How To Adjust Temperature On Coca-Cola Fridge

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Coca-Cola is a household name and a benchmark for most beverage companies worldwide. Among other merchandise, Coca-Cola has custom-made fridges and coolers. If you are not familiar with a Coca-Cola fridge, you could be at a loss as to how to adjust its temperature. We've asked experts, and they gave us answers.

Adjust the temperature on a Coca-Cola fridge by turning the knob on the temperature control or setting the digital controller to the optimal minimal temperature.

There could be some other problems with the fridge's temperature control. Continue reading to find out the optimal temperature for a Coke fridge.

Coca Cola logo on a fridge belonging to the company, How To Adjust Temperature On Coca-Cola Fridge

Adjusting The Temperature On A Coca-Cola Fridge

When your drinks get too cold in your Coke fridge, you should find out what is causing the problem. Ordinarily, you should turn the knob to regulate the temperature

The Coke fridge will stop cooling the drinks when you decrease the temperature and start cooling when you increase it. However, if there is no change, you might have to change the temperature control unit. Older models might need a temperature controller to adjust the temperature.

Newer models have digital temperature controllers with the set optimal temperature. Adjust the temperature to the minimum number using the buttons.

Grocery store with a beverage fridge of a coca cola

Temperature Control In Coca-Cola Fridges

If you have acquired an old Coke fridge, it might have temperature control issues. To adjust temperatures on it, you might have to rewire the unit. Rewiring and dismantling the unit might not be an option if you aren't familiar with it.

Alternatively, you could use an external temperature controller. The most popular temperature controller on the market is the Johnson temperature controller with an attached sensor. 

Start by plugging the controller into the wall socket, then plug the Coca-Cola fridge into the controller. Place the sensor in the fridge.

Now, set the fridge temperature to the coldest setting. Finally, set the desired temperature on the controller. Give the fridge time to get to the indicated temperature.

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The Ideal Temperature For A Coca-Cola Fridge

The recommended temperature for any Coca-cola beverage fridge is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It's ideal for soft drinks, especially Coke and related products.

Generally, the ideal temperature for food and drinks is between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Beverage fridges rarely have temperatures cooler than 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Troubleshooting A Coca-Cola Fridge

Coca-Cola fridges are durable and easy to troubleshoot. They are made for display outdoors and indoors. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on your Coke fridge. 

There are tell-tale signs that will indicate your fridge is having trouble. Look out for:

  • A lot of water at the bottom of the unit.
  • Misty glass door
  • Fridge doesn't lock properly.
  • Dust buildup at the bottom grill.

If you fix all the above problems and still have persistent issues with your fridge, call a technician. Ensure that you provide the service center with all the information on the service sticker.

Does A Coca-Cola Fridge Need Resetting?

You can reset your beverage refrigerator as a solution to some of the issues found when troubleshooting. To reset the fridge, remove the plug from the socket. It's known as a hard reset.

Replug the fridge after 45 minutes. If the hard rest fails to solve the problem, use the liquid temperature reading.

Place a glass of water in the fridge and leave it for 24 hours to get the liquid temperature reading. It will give you an idea of the temperature of your beverages when the fridge is on.

The liquid temperature shouldn't be different from your set point. If the water remains at room temperature, call the service center.

Types Of Coca-Cola Fridges And Coolers

Desktop coca-cola refrigerator

The Coca-Cola company has made it convenient to showcase its drinks by providing retailers with fridges and coolers. They are designed to display drinks and keep them cool. 

Coca-Cola fridges and coolers are ideal for offices, schools, retail shops, or community centers. Therefore, they need to be reliable, durable, and all-weather. Some are portable, and others have an ice maker.

Here are a few popular Coca-Cola fridges and coolers. 

