalidates the warranty if you have purchased your unit online, or from auction websites without an inspection and installation by a qualified HVAC technician.

For full assurance that your warranty will be honored, you need to purchase from authorized Rheem dealers where there is an in-person inspection of the unit at the time of purchase.

Are Rheem Air Conditioning Units Any Good?

Rheem is a well-respected brand in the HVAC industry. Rheem's branding boasts of budget-friendly yet durable HVAC products. The brand enjoys high professional reviews for its quality products at the price point. Unfortunately, repairs are expensive.

The high cost of repairs is mainly attributed to the fact that Rheem products use only proprietary parts. Reviews point out that the product tends to break down under heavy workloads, and repairs are costly since the parts aren't generic-friendly. The situation may be aggravated if there's improper installation. 

Rheem ranks No. 5 among The Best HVAC Companies of 2022.

Rheem has 11 models of air conditioners in its product line. The product series consists of Prestige, Classic, and Select. Prestige has the highest energy efficiency and the premium model. Select offers quality performance yet is budget-priced and considered the base model. Classic is the middle and balances the features of the other two.

Overall, the product features are as follows:

  • Compressors are Copeland Scroll which is the best in the industry.
  • Up to 20.5 SEER rating
  • Durable construction
  • Top-of-the-line models that are compatible with EcoNet Smart Thermostat.

Rheem ranks as the No. 1 air conditioning brand according to Forbes.

For 2021, Forbes ranked Rheem the No. 1 AC brand based on three key areas:

  • Quiet Operation - Rheem air conditioners produce between 55 to 72 decibels, loud enough like a normal conversation. Air conditioners should be built with "with quiet in mind". They are meant to be installed in homes that are your peaceful and restful sanctuaries.
  • Excellent Customer Service - Not only on their quality products, but Rheem treats their customers at a reasonable cost as well. Customers give favorable feedback on this aspect.
  • Price - Rheem offers fair and flexible pricing that does not compromise quality and efficiency. The company also taps its contractors to offer financing and other improvements to make the product manageable and affordable to customers.

How Much Does Rheem Air Conditioner Cost?

Wooden cubes foorming word COST and calculator

Rheem air conditioner is a budget-friendly alternative to other leading brands such as Carrier, Trane, and Lennox.

Rheem air conditioner starts at $990 plus installation cost. The average costs range from $3,000 to $4,000. Additional fees may apply on taxes, ductwork, and modifications to be done.

HVAC contractors may also charge around $100 for preventive maintenance and system tune-up. This service includes cleaning the coils, removing dirt and debris, and straightening the coil fins. The service also addresses minor issues before they blow up to major repairs.

For homeowners who are on a budget, resorting to the local cheapest contractor isn't surprising. However, Rheem cautions against this practice because the AC unit's performance is heavily dependent on the quality of installation.

Rheem Air Conditioners Vs. Competitors

Let's see here how Rheem ACs compare in competition with these popular brands:


Lennox Corporation trademark logo and trademark.

Lennox banks on high-efficiency products with up to 28 SEER ratings for their central air conditioners. Additionally, most models are compatible with smart thermostats affording even more saving on energy.

Rheem makes up for its affordability. Lennox costs up to $10,000 including installation. This is highly criticized because Rheem repairs are costly, hence, you would weigh the initial cost advantage alongside the future expensive repairs.

American Standard

Logo of the brand American Standard

Both Rheem and American Standard products are comparable in durability. However, American Standard has more energy-efficient air conditioners with higher SEER ratings compared with Rheem.

On the price front, Rheem is still the winner with its base models costing $3,000 with installation. The reviews would mention expensive repairs, though.

Lastly, both brands offer a 10-year limited warranty on parts. American Standard comes with a 12-year warranty on compressors. Maintenance costs are better than American Standard.

Final Thoughts

Your Rheem air conditioner carries among the best warranties in the industry. You get 10 years of coverage on limited parts and lifetime coverage on the major components. But Rheem doesn't have labor coverage on its initial warranty. You can still avail of a 10-year labor coverage through an extended service agreement from third-party HVAC contractors authorized by Rheem.

Additionally, ensure that your AC unit is registered with Rheem to enjoy the maximum benefits of the warranty. Purchase from authorized Rheem dealers and get it installed by HVAC contractors licensed by Rheem. Purchasing from online sources and auction websites is not honored by Rheem and invalidates the warranty.

If you are a budget-conscious shopper, getting a Rheem air conditioner requires no second thought. The price plus installation costs, ductwork, and existing modifications are reasonably priced compared to other leading brands.

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