How To Change Coway Airmega Filter

Increasing the air quality in your home is only a step away with an air purifier. However, their filters will get dirty eventually. The way to change a filter varies from brand to brand. Do you need help changing a Coway Airmega filter? We have the details!

Regardless of the model, you can easily replace a Coway Airmega filter. There will be a panel you can open to access the filter. Then, you'll find the pre-filter. Pull it out to see the primary filter. There will be a tag that you can pull on to release it.

There are only minor differences between each Coway Airmega air purifier model. The process is generally the same. Since it's tough to figure it out through text, we can provide some visuals. To learn more about filter replacement, keep reading.

Technician changing the air conditioner air filter, How To Change Coway Airmega Filter

How To Remove A Coway Airmega Filter

Coway is an air purifier manufacturer many rely on for affordable, clean air. They offer a variety of air purifier models. Of course, each model offers different specifications.

The best Coway air purifier for your home depends on the coverage required. In any case, they all share one essential aspect, ease of use. Changing the filter is as easy as removing a panel. 

Since the design of each model is not the same, you might need a little help with the process. We'll cover how to remove the filter from a few. Let's start with the Airmega 300/400 series. 

new and old hepa air filter close up photo

Airmega 300/400

Before you start the process, make sure to turn off the machine. Once there's no power to the air purifier, look for the removable panel. The removable panel will have a handle you can hold.

It should come off with little effort. From here, we will see the pre-filter. There will be two tabs you need to press to release it.

Now you should be able to see the primary filter. There will be an Airmega tag that you can use to pull it out. Finally, place the new filter inside. 

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The new filter will have labels to help you place it inside correctly. The tag and black side of it should be facing you. Once the new filter is in, insert the pre-filter and close it with the side panel. 

Repeat the process on the opposite side. If the side panels aren't re-inserted correctly, the Airmega won't work. Afterward, you can reset the Airmega filter status indicator by holding the button for three seconds.

Here's a video demonstration by Coway:

Airmega AP-1512HHS/AP-1512HH/200M

Now we'll go over changing the filter for the cheaper models. The Airmega AP1512 series is more compact. But, it keeps a similar approach of ease of use.

There should be side edges that you can pull at the front cover. Removing the front cover gives you access to the pre-filter. Of course, there will be two tabs you can use to pull it out. 

Then, you will see the HEPA filter. There will be two tabs at the sides you can use to pull it. Unwrap the new HEPA filter and place it into the air purifier.

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It will also include labels that you can follow for proper installation. An arrow indicator on the HEPA filter should face toward the air purifier. Replace the carbon pre-filter too. 

The plastic casing will have tabs that hold it in place. Then, slot the pre-filter casing back inside. Finally, place the front cover back on. 

Resetting the Indicator

Before you start using the air purifier again, reset the filter indicator. Pressing it once will tell the machine which filters you have changed, HEPA or odor. To reset it, press and hold the button for three seconds.

Here's a video demonstration of this process:

We'll leave another one for the Airmega 200M:

Airmega AP-1216L

The Airmega AP-1216L is the only design that deviates from the others. Nevertheless, you can access the filter by removing the front cover. Pull the upper part of it. 

Use the two tabs on the upper area to pull the pre-filter out. From here, you will see the HEPA filter. Remove it and replace it with the new one. 

If the pre-filter is really dirty, use a vacuum cleaner or rinse it under water to remove the grime. Don't insert the pre-filter back in until it's dry. Once dry, fit it back into the hooks. 

Once you finish replacing the filter, press the reset button for two seconds. It should remove the indicator light. The pollution level indicator will not turn on if you forget to reset it.

Airmega 150/160/240

The Airmega 150, 160, and 240 also sport a unique design. More specifically, they make the pre-filter easily accessible. You can clean the pre-filter by pulling on the tab on top. 

If you want to change the HEPA filter, push gently on two small tabs on the sides. The HEPA, odor, and pre-filter all sit on the front cover. 

Change whichever filter needs replacement. If you need to replace the odor filter, lay it over the white side of the HEPA filter. HEPA filters will have a green side too. 

That side should be facing you before placing the cover back on. Finally, press and hold the filter reset button for three seconds. Here's a video demonstration for disassembling this model of Coway Airmegas:

How Often Do You Change Coway Airmega Filter?

Coway air purifiers have an indicator that tells you when you need to change the filter. Though, you might want a specific timeframe instead. Coway generally recommends changing the HEPA filter every year. 

HEPA air conditioner air filter

The carbon filter, also called the odor filter, needs changing twice a year. Coway Airmega's pre-filter is the only one you'll need to worry about consistently. They recommend cleaning it using a vacuum or water every two weeks

What Happens If You Don't Change The Filter?

Changing the air conditioner level using a remote

Sometimes, the thought of changing the filter escapes us. So, we run the air purifier as usual. Could this be a mistake?

It's one mistake that you shouldn't commit. Sure, the machine will continue to operate. But, it affects us in a few ways. 

First, it lowers the efficiency of the air purifier. If the filter needs replacement, there's no more room to trap contaminants. So, air will have a tough time getting through. 

Consequently, air that has to force its way through the filter will only recirculate the contaminants in the air. Instead of purifying the air, the air purifier will contribute to pollution in your home. 

It could also affect your electricity bill. If there's too much debris in the filter, it will need to work harder for circulation. Thus, it increases the amount of energy it uses. 

Can You Wash Coway HEPA Filter?

A white air conditioner mounted on a white wall

There are three layers of filtration in a Coway Airmega. It starts with the pre-filter. Then, air travels through the carbon one. Finally, it makes its way to the HEPA filter. 

Coway recommends washing the pre-filter every two weeks. However, if you can do that to the pre-filter, can you do the same for the HEPA? 

Unfortunately, Coway advises against it. Instead, they recommend replacing it with a new one yearly. There are permanent HEPA filters you can wash and reuse. However, Coway doesn't offer this for its air purifiers. 

It's a one-time-use item. You can't attempt to clean it using water or a vacuum. Dust doesn't settle at the surface. It embeds deep inside the filter media. Thus, using a vacuum to clean it would be ineffective. 

Using water is a different case. It will clean the filter. However, it will also destroy it. Most one-time usage HEPA filters can't handle it. 

How Do You Clean a Coway Charcoal Filter?

People will always try to look for ways to cut down on costs. What if we wash the Coway charcoal filter instead of throwing it out for a new one? It's a similar case to the HEPA filter. 

Coway does not recommend washing the odor/charcoal filter. It's a one-time-use item. If you decide to rinse it, we can't guarantee you'll get it as good as new. 

Charcoal filters do more than capture dust particles. They also eliminate nasty odors and VOCs. For this reason, a simple rinse under a sink probably won't be enough to clean it entirely. 

As mentioned, Coway recommends replacing it every six months.

How Long Do Airmega Filters Last?

The lifespan of an Airmega filter depends on the type. Pre-filters should last the entirety of the air purifier's lifespan. They're washable and reusable. 

Carbon and HEPA filters last a long while. Carbon ones last six months, while HEPA filters last a year. However, that depends on the air quality in your home and how often you use it. 

Therefore, it could last longer or become dirty sooner.

In Closing

Technician changing the air conditioner air filter

Coway offers many air purifier models. They all provide unique functions. However, they do not stray away from their simplistic, effortless maintenance. We hope you found this informative. 

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