How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Rheem Furnace?

Are you planning to replace an old Rheem furnace, and you’re wondering how much it would cost you? We researched and consulted several sources, and we are here to bring you the most comprehensive answer.

The total replacement cost is the combined removal and installation costs. The removal cost depends on dumping fees, ease or difficulty of removal, and the distance between your property and the dumping site.

The installation cost, on the other hand, is dependent on the type of Rheem furnace, as shown below:

  • Electric Furnace - $500 for the unit and an average of $2,250 for the installation.
  • Gas Furnace - $1,200 for the unit plus an average of $3,000 for the installation.
  • Oil Furnace - $1,650 for the furnace plus an average of $5,450 for the installation.

There are other factors to consider when determining the total cost of replacement, like the actual model you’d be installing, the complexity of installation, and the new unit's efficiency. We will discuss these factors in detail below. We also included important information that you should know about newly installed Rheem furnaces. Read on!

A home laundry room with a dryer, washer, a high efficiency furnace with a residential gas water heater & an humidifier, How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Rheem Furnace?

How much does it cost to replace a Rheem furnace?

You can ask your recycler to remove the old furnace for you. Most recyclers will charge you $50 to $60 to remove the old furnace from your property.

You can have your HVAC professional do the removal job. However, if you do, expect to pay an additional $60 to $500 on top of the installation fee.

Part of the installation fee that you’d be paying will go to permit fees that could range from $400 to $1,500. The remaining amount is the actual labor cost for installing the new furnace.

Most HVAC professionals will charge you extra for anything that they need to repair or replace to ensure that your new furnace will work as expected and without problems. The additional work is important because the new furnace installation will be inspected upon completion, as required by most state laws.

You would pay additional costs, too, if you’re converting from one type of furnace to another—i.e., from a gas furnace to an electric furnace.

Additionally, high-efficiency furnace models can cost you anywhere from 50% to 100% more to install. Note that only two of the 42 Rheem furnace models tested by Energy Star have an efficiency rating of less than 92%.

How much does it cost to install a Rheem furnace?

Goodman high efficiency furnace with Bradford White Residential gas water heater & an Generalaire humidifier

The specific installation cost of a Rheem furnace varies a lot with the model. The list of average installation costs below is for popular Rheem furnace models.

  • R96T R96P - $3,300 to install
  • R95T R95P - $3,200 to install
  • U96V - $2,300 to install
  • U97V - $3,500 to install

What is the standard warranty of Rheem furnaces?

Plumber fixing gas furnace

Rheem’s warranty is among the best in the industry. They offer a 10-year limited warranty on parts to a limited lifetime warranty on major components.

What is covered by my Rheem warranty?

Rheem has three furnace product series. According to Trinity Warranty, the coverage of Rheem’s warranty depends on to which product series the unit belongs. Some specific models within a product series can have additional warranty coverage.

Rheem's Classic Series Furnace warranty coverage

The Rheem Classic Series provides a 10-year warranty for conditional parts. Most of the models in this series get a 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger. Additionally, some models have a lifetime limited warranty for the heat exchanger.

Classic Plus Series Furnace warranty coverage

Rheem’s Classic Plus Series provides 10-year coverage for conditional parts. A lifetime limited warranty for the heat exchanger is standard for models under this series. However, some models receive only 20 years of coverage for the heat exchanger.

Prestige Series Furnace warranty coverage

The Rheem Prestige Series offers a 10-year warranty on conditional parts. The majority of systems under this series also enjoy a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Moreover, there is a conditional unit replacement warranty on select models under this series.

What is the Rheem Extended Warranty solution?

Rheem Furnace’s extended warranty solution is offered by select Rheem dealers. The extended coverage provides warranty coverage for labor costs for 10 years. The extended warranty is offered on Rheem’s residential furnace models.

What can void my Rheem furnace warranty?

The easiest way to void your Rheem warranty is if you had your Rheem furnace serviced or installed by an unlicensed contractor. Thus, DIY repairs will void the warranty unless you are licensed.

Failure to register your Rheem unit after purchase can void the warranty too. The Rheem furnace must also be maintained annually to prevent voiding its warranty.

Relocating the unit also voids the warranty. The warranty only covers the unit in its original installation location and while the original owner owns the unit.

Losing documentation like sales receipts will also void the warranty.

Are permits to replace a Rheem furnace connected to my warranty?

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

Rheem requires licensed professionals to install its furnaces. Additionally, you must have the mandated government permits to install. A permit is required to install a furnace even if it is the exact same make and model being installed to replace an old one.

Installation by an unlicensed professional and installation without a permit voids the warranty of your Rheem furnace. Moreover, it is illegal in most states to connect to the gas line without a permit.

On the bright side, an installation by a professional and the government permits ensures that your Rheem furnace is installed correctly. This minimizes the possibility of damage, increased wear and tear, and other issues that result from improper installation.

What is the life expectancy of a Rheem furnace?

A person changing an clean air filter on a high efficiency furnace

According to Home X, a regularly maintained Rheem furnace can last between 15 to 20 years.

The standard warranties offered by HVAC manufacturers nowadays make it easier to maintain a furnace. Just make sure not to do anything to void the warranty.

If you're installing a two-stage Rheem furnace and you're wondering if you need a special thermostat, our article here answers the question for you.

If you're also going to replace the thermostat for your Rheem furnace, the 3rd generation Google Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible. Check it out on Amazon via this link.

How to get the best deal on a Rheem furnace installation?

Furnace Dual Stage Electronically Commutated Motors.

Now that you have a fairly clear picture of the costs that you will incur when you replace your Rheem furnace. And you now have a good idea of the things that can void your warranty from the day of the installation.

The next step is to learn some techniques that can help you get the best deal for your new Rheem furnace and get a lower installation cost.

Just like everything in the world of business, getting your Rheem furnace replaced will require you to sit at the table with a contractor and haggle.

Get the average local price

Find out what the local price is before you contact your contractors. Some states have a local network of dealers and contractors that provide free estimates. Knowing what the local price is and a good estimate of the labor cost puts you in a good bargaining position.

Let the contractor know how badly you need the unit

Letting the contractor know how badly you need the unit is the first step to finding out if there are ways to get the unit with your budget at hand. Most contractors are familiar with this situation and are willing to meet homeowners halfway to provide the furnace within the homeowner’s budget.

Contractors prefer to receive payments as soon as possible

Contractors, like all businesses, have bills and salaries to pay. The sooner they can get paid for their work, the sooner they can take care of the bills.

Try to propose a payment scheme that would be beneficial to the contractor. Offer to pay in cash as soon as the work is complete to help convince the contractor to give you a discount. Some contractors readily offer a lower price for homeowners that pay in cash.

Compare dealer and contractor prices

Always compare the prices that different dealers and contractors offer you. You need to know what influenced the difference in the prices—especially if there is a significant price difference.

A cheaper contractor might not be completely qualified to install your Rheem furnace. On the other hand, an expensive contractor might work exclusively for specific brands like Rheem.

Understand the reason behind the price difference, and it could help you decide which contractor to pick.

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A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

The cost of replacing a Rheem furnace largely depends on the model and type. When estimating the cost, always include the removal cost and disposal cost of the old furnace.

The Rheem furnace warranty helps reduce the cost of maintaining your furnace. Thus, it is a good idea to understand what can void your coverage from the day of installation.

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