How To Clean A Tower Fan

You cannot prevent your tower fan from accumulating dust and debris. That is natural to happen when they operate. At best, you can regularly clean it. But how do we clean a tower fan? This post will provide you with answers that we thoroughly researched to find the best tower fan cleaning methods.

To clean a tower fan exterior, you must:

  1. Switch off the tower fan and unplug it
  2. Clean the grill of the tower fan
  3. Blow compressed air into the vent
  4. Plug in and turn the tower fan on

To clean the tower fan interior, you must:

  1. Unplug the fan
  2. Remove all the screws that hold the tower fan's casing
  3. Using a screwdriver, separate the casing halves
  4. Remove the front panel from the tower 
  5. Blow compressed air into the fan blade
  6. Remove the dust from the fan blades using a vacuum brush
  7. Vacuum all the loose dust
  8. Spray WD-40 on the bearings of the tower fan
  9. Reassemble all the components of the tower fan and test it

Please read on if you want to know more about the detailed cleaning process of tower fans and how often you should do it.

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How To Clean A Tower Fan

Cleaning a tower fan doesn't need elbow grease. We can consider the cleaning process straightforward. Also, it is good that tower fans don't require a lot of maintenance.

Cleaning The Tower Fan's Exterior

Electric floor tower fan

Follow the steps below to clean the exterior of your tower fan correctly.

1. Switch off the tower fan and unplug it from the outlet

Hand are plugged in or unplugged electricity

It is a must to switch off and unplug the tower fan before starting to clean it. Doing so will prevent the possibility of accidents. Also, it will stop the dust from going deeper into the device's components.

2. Clean the grill of the tower fan

Doing this step will require you to utilize a dust brush or vacuum brush attachment. You will have to remove all the dust and debris accumulation on the tower fan's exterior.

You have to pay more attention to its vents where the air enters and exits during operation. Additionally, it would be best to use the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment to avoid scratching the tower fan's casing. Clean as much dust and debris as you can.

If you don't have a vacuum brush attachment, you can utilize any brush with soft bristles: a microfiber duster or dust brush.

3. Blow compressed air to the vent

You have to blow compressed air into the vent. Its purpose is to remove all the existing dust. Point the canister nozzle directly into the vent and move it along the vent in a stable manner while it releases air. Do this for the entire vent.

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4. Plug in and turn the tower fan on

Switching the tower fan on after the three steps above will allow the fan to blow off all the remaining dust. We recommend you leave the fan running for a few minutes. However, you have to ensure that nothing is in the tower fan's vent before you try to switch it on.

Furthermore, we suggest running your vacuum cleaner while letting your tower fan run. Doing so will help you pick up the dust and debris from cleaning your tower fan. It will also prevent dust from filling up your home.

However, we highly recommend cleaning the tower fan outside.

Cleaning The Tower Fan's Interior

To clean the interior of your tower fan, please follow the below steps.

1. Unplug the fan from the outlet

Hand unplug or plugged and wall

As we have already mentioned above, always switch the device off. You also have to unplug it from the outlet to avoid accidents.

2. Remove all the screws that hold the tower fan's casing

To perform this step, you may have to use a Philips screwdriver. Most tower fans have two to four screws, typically found above the vents. However, the number of screws will depend upon the brand and model of your tower fan.

3. Using a screwdriver, separate the casing halves

First, try to use your fingers and separate the parts. To do that, grab the top part of the case with one hand and use the other one to pull the front panel towards you. And with the gap between the panels, you should insert a screwdriver with a flat head. Lastly, working your way down to the bottom part of the tower, use the screwdriver to split the panels.

Additionally, a top panel on some tower fans connects the front and back end. To make it simpler to loosen the panels, pry the top panel up first.

4. Remove the front panel from the tower

Note that once you finish separating the panels, you should not pull them immediately. There are plastic tabs that connect them, which are very easy to crack. So, it would be best if you gently lift only the front panel. And leave the other panels behind.

You must know that breaking the tabs will prove more challenging to put the panels back into their places. So, as much as possible, work carefully and gently.

5. Blow compressed air into the fan blade

For the fifth step, you must spray compressed air into the fan blade. It is to get rid of the debris accumulation. Place the canister's nozzle near the top end of the tower fan blades.

Begin spraying compressed air into the tower fan blades while moving the nozzle from side to side. Keep in mind that you should do it under constant pressure.

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Also, you don't have to remove the fan blades to do this process. Lastly, it would be best to lay the fan down on a flat surface to make it easier. But if your tower fan has a stand attachment, you might want to unscrew it temporarily so you can adequately lay the fan down. 

6. Remove the dust from the fan blades using a vacuum brush

Look for the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner since you'll need it for this step. We consider this the most efficient way to get rid of the dust from the fan blades. See to it that you brush the cylindrical column of the fan blades properly. And rotate it necessarily until you reach all sides. Lastly, clear the tower fan casing of any leftover dust.

However, if you don't have a vacuum brush, you can opt to use a dust brush, microfiber cloth, or dust brush.

7. Vacuum all the loose dust

We suggest keeping the hose attachment near you as you clean. You can use it while brushing the inner part of the tower.

If possible, turn the hose attachment on while brushing so that it can pick up all the loose dust and debris from the fan blades you are working on. Also, you can ask someone to hold the hose for you if you can't do it alone.

8. Spray WD-40 on the bearings of the tower fan

In this step, you will have to look for the black or silver rings of the fan blades column. You can locate them, usually directly above the blades. And they are in a metal plate that secures the blades to the tower fan's case. Spray a few droplets of the lubricant straight on the ends of each bearing. 

If you notice that your tower fan makes a lot of noise, the primary culprit is its bearings. Regularly checking if it is well-lubricated is a must.

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9. Reassemble all the components of the tower fan and test it

Once you finish cleaning the tower fan, you will need to reassemble it. And you have to make sure that you put it back in their places correctly. Lock the screws you removed and replace the casing of the tower fan. Lastly, plug it in and let it operate for a few minutes to test it.

How Often Should You Clean A Tower fan?

Cleaning inside the tower electric fan

To get the most out of your tower fan, you will have to take care of it properly. And to do that, you must clean it at least twice a month. Cleaning your tower fan makes it free from any dust and dirt and ensures a longer lifespan for the tower fan and your family's health and safety.

However, if there is a lot of dust in your area, we recommend cleaning it two times a week. Make sure that you won't ignore cleaning your tower fan. Because if you do, expect that it will cause clogging and unit damage. 

Wrap It All Up

Tower fans can quickly accumulate dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair. And gathering those is inevitable, primarily if you always use your tower fan frequently. But you don't have to worry about that since it is too easy to clean it; you just have to follow the steps we gave you above.

We hope this article satisfactorily answered your question about how to clean a tower fan. And if you want more of our help, you can always check our website and find some articles that might be of your interest, or check these out:

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