How Much Space Do You Need Between Electric Fireplace And TV?

Decorating and placing furniture in your home needs to be planned correctly for the overall appearance and, most importantly, your safety. Surely, you are here to know the amount of space you will need between the electric fireplace and TV. You can trust us with this one since we have already researched the internet for the answer.

For your and your home's safety, installing the TV 8" to 10" above the electric fireplace would be most necessary. Providing enough space for the two will result in an aesthetically inviting setup and ensure that no harm will happen as time goes by.

If you need help on how to install a TV above your fireplace, we highly suggest you keep reading. Doing so will also help you gather more information about the two pieces of furniture that might probably be helpful to you.

Interior of a bedroom with electric fireplace and tv on wall, How Much Space Do You Need Between Electric Fireplace And TV?

Is It Okay To Put TV Above The Electric Fireplace?

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Typically, there shouldn't be a problem when you mount a TV over an electric fireplace. It will be okay and acceptable as long as you put enough space. As mentioned above, we recommend an 8" to 10" distance between the TV and the fireplace. However, if you want it to be safer, you can add at least 2" more.

The safety will also depend upon the type of fireplace you have. An electric fireplace is much better than a wood-burning fireplace since it has the least to no chance of burning or melting your TV.

Will A TV Look Good Over An Electric Fireplace?

Fireplace with LED lighting in the living room of a private house

Over the years, homeowners and interior designers have continued incorporating electric fireplaces into their living rooms. And we think it truly is an excellent and approvable idea to mount your TV over your electric fireplace. It does look good since it makes the two pieces of furniture the focal point of your living room.

However, the choice and judgment are still in your hands. It will depend on what decorating technique and style taste you desire for your home.

Clearance Needed For An Electric Fireplace

Safety should always be your priority. The electric fireplace's front requires at least three feet away from any flammable materials such as furniture, paper, curtains, bedding, or anything potentially combustible.

Indeed, electric fireplaces do not produce flames as wood-burning fireplaces, but they can still be unsafe if you don't provide them enough space. The sides and the top of your electric fireplace only need to have clearance around two feet, so you are good to put any furniture reasonably close to it.

Considerations When Mounting A TV Above The Electric Fireplace

We know that you will agree with us if we say that the focal point of every living room is the fireplace. And we are going to share with you the factors to consider before installing your TV above your fireplace.

1. Screen Size Of The TV

You will have to base the screen size on your viewing distance. We recommend a standard size of 1.5-times the screen size from your eyes to the TV screen.

For example, if you have a 65" TV, you should sit at an approximate distance of 97" away from it (65 x 1.5). However, this will sometimes be limited by what will look suitable to your mantle, the location of the windows, lights, or your firebox.

2. How High To Mount The TV

The second factor to consider is how high you should mount it. There is a proper amount of height for mounting your TV because you don't want to strain your neck by looking up too high for sure. There will be less to no issue if you have enough distance from your seating to the TV.

However, this could be a bit tricky since you will have to consider both your comfort and the safety of your TV from your electric fireplace. But if we were you, it would be best to prioritize safety first.

3. The Type Of Bracket

Always think about what type of bracket you think would be the best for your TV. Typically, a flat slim mount frame will perform well for holding the TV and hiding the wires behind it. If you have mounted your TV too high, you might want to consider going with a tilt mount where the TV's top can be angled away from your wall slightly.

Electric Fireplace Vs. Wood-Burning Fireplace: Safe Aesthetics

Home interior decor, details of modern artificial fireplace.

Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, an electric one doesn't produce real fire or flame. What is the good thing about that? It is a lot better since you can have enough heat, and the flames look natural without the fire hazard and smell.

In addition, the flame and fire illusion is because of the LED lights installed in the electric fireplace. Who wouldn't want to have a safe, unique, and aesthetically appealing fireplace, right?

Does An Electric Fireplace Need Venting?

