How To Cancel Timer For Panasonic Air Conditioner

The timer setting is a helpful feature of a Panasonic AC. The only problem is if you don't know how to cancel it. But don't worry! We have scoured the net to create a simplified guide for canceling your timer setting.

The steps to cancel your timer setting depend on your unit's controller. Wireless remote controllers like CZ-RWSU1U are pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below to cancel the timer setting:

  1. Press on the top center of the cover and slide down.
  2. Finish by pressing CANCEL.

For wired controllers like the CZ-RTC5, where the panel is a 9-button control display, the steps are a bit different as follows:

  1. Press the button with the list icon in the upper right corner. 
  2. Navigate and select the ON/OFF Timer option.
  3. Press ↵ and unset.

We understand the convenience AC timers afford you. So, in the following sections, we will give a detailed discussion about Panasonic timer settings and other relevant information. Keep reading.

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How To Cancel Timer Using Panasonic Remote Controllers

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Panasonic holds a wide array of functional products for savvy consumers. Remote control models have a sensible design that is easy enough to use. For instance, canceling the timer using either the WL controller CZ-RWSU1U or the wired CZ-RTC5 is a breeze.


The 2-step move to cancel this remote controller includes the following:

1. Press on the top center of the cover and slide down

The CZ-RWSU1U remote control has a sleek and clean look. The sliding cover prevents the unintentional pressing of the control buttons.

To access the controls, gently press on the top center and slide the cover downward.

2. Finish by pressing CANCEL

Immediately pressing the CANCEL button will conveniently undo the ON and OFF timer settings.

You also have the choice of erasing the setting of either the ON or OFF timer. To do this, press any arrow key of either timer.

Once the time setting is displayed on the LCD monitor, press CANCEL.


Below is the practical navigation guide for this wired controller:

1. Press the button with the list-icon found in the upper right corner

The Menu Screen can be accessed by pressing the list-icon button. This grants you access to the different function settings.

2. Navigate and select the ON/OFF Timer option

From the list, go to item No. 4, which is the ON/OFF Timer. Navigate the list using the up/down arrows. Select item 4 by Pressing the ↵ button in the center.

3. Press ↵ and unset

Now, you will see the ON and OFF Timer functions individually displayed. Select one at a time, and from the choice of actions, choose "Unset." Repeat for the other timer function.

Your previous setting has now been canceled. Do not forget to set a new timer setting.

What To Do Before Setting The Timer

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Before canceling your timer and setting it anew, you must set the AC's current time.

You can choose between a 12 or 24-hour format, depending on your preference.

So, how do you set the clock in your Panasonic AC? Follow these guidelines:

Wireless remote controllers (CZ-RWSU1U)

  1. Press the button with the clock icon for 2 seconds. The clock display will start blinking once the time is ready to set.
  2. Set the hour using the up/down arrow of the ON timer. A prolonged press of the up/down button will browse the numbers swiftly.
  3. To set the minutes, press the up/down arrow of the OFF timer.
  4. Once the correct time is set, press the button with the clock icon.

Leaving the controller inactive for 3 minutes after setting will also automatically set the time as displayed.

If you want to change the indicated time simultaneously, you can press the reset button and input the current time again.

Wired controllers (CZ-RTC5)

  1. From the screen menu, browse and select Initial Settings.
  2. Choose Clock from the set of functions.
  3. To set the clock, you must also set the date. To scan the year, press the up/down button. If the desired year is selected, move to month using the left/right button.
  4. After setting the correct date and time, press the button with the list-icon twice to finish.

To set the time format for this model, press the return button to access the previous list of functions.

From here, choose Clock Type and select the preferred format. Confirm your choice by pressing the list-icon button two times.

How to Set New Timer Setting in Panasonic AC

Subject: Lowering the temperature in air conditioning unit for greener energy power consumption.