  • VisID RCM Recharge Cold Merchandiser
  • G-72 Electric Impulse Cooler
  • GS1.5 Countertop Cooler
  • G-9 Upright Cooler
  • G-26c Upright Cooler
  • G-37 Double Door Cooler

How To Reclaim An Old Coke Fridge

Coca-Cola fridges have been around for a while. They have powerful compressors and can still keep your drinks chilled. Depending on the condition of the fridge, you might have to reclaim the Coca-Cola fridge in more ways than one.


Cleaning will depend on how dirty the fridge is and where you got it. The best cleaning agents are baking soda and vinegar. These agents don't contain contaminants and chemicals. You should avoid using abrasive scrubbing materials. 

A soft sponge or rag will do the job. Soak old stains and take your time removing mice nests or cobwebs to avoid damaging the wiring.


Electricity is what runs any fridge. Check if there are any loose or cut wires in the unit. Replace cut wires and test if the fridge can cool.

If it isn't cooling, change the thermostat. Don't forget to check the compressor and fan too!

Watch this short video about a reclaimed Coca-cola fridge.


An old fridge might be functioning well but have signs of wear and tear inside and outside. You can give it a facelift by repainting it using a spray gun or brush. Most Coke coolers have the logo on that can be hand painted in white paint.

Can You  Store Food In A Beverage Fridge/Cooler?

Blank White Aluminum Beer or Soda Can With Droplets On Shelves In Refrigerator With Glass Door

Yes and no. Beverages fridges and coolers are primarily made for storing drinks. They keep the drinks cool or a little chilled for immediate consumption. 

Snacks and frozen food will stay fresh in a beverage fridge or cooler. They are ideal for picnics or when entertaining in the home.

However, long-term food storage needs much lower temperatures, which you won't find in a cooler or beverage fridge. Also, the shelves and spacing in beverage fridges and coolers are designed to fit bottles and cans.

Please note that commercial glass door fridges can be used as a fridge because they have powerful compressors.

When Did Coca-Cola Custom-Made Coolers And Fridges Appear?

The Coca-Cola memorabilia that's well known and loved had humble beginnings. In 1910 a coin cooler for the beverage was introduced, but it proved impractical for retailers. In the early 1930s, Coca-Cola was kept in wooden or metal barrels with ice. Several manufacturers manufactured coolers for the Coca-Cola company, resulting in different designs. 

The coolers evolved into vending machines, and ice boxes were replaced by electric models, but they all maintained the iconic Coke lettering and familiar red color.

How Can You Get A Coca-Cola Fridge?

Getting a new Coca-Cola fridge is easy. If you are a retailer, you can go to the nearest Coke depot and fill in an application form. The fridge size or cooler will depend on the crates you require. 

The company supplies pubs, restaurants, corner shops, and even workplaces with fridges. The installation is free!

However, if you'd like to purchase a Coke fridge or cooler for personal use, go online. Log on to company websites licensed to sell fridges with the Coca-Cola logo. Search for the desired product, and place your order.

You might find old models being sold on websites or by retailers who no longer need them.

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Where Can You Put A Coca-Cola Fridge?

Coca-cola fridges are versatile and fit almost anywhere. Commercial refrigerators are meant for outdoors, but you can put them indoors too. However, they might be heavy to move due to their size. 

Generally, fridges can be found in the kitchen, basements, bedrooms, offices, or hotel rooms and lobbies. Coca-Cola fridges are ideal for recreational spaces. You can try revamping your entertainment room or man-cave with a bar fitted with a Coke fridge.

Can You Store Soda In A Warm Fridge Or Cooler?

A can of Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta

Carbonated drinks don't do well in the heat. To retain the fizz in your Coca-Cola drinks, store them in a cool, dry place.

A non-functioning fridge or cooler might be too warm. You should store your drinks in a cool pantry. Fizzy drinks never expire, but they do lose their fizziness.

Final Thoughts

Coca Cola logo on a fridge belonging to the company

You can use the mechanical or digital controller to regulate the temperature of a Coca-Cola fridge. These fridges come in all sizes and are available as coolers.

Although Coca-Cola fridges and coolers are durable, regular maintenance is important. 

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