How Long Will A Mr. Heater Run On Low?

Did you just buy Portable Buddy Heater and you want to maximize its use by setting it on low, but you’re unsure how long will it run on this setting? We’re here to provide the answer for you!

Mr. Heater can run approximately six hours on the low setting, four to five hours on medium, and three hours on high using a one-pound propane tank.

If it is your first time using Mr. Heater, read on as we will discuss its safety use, where is the best place to use it, and the other important factors you need to know about this product.

A white portable heater inside the living room, How Long Will A Mr. Heater Run On Low?

Is Mr. Heater Safe to Use?

Mr. Heater is made with high-quality stainless materials for safe heating on the go. It also has grade mesh durability and a shut-off switch to prevent accidents during an emergency.

Safety Unique features

Below are the safety unique features that Mr. Heater comes with: 

  • Tip-over Sensor: If your machine falls over in any direction, the tip-over sensor will automatically turn off the device. Just stand it back up and restart it using a control knob.
  • Safety Oxygen Depletion Sensor: This automatically shuts off the machine when the level of oxygen drops beyond normal, preventing carbon monoxide production.

What Kind of Gas Does Mr. Heater Use?

Mr. Heater runs on one-pound propane gas. But you can use a Fuel Conversion Kit to convert it to natural gas. It is important not to use any third-party fuel conversion accessories to prevent accidents.

How Long Does Mr. Heater Run?

A white heater with wheels inside the living room

Mr. Heater runs for three hours at 9,000 BTUs (maximum) and up to six hours at 4,000 BTU (minimum) on a one-pound propane can. If you want it to last longer, you may connect a 20-pound tank using an optional hose attachment; this provides a total of 220 hours, ideal for warming up to 450 square-foot room.

How to Start Portable Buddy Heater?

Here’s how to set up and start Mr. Heater: 

1. Install the propane tank

A white propane tank

Mr. Portable Buddy Heater is already fully assembled when you take it out of the box. The first thing you need to do is to install the propane tank on the regulator, which is located on the right side of the heater.

Press the threaded end of the propane tank against the regulator then turn the bottle clockwise, until it’s airtight. To ensure that it’s air leak-free, spray soapy water on the part that connects the regulator and the propane tank.

If you see bubbles, tighten the propane tank until the bubble stops. But if it is bubble-free, it means it’s properly sealed.

2. Light your portable buddy heater

Locate the control knob on top of the heater. It has four different settings: Off, Pilot, Low, and High. Turn the knob to the 'Pilot' setting, then press down the knob until it clicks. Hold it down for 20 to 30 seconds to allow the propane gas to flow from the tank into the heater.

Release the knob and repeat the previous step until you see the pilot flame. Hold the knob down with the pilot flame for another 20 to 30 seconds. Release the knob and the pilot flame should stay on all by itself.

You can now adjust the heat setting between high and low. When you are done, you will see a rolling blue flame that will glow bright red. Your heater is now ready to start warming the area.

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Is it Safe to Use Mr. Heater Indoors?

Mr. Heater is definitely safe to use indoors, given that there is proper ventilation. Mr. Heater is not catalytic. It produces flames hence carbon monoxide, but only a small amount.


The Portable Buddy Heater is perfectly safe for a small indoor space such as a tent. With the tip-over sensor and safety oxygen depletion sensor, you can prevent fire and carbon monoxide accidents.

However, don’t rely on these features alone. Prepare a backup carbon monoxide alarm and as we’ve mentioned proper ventilation. You can set up a vent on top of the tent or unzip it to keep the air moving.


Big Buddy Heater or Hunting Buddy Heater are recommended for cabin or camper setup. But take precautions. The safety features can lessen your worries but do not put your life in their hands.


Mr. Heater is the perfect solution for heating up cars used for camping. However, you must crack your window open to ventilate the space and you should never use it in a moving vehicle, despite the tip-over sensor. You can pre-warm your car, though.


Yes, you can use Mr. Heater in a closed garage. Just avoid placing it near the window or doorway with plenty of air movement because the flame might go out. It’s not really meant to be used in a windy location.

How Much Ventilation Does Mr. Heater Need?

For every 1,000 BTUs, the ventilation required is one square inch. You can refer to this basic calculation formula: 

  • CFM = (fpm * area): fpm means feet per minute.
  • Substitute the fpm value with the area after it is squared.

            This information is provided by Industrial Fans Direct

This can help you measure the airflow to improve the ventilation in indoor spaces

Can You Sleep with a Mr. Buddy Heater On?

Some people sleep with Mr. Heater on with proper ventilation and a carbon monoxide alarm. But, it’s still not recommended to leave a propane heater on while you sleep due to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can pre-warm your room and if it gets cold you can turn on the heater for a few minutes. Here are some more alternatives you can try to warm up your room at night.

  • Use a hot water bottle. Slip a bottle of hot water under your comforter before bed. It’s an old technique, but it is an effective way to stay warm throughout the night.
  • Try a bed heater. This heats your bed in no time by blowing up warm air under your sheets. The drawback is it is relatively pricey.
  • Keep your bed away from the window. Glass cools down quickly at night, making you feel colder. You can sleep more comfortably by moving your bed away from the window.
  • Put on wool socks and a knit hat. Socks can keep your feet warm while a knit hat can keep your head cozy. 

Can You Cook on Mr. Heater?

Some people use Mr. Heater to cook and warm their food, but the company itself does not recommend using their products to cook. Space heaters are meant to warm up a room by providing heat. They are not designed for cooking food or for drying clothes.

Mr. Heater Safety Guide

A box of Mr. Heater propane gas heater refill

Keep it away from the flammable materials

The high temperature can cause fire accidents. So keep flammable objects such as draperies, furniture, and fabric away from the heater. As much as possible keep the area above it clear.

Turn it off when you have to leave

Although Mr. Heater comes with safety features, keep in mind that it runs using a propane tank and flame, so never leave it on when you leave the room. Don't leave it unsupervised.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

It is better to have a carbon monoxide detector with you, particularly if you are going to use it in a camper or an enclosed space. Theres' a battery-powered or hard-wire detector you can purchase at local stores. This is the easiest method to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Crack open your window

This might not make sense when you are trying to warm up a room or camper, but it can keep the air moving and prevent the production of carbon monoxide. This is essential if you’re using any propane-powered heater.

Check leaks regularly

Before lighting your portable heater, check for gas leaks. You can easily smell if the propane gas is leaking. But if you are not sure, you can use the soapy bubble method we discussed earlier to detect leaks.

ConclusionA white portable heater inside the living room

Mr. Heater is indeed one of the perfect solutions for warming up rooms and indoor spaces. It can keep you comfortable for six hours and longer on a low setting. But always remember to keep it away from flammable objects, use proper ventilation, and install a carbon monoxide detector for safe operation.

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