Setting the AC timer follows almost the same procedure when canceling the timer setting. To set the time for your AC, follow these guides:

Wireless remote controllers (CZ-RWSU1U)

  1. Press the up/down button of the ON or OFF timer to choose the time.
  2. Upon reaching the desired time, pause and allow the time to display briefly on the monitor.
  3. To confirm the time, press again the up or down button of either the ON or OFF timer.

To ensure the remote controllers work smoothly with the AC unit, leave it in a place with no obstruction.

Also, make sure the batteries are functional. This icon "--:--" indicates the need to change batteries.

Wired Controllers (CZ-RTC5)

  1. Select the ON/ OFF Timer option on the menu screen.
  2. Press ↵ and choose "Set."
  3. Input first the hour and the minutes of the ON timer. A confirmation message should be displayed to confirm the timer setting.
  4. Next, select the OFF timer. Manipulate the hour and minutes to the desired time you want your AC to turn off.
  5. Press ↵ to confirm.

If the input is successful, the timer clock icon will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.

If you want your setting to repeat regularly, you can set and copy for other days using the Weekly Timer function of this particular model.

Why Is The Timer Light Blinking?

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When the timer icon of the Panasonic wireless controller starts to blink, the problem usually lies in the internal setting of the indoor or outdoor unit.

For WL model CZ-RWSU1U, the problem can be diagnosed by the characteristic of the blinking icons. As for CZ-RTC5, the error code appears on the display screen.

The blinking timer icon only

A blinking timer icon mainly indicates compressor-related problems.

The error codes H01 to H05 and H31 might also show on the monitor of your remote control. It's best to call professionals for check-ups and services in such instances.

Blinking timer light with other icons

Along with the specific timer-icon error codes, we have also listed other errors with their blinking manifestation:

Alarm Display Error Cause WL Remote Control Display
Run Timer Standby Blinking
E01-E03, E08-E14, E17, E18 Communication error in remote circuits x
E04-E07, E15, E16, E19-E31 Communication error either in the in/outdoor operation line x
P01, P09-P14 Operation of indoor protection device x x Alternately
P02-P08, P15-P31 Operation of outdoor protection device x x Alternately
F01-F03, F10-F11 Error in the indoor thermistor x x Alternately
F29 Error in the indoor EEPROM x x Simultaneously
L01-L03, L05-L09 Error in indoor settings x x Simultaneously
P01, P09-P14 Oil alarm x x Alternately
Test run Test run x x x Simultaneously

The first thing to do

Upon alarm, try to turn the unit off for about 1 minute, then restart it.

If the alarm disappears, then you can continue running the unit. But if it persists,  contact your dealer.

To access the error code history of your unit from its wired controllers, follow these steps:

  1. Simultaneously press three buttons, the back arrow, the enter button, and the right arrow, to access the maintenance menu.
  2. Select No. 6, which is the Service Check. The error code will be displayed there.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to retrieve error codes in a CZ-RTC5 controller:

Why Is It Important To Set WL Controller's Address?

Cross-communication between one indoor unit and another unit's remote can happen. This is especially true when more than one indoor unit is installed in the same space. It is for this purpose that a remote address switch was created.

The address switch allows for a dedicated signal to prevent communication errors.

Guide to setting up your WL controller's address.

  1. Press the ADR and loop buttons together. "SET" will then be displayed on the screen.
  2. Holding the ADR button down while intermittently pressing the loop button allows you to browse the different address settings (ALL, 1, 2, 3,...6).
  3. Once the desired receiver address switch is displayed, release the ADR button. The controller buzzer will sound if the setting corresponds with the receiver's address.

Before setting the address switch of your controller, the contractor must install the receiver in your indoor unit.

The contractor will be responsible for ensuring that the WL controller is mounted in a place that gives an uninterrupted signal to the indoor unit.

It is also crucial that the contractor leaves the operation manual with you and explains how to operate and care for the unit.

In Closing

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Manipulating your AC indoor unit, like setting and canceling its timer and even diagnosing errors, is easy with the help of a reliable remote controller and manual.

However, while keeping yourself informed is to your advantage, it is not wise to attempt DIY repairs. It is always best to call your contractor for technical and mechanical issues.

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