How To Change Batteries In Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote

Has your Mitsubishi air conditioner remote started malfunctioning? If you need to change your remote control batteries, and you're not sure how to do so, there's no need to worry! We scoured the net to provide you with a step-by-step guide on AC remote battery replacement.

To change the batteries in your Mitsubishi air conditioner remote, you need to do the following:

  • Get the right batteries. 
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with the new ones.
  • Check if the batteries' polarity is correct. 

Replacing your AC remote batteries may sound straightforward, but you'll need detailed steps to ensure you won't encounter issues with controlling the settings of your appliance. Continue reading for more insight on how to get your Mitsubishi air conditioner to respond well to its remote control. 

Split air conditioner on a white wall - How To Change Batteries In Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote

Step-By-Step Guide

Have your Mitsubishi AC remote functioning at its best by following these basic instructions:

Get The Right Batteries

Three batteries (AAA, AA and PP3), isolated on white background

You can always check your user's manual to be sure you're buying the right battery type and size. If you no longer have your manual, check where the batteries in your remote control are located.

The battery compartment is located at the back of some remote controls, while others have battery compartment hidden beneath sliding cover on the front of the device.

Remove and Replace Old Batteries

Simply flip your remote control gadget over and slide the cover down as far as it will go to reveal the old batteries. After that, remove the old ones and replace them with new batteries.
Before refitting the battery cover, make sure you have the correct type of battery (typically AAA or AA) and that you install each correctly (so that it's pointed in the appropriate direction). 

Check The Polarity

Female clean remote control with Isopropyl alcohol for corona virus or Covid-19 protection.

There could be debris or blockage between the batteries and the metal contacts if it still doesn't work after inserting the batteries correctly. 
Remove the back cover, remove the batteries, and wipe the contacts with cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove any debris or dust.
Iyour remote still doesn't function after replacing the batteries, you'll need to contact local air conditioning specialist for help.

Resetting your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Air conditioner inside the room with woman operating remote controller. Air conditioner with remote controller

If your Mitsubishi air conditioner malfunctions, it may need to be reset, just like other air conditioner brands. For example, if the device has not turned on since recent power outage, restarting it might help. Resetting the unit may also resolve some of the minor issues that cause the air conditioner to fail to cool effectively.
Because not all reset methods work, it's crucial to recognize the indicators that your air conditioner isn't turning on. There could be a blown fuse on the air conditioner if this happensOr it's possible that the circuit breaker tripped immediately after the unit was reset.
When the air conditioner only blows warm air despite being set to cool mode, reset is required. Follow these steps below to reset your air Mitsubishi air conditioner:  

Turn off the indoor unit and the breaker

This is rather basic procedure. Simply press the power button on your remote control as you normally would.
Find the breaker for your AC's outside unit (in your home) and turn it off. If you're experiencing problems, simply open the circuit breaker box and look for the circuit with an air-conditioning/HVAC label (next to it). If no label is visible, simply search for the "tripped" switch the one that has moved to the neutral position.

Wait for 30 Seconds Before You Turn The AC On Again

Split air conditioner on a white wall.

Try waiting about 30 seconds for your AC to rest the internal circuit breaker. It should reset entirely during this time. Even if the outside circuit breaker is off, your Mitsubishi air conditioner is not designed to automatically rest the internal circuit breaker. Allow around 30 seconds for the internal breaker to completely reset. 

Finally, press the power button on your remote or thermostat to turn the device back on. Your air conditioner is now working properly. In this phase, you can adjust the remote's settings to your preference. Check that the proper settings have been chosen and that it can now cool.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Responding To Remote?

If the indoor air conditioning unit does not get a signal from the remote control, and you're not sure if it's an issue with the air conditioner or the remote control itself, you should proceed with the troubleshooting steps below:

Check the remote control

Scrutinize the remote control's screen by reading the information on display. If this doesn't help, a simple battery replacement will most likely address the problem. Try sliding the remote control down to uncover the other buttons to remove the remote control batteries.

When it comes to a halt, pull harder to complete the slide. The battery slot will be visible so replace the batteries and inspect the metal parts for rust. Confirm in the user handbook if you're using the right battery type, and check the remote control to ensure they're in the right place. We recommend using a branded device rather than generic one when replacing the remote control too because universal remotes can only offer basic functionality. 

Perform a reboot of the system

If the remote isn't the problem, switch off the main power source to reset the system. Wait for 30 minutes. If the problem is not resolved after resetting the power, we recommend contacting a technician to perform a diagnostic check on your air conditioning system. In such a case, the board inside the indoor unit may no longer be communicating with the remote and may need to be replaced.

Examine proximity to the unit

To operate, the remote control must be 33 feet away from the unit, and furniture or other items should not block the sensor route on the unit's surface.
The remote sensor on the remote control's edge must have clear path to the unit interface sensor. 
Inspect both the air conditioner and the remote control for sensors, and if there is dirt or filth on the sensors, the remote control signal may not be received.

Check the age of the remote

Using hand press remote control for air conditioning.

The remote control batteries may be too weak to activate the device even if the remote is on when a button is pressed, it is at the correct distance and powered by the device. Slide the back cover down and rotate the remote control. Remove the batteries from the remote control and either test them with a battery tester or replace them. Manually verify that you are using the correct battery type and size.

The most serious problem with mechanical issues is that you can't solve them in any situation without 
first tracing them in all aspects. If the problem persists, you should contact a technician or check a service manual

In Closing

Now that you have figured out that it's easy to change batteries in your Mitsubishi AC remote control, make sure it's always functioning properly by taking care of your device. Learning simple maintenance and techniques to keep your Mitsubishi air conditioner operating is crucial for an uninterrupted cooling system for your home during the summer season.
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