How To Clean A Vornado Fan

Vornado fans are a game-changer when it comes to effective air circulation. Since they have stronger airpower, they can cool down medium to large-sized rooms without cranking up the AC when the weather is tolerably hot. So, how do you keep them dirt-free so they don't accidentally distribute dust? We have researched answers for you.

Cleaning a Vornado fan is easy enough. You just need some soap, a duster, and a damp cloth. You can also use a handheld vacuum for convenience, but dusting and thorough cleaning with soap should be able to clean it well.

  • Unplug the fan from the power source
  • If available, vacuum out the surface
  • Disassemble the fan
  • Dust the grill with the feather duster
  • Wash under running water with soap
  • Wipe the blades with a gentle cleanser
  • Assemble again once it's been air-dried

Powering up your Vornado fan is an excellent and cost-efficient way to cool down. Their boxed fans and tower fans effectively distribute the air without oscillating, creating a refreshing breeze throughout a room. Cleaning them is essential if you want to keep yourself comfortable without suffering dust allergies, so if you want to learn more about keeping them dust-free, keep reading below!

A small green Vornado fan on at the corner of the room, How To Clean A Vornado Fan

How To Clean A Vornado Fan

Fans get dusty easily, especially if they are high-powered. This is because the friction of the fan blades slashing the air creates static electricity, to which dust is attracted. Another reason why they accumulate dust and dirt is that the air itself carries dust, which gathers into the blades.

Vornado fans are known for circulating air efficiently, so if you want to keep breathing clean air, you need to clean your fan. Here is how you can clean a Vornado fan.

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Unplug The Fan From The Power Source

A beige colored Vornado fan at the table

Observing caution should be a priority when handling high-powered appliances. Don't forget to unplug your fan when you clean it. Accidentally turning it on while cleaning or disassembling the blades can cause a serious accident.

Since you'll need to wipe it down with a damp cloth, you need to remember that small appliances can short-circuit if you mix them with water. Vornado fans are relatively small, so it's important to take out their power source first to avoid such incidents. 

If Available, Vacuum Out The Surface

If you have a handheld vacuum available, use that to target the dirtiest spot in the fan. However, if you don't have a vacuum, you can get an air compressor and point the nozzle at the spots you want to clean. 

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Make sure to take your fan outside to prevent dirt from getting inside your home. Once you power up your fan and the indoor space is dirty, it will become dusty again quickly. 

Disassemble The Fan

Disassembling the fan might be the trickiest part of cleaning it, but it's essential to make sure every speck of dust and dirt is removed. Disassembling it will also help you get into the nooks and corners of the fan. 

Make sure you find an open space where you can freely disassemble it. Most Vornado fans secure the grills with a screw, so make sure you have a screwdriver on hand.

If you have the models: V102, 133, 270, 573, 533, 633, 673, 679, 743, and 753, loosen the nut by turning it clockwise. You will need to remove this to open the fan grill.

After that, pull the blade from the shaft, then have it ready for cleaning.

Dust The Grill With The Feather Duster

Grab your feather duster and remove the dirt on your grill's surface. This will remove most of the dust and prepare it for when you're washing it under running water. Make sure to dust on both sides since dirt can sometimes be stubborn and stick to the other side of the grill.

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It can be difficult to remove them later, so you might have to use a handheld vacuum or a can of compressed air.

Wash Under Running Water With Soap

If the dirt is stubborn, you'll need to wash it with soap under running water. Don't put it in a dishwasher as it can warp its form and no longer be usable. 

A gentle dish soap mixed with water should be able to clean your grills thoroughly. Wash all the sides, and inspect the gaps and corners for any dust. 

Wipe The Blades With A Gentle Cleanser

Don't forget to clean your blades, too, as they mostly bear the brunt of accumulating dust. 

You can use a damp cloth or an all-purpose wiper to rid it of dirt. You can use water to wash the blades, but not too much--just enough to ensure that they'll dry in a few minutes.

You can also use a soap solution to dip your cloth into if the fan has been exposed in a greasy or highly humid area such as the garage or the kitchen.

Air Dry, And Reassemble

Once all the parts have been thoroughly cleaned, let them air-dry first. Make sure the area is clear of any splashes of dirty water.

After they dry, assemble them back together. If you don't remember how to reassemble them, check your manual.

  • Locate the four screws at the back of the grill
  • Position the front grill with the Vornado logo at the center
  • Reattach the screws that came with the fan

How Often Should You Clean a Fan?

A small fan photographed up close

There's no definite rule about how often you should clean your fan, but dust can accumulate thickly on your blades within 3-4 weeks.

Of course, this can hasten if you have more people in your household and whether your home is humid. Humidity can make the dust heavier, making it circulate longer in your home.

Better cleaning habits can slow dust accumulation, although it still depends on the type of fan you have.

Fans Vs. Circulator: What's The Difference?

Air circulators and regular fans may seem functionally similar, but they are different. Air circulators keep the air constantly moving even without oscillation, while regular fans blow and move air from behind to front. 

The coolness of an air circulator can be felt even when it's not pointed at you since air is distributed evenly. In contrast, the air from regular fans is only felt when the fan is pointed directly at you via a wind chill effect. 

Vornado fans don't need to oscillate. It circulates the air downward-up, repeating the process to cool the room down effectively.

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Is Vornado Fan A Circulator?

A white small Vornado fan at the corner

Vornado fans are circulators, not regular fans. They have vortex technology that creates a breeze encompassing medium to large spaces. 

It's equipped with a mechanism that pushes the air around a room, cooling you off even when it's not pointed at you. In fact, it can circulate the air down a hallway, and even upstairs depending on where you place the fan in your home.

Using this circulator is ideal if you turned off your air conditioner and still need something to cool your space. This makes the fan an economical choice that can benefit your household.

Benefits of a Vornado Fan

A beige colored Vornado fan at the table

Converting to an air circulator like the Vornado fan from a regular fan can make your space more comfortable.

They may be costlier than a regular fan, but the added investment is worth it, considering what you'll save on utility bills, even with the amplified coolness in the air.

Circulates Air Well

The Vornado fan effectively circulates the air within the room, which can even extend to the adjacent room. It has a powerful motor that enables it to pull the air and redistribute it evenly across your home.

Energy Efficient

The Vornado fan is more energy-efficient than a regular fan. They make you feel more comfortable than a regular fan without the high costs of an air conditioner. 

There are also claims that Vornado fans use up to 80% less energy than other fans on the market. 

Doesn't Make A Noise

You wouldn't have to worry about the gusts of air disturbing your usual environment. Since they don't oscillate and they distribute air more evenly, these fans don't make any noise.

Final Thoughts

A small green Vornado fan on at the corner of the room

Vornado fans keep your home comfortable because of its top-notch technology. They don't consume much energy, so they are better for the environment. Make sure you clean it well, so it benefits your home for a long time. 

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