How Often And How Long To Run My Levoit Air Purifier

If you're using a Levoit air purifier, you want to maximize its ability to clean the air inside your room. Learning when and how long you should use it is essential for this. If you're looking for a post that answers this question, you have come to the right place. Read all the information we prepared for you.

A Levoit air purifier could be turned on and used daily for at least 12 to 24 hours. If you want the device off at night or when you're sleeping, you can turn it on to its highest setting. Then, you may turn it off after 12 hours. But, if you want the best air quality in your house, you can keep it running all the time.

Using your air purifier daily for the recommended amount of time enables you to get the best of its benefits, but how? Well, we will address more of this below. Furthermore, if you want to learn how long it exactly takes for this device to clean a room and the benefits Levoit air purifiers give, scroll down and read more.

When To Use Your Levoit Air Purifier

It is best to use your air purifier daily, regardless of brand. You may turn off your device at night after 12 hours of running as long as you set it on high. Doing this will help you spend less overall energy on the device.

Levoit air purifier with HEPA filter

However, experts recommend that you use your air purifier 24/7. This is because turning off the purifier may contaminate the air in your space. This results in more dust particles, molds, and other pollutants in your room.

Additionally, if your device isn't running, you can't eliminate the dust that comes in whenever you open your door or window. That is why if you don't want the device's purification to go to waste, it's much better to have it on all day. But, if you need to clean them, you can turn them off and wait for the device to dry before turning them back on.

How Much Time Does An Air Purifier Need To Clean A Room?

Air purifier in cozy white bedroom

Generally, air purifiers need about 30 minutes to four hours to clean the air in a space. The time it needs depends on your room size, ceiling height, and your device's Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). CADR measures the efficacy of your air purifier.

A higher CADR means that your air purifier cleans your room well, so you must inquire about this from your manufacturer because it will also depend on what model of the device you own.

Note that the time range for an air purifier to work isn't the same as how long your product should run. Only use this to measure how long you should wait for any musty odor and dusty air to be gone.

Benefits Of Using Levoit Air Purifier

While reading, you may be asking what the exact benefits the Levoit air purifiers offer for you to run it for several hours. Here's a list we gathered for you to convince you further:

Removes dust, lint, hair, and other particles

Levoit air purifiers have a fine preliminary filter that helps quickly remove dirt from your air.

Decreases the possibility of getting airborne diseases

Common colds and flu are typical in a household. If a family member has this disease, using an air purifier will help lower the chance of others getting infected.

Traps mold spores, smoke, and allergens

If your room smells musty or has an unwanted odor from certain pollutants, Levoit's true HEPA filter will stop these from developing. Because it traps these air pollutants, it will improve the air quality in your room.

Gets rid of harmful chemicals in the air

Many households contain cleaning agents with toxic chemicals, including ammonia and chlorine. Though these toxins initially seem harmless, but continuous and prolonged exposure may harm you. That is why an air purifier is recommended to trap the toxins released in the air by these cleaning agents.

Remove furs

If you have a pet in your house, their hair may spread everywhere. Air purifiers help remove these and any odors your pet emits.

Decreases household odors

Mold spores and allergens aren't the only ones that may produce odor in your home. It may also smell from your cooked dishes or other odors from different household activities. Levoit's activated carbon filter purifies your space from this.

How Do You Know If Your Air Purifier Isn't Working?

Modern air purifier in the bedroom by the bed
Hand holding portable air quality detector with indoor background.

Sometimes, an air purifier doesn't work even after hours of letting it run. In this case, there's most likely a malfunction. To check, do these:

Check airflow

An air purifier should blow out air when working. See if the device's fan is pulling hard because it shouldn't be doing so. Additionally, a loud fan means your filters need to be replaced.

Check for dirty filters

Checking air filter on an air purifier

A clogged filter is guaranteed to cause issues with your air purifier. Even though your device has a filter indicator, this usually only lights up when the time frame to replace your filter is up and not when it's dirty. Check your filters and see if they are dirty so you can clean or replace them.

Test air purifier with an air quality monitor

Hand holding portable air quality detector

You can use an air quality monitor to guarantee that your air purifier works effectively. To use them, turn off your air purifier and wait for several minutes to get a baseline air quality reading.

Then, place it in the room where you're using your air purifier and turn it on your air purifier. Your device should improve the air quality inside your space after 30 minutes or more. If your new air purifier doesn't seem to work after hours of waiting, call your manufacturer because the product usually has a warranty.

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How Do You Clean Levoit Air Purifiers?

How do you clean levoit air purifiers

Air purifiers, including Levoit, need regular cleaning, more so if it is constantly used. Before cleaning, ensure your device is unplugged as a safety precaution. Then, do these:

1. Clean the external parts

Use a damp cloth to do this. Then gently wipe the outside of your air purifier. Note that you shouldn't use any chemicals or flammable cleaning solutions for this. Additionally, ensure that you don't miss any crevices of the device. Then, let it dry for several minutes.

2. Clean dirty filters

You can check whether your air purifier's filters are dirty. Typically, air purifiers contain two types of filters: prefilter and true HEPA filters.

For Levoit's prefilter, check first if your model's filter is washable. Usually, Levoit prefilters and HEPA filters are nonwashable filters. Then, flip the device over to locate the filters, and you'll see the "Open" and "Lock" labels on the bottom close to the power cord inlet. Twist the filter cover to where the "Open" label is to lift the cover off.

Use a vacuum to remove the dust trapped inside the filter for nonwashable prefilters and HEPA filters. Meanwhile, washable prefilters should be rinsed with water before vacuuming and air drying. After cleaning or drying, place the filters back and twist the cover toward the "Lock" label.

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3. Replace worn-out filters

If you observe that your filters are already worn-out, if you can't clean them no matter how you try, or if it's already been six months since you replaced them, it's time to get new ones. Just open the filter cover the same way you accessed the filters when you cleaned them. After, place your new filters and lock the filter cover.

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4. Wipe Air Quality Sensor

While your air purifier runs, its air quality sensor may also get dirty. Clean it by opening the sensor cover. Then, wipe the air quality sensor you have accessed with a clean cotton swab. After, put the sensor cover back on.

Does Levoit Air Purifier Increase Electricity?

Levoit air purifiers only increase your electricity use by a small amount. Typically, Levoit uses 15 to 55 watts, depending on your model. Note that as the hours of usage increase, your electricity bill also increases. For instance, using the device for 12 hours would cost you $1.2 to $2.4 monthly. Meanwhile, using it for 24 hours would cost you $1.3 to $4.8 monthly.

In Closing

Levoit air purifiers, or air purifiers in general, should be used 12 to 24 hours a day. Even though 12 hours is the minimum recommended usage for better air quality inside your home, most experts still advise turning your air purifier on all day. Use the device for the suggested amount of time to ensure that no mold spores, dust, pet fur, or toxins spread into your air 24/7.

Additionally, if you see posts telling you that an air purifier only needs 30 minutes to four hours to clean the air in your room, note that this isn't the same as how long you should use the device. Dust particles always come in and out of your air, so turn on your air purifier for several hours.

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