How Much Does A Pickup Truck Load Of Firewood Cost?

It's a great idea to use firewood for your furnace. Have you ever wondered how much a pickup truck of firewood costs? What factor dictates the price? Stay calm! We've researched comprehensive answers to these questions.

The price of firewood ranges between $300 and $900 per cord. If the pickup truck can carry at least half a cord, then it can start at a $150 purchase price. The price may go lower or higher depending on some factors affecting it. See below for these factors:

  1. Location
  2. Quality
  3. Truck size
  4. Availability
  5. Labor

By the end of this article, you'll learn how much a pickup truck of firewood may cost. We'll share with you the firewood's purpose and why you would want a truck of it. There's a lot to learn today. Come and read with us!

firewood logs at the back of a pickup truck ready for delivery. How Much Does A Pickup Truck Load Of Firewood Cost

How Much Does a Pickup Truck of Firewood Cost?

As the name suggests, firewood refers to a material that can light up a fire for purposes like increasing the temperature during winter and minimizing the moisture level in an area. Firewood is being cut down from a dry trunk and branches of a tree. The wooden pieces are then trimmed to the shape of a log before being sold for woodburning activities.

The term "cord" is the standard measurement for pieces of firewood, also known as 128 cubic feet of wood. It's about 4 ft. high, 8 ft. long, and 4 ft. deep.

On average, you'll spend $300 reloading your pickup truck with a cord of firewood. Let's say the pickup truck can carry half the cord. The starting price of firewood will be $150. The price may go as high as $900 depending on some factors that affect the cost of firewood. See below for the factors affecting its price.

Small pile of wood ready for the winter reserve

1. Location

It's easy to understand that the cost of firewood differs by location. On average, you can get a cord of firewood for $480 in Florida and $380 in Michigan. The price can be as high as $730 in Massachusetts, for instance. It's because of factors like different weather conditions and market competition in the local areas.

The seller may charge you for the transportation expenses depending on how far they are from your area. For instance, they may offer you to rent their truck if you don't have one. In estimation, you'll spend between $20 and $100 to pay for a trucking service. The price of rent will be an additional charge on top of the price of firewood. This is to cover the truck's fuel and the payment for the driver.

However, you can cut the cost of transportation if you own a pickup truck to load the firewood. Just be sure that you have experience in driving a loaded pickup truck for safety. Otherwise, it's better to leave the transportation service to professionals.

2. Quality

Of course, the cost of the product is affected by the quality of the firewood. Ideally, firewood should have a moisture level of as low as 20%. We provided some common types of firewood, so that you can choose what's best for you to use.

Types of Firewood

It's good to know how types of firewood differ from each other. Firewood has two distinctions, namely hardwood and softwood. Technically, hardwood can burn longer, and the smoke is quite thinner. While softwood burns faster, the smoke can be too thick.

Continue to the list below for some types of firewood.


Oak is the most popular type of firewood. It is a hardwood, meaning it is very efficient in burning for so long. It is widely available in almost every cold places like Minnesota and Texas. The price of oak firewood starts at $180 per cord.


Burning maple firewood will release a sweet aroma due to its sugar content. However, maple firewood will cost you up to $450 because it's usually mixed with other firewood rather than burned alone. Maple can be a hardwood or a softwood depending on its nutrients, which makes it difficult to grow.


Sycamore is common during the spring and fall seasons. It's known to be sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Sycamore is quite soft and easy to tear into pieces due to the moisture it absorbs. Despite being soft, sycamore is a hardwood. Most planters grow sycamore in a controlled state. A good quality of sycamore is a very dry surface. You'll spend $250 to $350 for each cord of sycamore.


Spruce is a softwood that has excellent quality when allowed to age properly. However, the sale of spruce can be limited to the public. It's because spruce is also a raw material for making paper and other medical products. A cord of spruce firewood can cost around $300 to $400.


The cost of hickory ranges from $190 up to $720. It's one of the hottest woods to burn. Compared to maple, hickory produces only a thin volume of smoke. However, hickory can blacken your furnace due to the high level of nutrients that are present in coal products.

Firewood in an old pickup truck

3. Truck Size

The size of your truck will have an impact on how much the firewood will cost. Bigger trucks will charge you bigger prices, especially if you want a full load of firewood. Since we're referring to pickup trucks, it's important to have an accurate measurement of how wide and deep the truck can carry.

An average pickup truck has a capacity of 1,000 kilos, or about 2,200 pounds. You should ask the firewood seller how heavy the cord is. A cord of firewood can weigh approximately 1,200 to 1,600 lbs. You don't want to maximize the truck's capacity for safer transportation.

Also, you should consider the length of each piece. Ensure that no piece of firewood is extending too far from the truck's door.

4. Availability

Firewood comes from natural resources. That's why the availability of products can be seasonal. It's practical to plan on buying firewood at least 1-2 months before your stock runs out. Simply because other homeowners are also waiting for the firewood to mature. The supply may sell out fast even before winter, for instance.

5. Labor

If you're alone in the house and you ordered firewood, then it's possible to pay an additional charge for the workers to unload your order into your area. The labor cost will depend on what you've agreed upon with the seller.

Loggers and wood cutters may require you to pay around $18 per hour of service. This will be determined by how urgent your need is and how much wood you require.

Mid adult man unloading wheelbarrow full of firewoods

How to Store Firewood

It's logical that storing firewood indoors can attract insects and termites. You should rather store it outside your house, or at least in a clean and dry garage.

You may also cover it to prevent it from absorbing moisture when it rains. Just be sure that you stack the firewood properly to avoid danger.

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Ideally, you should be able to store firewood for 3–4 years. But it's better not to store it that long. Use the firewood as long as it's in good condition. The smoke may get thicker and more harmful if the wood is rotten.

Close-up of a log being put into a hot wood-burning stove.

How to Burn Firewood Properly

It's important to learn how to burn firewood safely, especially inside your home. Always have a fire extinguisher or at least a basin of water in case the fire becomes uncontrollable.

Follow these steps when burning firewood in an indoor furnace:

  1. Open the furnace. Ensure that the floor is dry and clean.
  2. Stack up a few pieces of firewood while adding some old newspaper.
  3. Using a match, carefully light the newspaper and wait for it to burn the firewood.
  4. Keep the fire burning by adding more pieces of wood.
  5. To stop the fire, you can sprinkle ashes all over the wooden pieces. This is ideal to keep the wood dry and usable for the next time.

Do You Need a Permit for Buying Firewood?

You don't need a permit to buy firewood. Rather, the seller should have a permit before cutting trees. You should verify the legitimacy of a seller, as you may be involved in a serious offense if you buy illegal firewood. Always ask the seller for the name and an updated permit for monetizing the trees they cut. Otherwise, it's better not to buy from them.

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From this article, we learned the cost of buying firewood. We discussed factors affecting its price, like transportation and labor.

Briefly, we tackled the proper way of storing the firewood. You realized that it's best to use firewood before it rots.

Also, we talked about how to burn the firewood safely. Keep in mind that you're responsible for checking the seller's authenticity before buying from them.

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