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It is an excellent feature of an electric fireplace that it doesn't need to have a direct vent or a chimney. As long as you provide it with a few feet of clearance, as mentioned earlier, it will not render any damage or harm to you and your home.

You will need to install venting only if you place the electric fireplace in a cabinet or your entertainment center, but generally, you will not need it.

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How Much Heat Do Electric Fireplaces Produce?

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When an electric fireplace is on and operating, it will produce a heat of 4,000 BTU.

Within four hours, an electric fireplace should produce heat temperature for an area by 13.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It may not supersede your heater; it is still an excellent heat source addition, especially during colder seasons.

Is It Okay To Leave The Electric Fireplace On All Night?

Electric stove as fireplace as a decorative heater in use. Reflection of the interior of a lounge or restaurant on the front panel.

Although an electric fireplace doesn't produce real flames, it can still have the possibility of overheating and causing harm. So, we don't recommend leaving your electric fireplace on all night and even when you are at home, all for your and your home's maximum safety and security. It could apply to every piece of furniture you have in your home.

Is Electric Fireplace Energy-Efficient?

You should know that an electric fireplace should not use the additional energy that a standard heater would, despite being electric. It generally runs on a typical household outlet and consumes 120 volts to heat your area.

For your electric fireplace to operate, it will need to consume between 750 and 1500 watts. These digits indeed seem intimidating, but to tell you, it won't cost more than three cents per hour when in use.

Is An Electric Fireplace Cost-Effective?

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Price-wise, an electric fireplace is much cheaper compared to other heating units. If we compare it to a gas or wood-burning fireplace, it will only cost a bit of the price and is uncomplicated to install.

The price of an electric fireplace usually ranges from $200 to $1,000, depending on what type you will choose. Typically, you don't have to pay more than a few hundred dollars on good-quality electric fireplaces, but it will depend on what qualities you want yours to include.

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How Long Does An Electric Fireplace Last?

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An electric fireplace can last from 10 up to 20 years in most cases. But only if you maintain it properly and how frequently you use it. Moreover, you don't need to replace an electric fireplace more than every ten years since every appliance has a various lifespan.

There is something you should look out for when purchasing an electric fireplace. And that is the fireplace's warranty. Many manufacturers offer one to 10-year warranties on their products.

Cleaning Your Electric Fireplace

Fortunately, the upkeeping of an electric fireplace is too undemanding that you can even do it alone.

1. Unplug From The Socket

Before anything else, turn off the electric fireplace heater, unplug it, and let it cool completely.

2. Inspect The Electrical Components

Check all the wires and plugs of your electric fireplace to ensure that none of them are damaged or worn out. It is a rare circumstance but can be dangerous if not addressed immediately. Consult a professional if this happens. Note that you should refrain from using it unless it is already fixed.

3. Clean The Heater

Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the surface of the heater. Gently brush the heater openings by using the vacuum cleaner's soft brush. This step will remove the heater's debris and dust, allowing it to operate at top performance.

4. Clean The Glass On Both Sides

As much as possible, read and follow the instructions in the owner's manual to remove the glass panel. Once you remove the glass, clean both sides. Remember that you should not use abrasive cleaners, as they can scrape the glass.

You can use a dry and clean cloth to remove dust and dirt, and as for the fingerprints and other marks, you can use a damp cloth. To prevent water or moisture from forming, use a lint-free cloth to dry the glass.

5. Dust The Interior Of The Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is not an exemption for dust and dirt. They can still accumulate inside like any other unit. However, you can wipe the fireplace with a dry and clean cloth. You can dust any logs or glass gently.

Once finished dusting and cleaning, read the manual once more on installing the glass panel back to its frame.

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Wrapping Things Up

Coniferous trees with fairy lights placed near wall with electric fireplace on Christmas day at home

In every unit you install to beautify and make your home comfortable, safety is the most significant factor to consider.

There is no problem with mounting a TV over your electric fireplace. But always remember that it is necessary to leave at least an 8" to 10" distance between your TV and electric fireplace to avoid any future harm.


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