How Long Does A Nest Thermostat Last? [Inc. The Battery]

A Google Nest thermostat is a smart device to keep you comfortable at home. Maybe you're planning to buy one but are still wondering about its life expectancy. Learn from what we researched about a Nest thermostat's useful life and how long its battery lasts.

A Nest thermostat can last up to 10 years. The thermostat has two backup batteries that will last around 1 to 2 years before needing replacement.

For some models, you can use the USB port in the device to charge the batteries. Although the device can last long, it can have a reduced life due to issues with the battery.

The batteries are supplementary to the main power source of the Nest thermostat, which is your home's HVAC. However, some models like Nest E or learning thermostats do not need backup batteries. Continue reading to learn more about a Nest thermostat.

Smart Thermostat with a hand saving energy. How Long Does A Nest Thermostat Last [Inc. The Battery]

Nest Thermostat's Useful Life

If you want to create a smart home, a Nest thermostat is a great addition. This thermostat is safe, reliable, and easy to use. With AI technology, the device will be familiar with your home environment.

The device is compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems like HVACS, furnaces, and air conditioners.

The device is a smart thermostat which means it works electronically, is Wi-Fi enabled, and some models can learn temperature needs. You can connect it through an app or Amazon Alexa to control the settings.

Nest thermostats comply with energy and electric certifications and don't have hazardous materials. There are also warranties covering the devices depending on the model. However, like other thermostats, they will not last forever.

The lifespan of a Nest thermostat is around 10 years. The device's useful life will depend on the battery, connectivity, and device conditions. If problems persist, these can lower the life of the thermostat.

Nest Thermostat's Performance Decline

The common reasons why a Nest thermostat wears down include:

  • Broken batteries
  • Device disconnected from home Wi-Fi
  • Built-in AI system that cannot control the temperature well
  • Obstructed or non-functioning sensors
  • Sudden reboot or shutdowns
  • Overheating due to clogged filters
  • Unresponsive device
  • No changes on display or your phone

It will be best to bring it to a service center so that the warranty can cover the costs.

Among the problems mentioned, most owners encounter battery failures. Keep reading to find out if a Nest thermostat battery has a long lifespan.

How Long Does A Nest Battery Last?

Nest thermostats get their power from the home's HVAC system. But it also has 2 AAA backup batteries to supplement power if the HVAC system's power is insufficient.

The lithium-ion battery of the thermostat will last around 2 to 3 years, which is equivalent to 300 to 500 full charges.

The battery in the device is non-replaceable. That means the life of the thermostat is dependent on the health of the batteries.

For the Nest E and Learning models, the batteries are rechargeable so that you can prolong their use.

Charging The Nest E and Learning Thermostat Batteries

Before you charge the batteries, check the level first. You can check the device screen or look in your Google home app. There is a USB port at the back of Nest E and Learning thermostats for charging the battery.

You can charge the device in three simple steps:

  1. Turn off the thermostat display.
  2. Plug the cable into a USB port of a computer or wall charger.
  3. If the device is charging, the front light will blink. The light's color depends on the battery level when charging.

If you have the original version of a Nest thermostat, you cannot recharge its batteries. When you get a low battery notification, the only solution is to replace the batteries.

Preserving Batteries

Other than charging, here are some tips you can follow to preserve the battery life:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Also, avoid placing the thermostat in areas with high and low temperatures.
  • Do not overcharge the thermostat. Charge it when the battery level is at 50%. Also, do not wait for the battery to reach 0% before charging it.
  • Charge the device on average speed. Fast-charging is not good for smart devices like the Nest thermostat.
  • Place the thermostat in an area with less humidity. The high level of humidity allows moisture in the device, which can damage the battery and components of the thermostat.
  • Follow the calibration instructions to avoid damaging the batteries.

When Should I Replace My Nest Thermostat?

If your device fails because the batteries are not working properly, it is time to replace your Nest thermostat batteries. Observe if the low battery message appears during setup and after setup.

If you get a low battery message that won't go away, it is time to replace the batteries.

Use high-quality 1.5V alkaline replacement batteries from trusted brands.

If the message keeps on appearing repeatedly, you should check the C wire connections of the device. The C wire or Nest Power Connector provides continuous power to the thermostat and prevents the draining of the batteries.

After replacing the batteries, connect the C wire to troubleshoot the power issues.

How Much Does A Nest Thermostat Cost?

The price ranges from $125 to $250. If you let other people install the device, you might spend an additional $85 to $100 for an electrician. There is no DIY unit for Nest E versions, so you need to hire someone to install it.

You do not need to pay for any subscription and other fees for this smart device. The thermostat will work with the free Nest app that you download to your phone or computer.

Once you buy the unit, you won't have to pay for monthly subscription costs to enjoy all features.

A Nest thermostat will give you comfort because of its intelligent features. But you must choose the most suitable model for your home needs. Find some recommendations below.

Nest Thermostat Models

Here are the Nest Thermostat versions you can buy online:

1. Google Nest Thermostat

The unit has a mirrored screen with a touch bar on its ride side. Google offers the thermostat in four colors.

Click here to see this thermostat on Amazon.

2. Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

You can choose from 6 ring colors for this Nest model. The ring is stainless steel, and it has a large, illuminated screen.

The thermostat has an auto-schedule setting that allows the device to learn temperature patterns. It can also control hot water in water tanks.

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3. Nest Thermostat E

The model has a translucent white screen, and the side is a white plastic ring. It is a cheaper option compared to the Nest Learning version. The device also has a learning ability but starts with a pre-defined schedule.

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Are Nest Thermostats Worth It?

Now that you know about the device, battery life, and price, you should also weigh the pros and cons:


  • Versatile, modern design
  • With intelligent short- and long-range temperature sensors
  • Controls are easy to use
  • Increased energy cost-savings with geofencing ability
  • Farsight feature that can detect you across the room
  • With an ambient light detector to control its display brightness if the room is dark
  • Learns your temperature patterns (for Nest E and Learning models)
  • Offers family accounts for multiple users at home
  • Easy and convenient controls using a smartphone or a computer
  • Compatible with smart home devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, smart devices, and more

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  • One of the most expensive thermostats you can find on the market
  • The device will require a C wire for the power supply
  • Frequent "teaching" or setting up of the device
  • Works using batteries
  • No external sensors
  • 3-degree temperature swing

After considering the pros and cons, we believe a Nest thermostat is still worth it for your home.

mart Home: Digital thermostat heating and cooling automation system. How Long Does A Nest Thermostat Last [Inc. The Battery]

In Summary

A Nest thermostat is a smart device that controls the home temperature.

It can last up to 10 years, but the batteries have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. Although some models are rechargeable, the device depends on the batteries' condition.

Use the thermostat properly to prolong the batteries' life. If the batteries fail, you should replace them.

The thermostat price varies on the model, but it offers a wide range of benefits using its intelligent features. If you buy a Nest thermostat, you can create a smarter home for a comfortable living.

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