How To Clean An Amana AC Unit [Inc. Coils & Filter]

Cleaning your Amana air conditioner won't be difficult as long as you know the steps how to do it correctly. We have researched the internet thoroughly to know how to do this so we can share these steps with you.

To clean your Amana air conditioning unit, you must:

  • Replace the air filter.
  • Check the outdoor AC unit.
  • Scan the coil fins.
  • Clean the coils.
  • Inspect the condensate drains.
  • Clean the thermostat.
  • Clean the cabinet front and ventilation screen.

For HVAC professionals who will do the cleaning, these additional tasks are included:

  • Examine the airflow.
  • Scan the electrical lines.
  • Examine the refrigerant lines to see if there are leaks.
  • Check the evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Inspect the pans and drain lines.
  • Examine the bearings, motors, and other parts; lubricate them as needed.
  • Check the outdoor fan and the blower component's operation.

We encourage you to keep reading to know the detailed steps of cleaning your Amana air conditioner. We might be able to answer some of your additional questions. 

Hand checking air filter in a PTAC unit, How To Clean An Amana Ac Unit Inc. Coils & Filter

Cleaning Your Amana Air Conditioning Unit

Before you start cleaning your air conditioning unit, we suggest calling an HVAC professional to ask for the recommended cleaning tips. Here are the air conditioner components that you can easily clean without the help of a professional.

Amana PTAC unit installed while control panel door is open

Clean the air filter

Air filters play a big part in the air conditioning process. If your filter is dirty, it can obstruct the airflow. Also, it can affect the air conditioner's performance and efficiency.

If you want to lower the energy consumption of your air conditioner, you should keep the air filter clean or replace them if you need to.

clean out dust from air conditioner filter

To clean it, you must:

Step 1: Switch off the air conditioner

Before you start any step, turn off the air conditioner. 

Step 2: Open the filter cover

Some air conditioning units provide easy access to remove the air filter. However, some are also fastened with screws. If you remove hardware, ensure to keep them in one secured place.

Step 3: Remove the dust

Once you finish removing the filter, head outside and shake the dust out of it.

Step 4: Wash the filter

Wash the air filter using warm water. It would be best to begin cleaning it vertically on one side. Doing so will help you avoid redepositing the dirt in the entire filter.

Step 5: Use a cleaning solution to clean the filter

There are two cleaning solution options that you can use. First, you can use warm water and mix dish soap with it. Second, you may want to use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water to clean and disinfect your air filter.

You need to plunge a soft brush into the cleaning solution and brush the filter thoroughly to remove all the remaining dirt and debris. After that, rinse the filter with an ample amount of water.

Step 6: Dry the filter

After you clean the filter, thoroughly drying it is a must. You can use a dry clean cloth, blower, or fan to do this step.

Step 7: Put the filter back

The last step would be putting the filter back into the air conditioner. But that is if you have already finished cleaning every part that you can clean.

Check the outdoor unit

Keeping your outdoor unit away from leaves, dirt, debris, and any obstructions is the most important thing you can do for it. Doing such a thing will help the air conditioning unit circulate air better. Any obstructions can make your air conditioner reduce its airflow. And that will cause your unit to operate harder and reduce its efficiency, as well.

As much as possible, keep any plants or shrubs two feet away from your outdoor unit.

Scan the coil fins 

Check the coil fins of your air conditioner and keep them straight as much as you can. You can use a fin comb to fix it. Fins that are not in their actual shape can cause premature coil failure. Also, it can block or reduce the air conditioner's airflow intake.

Clean the coils

Tooth brush cleaning thick dust on air conditioner coil

As a homeowner, you can clean your air conditioner coils by using a mixture of water, dish soap, or detergent. You can use a low-pressure washer to perform the coil cleaning process. Thoroughly spray the coils with the cleaning solution and gently brush or use a sponge to remove the dirt and debris; repeat if necessary.

If you opt to use a detergent, ensure that you don't use a highly acidic one since it can degrade the used alloy and copper in the coil.

Inspect the condensate drains

A drain hose that drains condensation water from an air conditioner

Regularly check the condensate lines of your air conditioner to see if it is clogged. If water is continuously dripping when it operates, the drain lines are functioning well. If it is not, you must clean the condensate lines immediately to avoid reducing the performance.

Clean the thermostat

Energy saving Amana wall themostat for under the window HVAC system in a hotel

A thermostat also plays an integral part in the operation process of your Amana air conditioner. It controls the temperature of your room by communicating with the unit. So, it is a must to clean it. You have to make sure that it functions properly.

You can wipe it and remove all the dirt and dust build-ups. After doing so, check the batteries and replace them if needed.

Clean the cabinet front and ventilation screen

Clean the front of the air conditioner's cabinet by dipping a clean cloth into a vinegar mixture and water and wiping it thoroughly. Ensure that the water from the cloth won't go beyond the electrical lines or control panel.

Older AMANA PTAC electronic control board with all factory cables still intact

Lift the air conditioner's cabinet front, unfasten the frame and remove it off the wall. You will then see the ventilation screen. We suggest you vacuum it to remove the dust accumulation. Reassemble the air conditioner cabinet once you finish cleaning it.

We highly discourage you from using any chemical cleaners for these parts.

When Should You Clean The Amana Air Conditioner Filters And Coils

We suggest you clean the air filters of your Amana air conditioner at least twice a month. You can tell if it needs cleaning by removing it and checking if it's already full of dust. Moreover, you need to clean it more if you are living in an area that accumulates so much dust or if you have pets.

For the coils, you should clean them at least once a year, as the manufacturers suggest.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Amana Air Conditioner

Cleaning and maintaining your Amana air conditioning unit may seem demanding, but its benefits outweigh them. Cleaning your air conditioner will help you save money and prevent you from having poor health conditions.

Increases energy efficiency

If your unit is covered with too much dirt, it won't absorb heat properly; thus, it won't be able to cool your home. If it is free from any dirt, it will operate normally. That means it will not use much energy because it won't work harder than usual. 

Save money from monthly electricity bills

Air conditioners consume an extensive amount of electricity, most especially during summer. And as mentioned above, a dirty and clogged air conditioner will reduce its energy efficiency; therefore, more energy consumption will mean higher energy bills.

Prevent frequent repairs and parts replacement

A dirty air conditioning unit tends to overheat most of the time, which leads to a part replacement or, worse, replacing the entire unit.

Regularly cleaning your Amana air conditioner will reduce or prevent the need for repairs. It will also avoid wear and tear that leads to parts replacement. Also, by cleaning the unit, you can identify the parts that need replacement or repairs to avoid further damage.

Calling an HVAC professional is expensive, but you will soon realize that it is much cheaper than the repairs and replacement.

Improves the air quality

Your air conditioner doesn't only make the indoor air cool, but it also keeps the air circulating healthy. If your unit is dirty, all the molds, dirt, dust, or particles will circulate and negatively affect your health. Respiratory attacks and triggering asthma are two of its examples.

Wrap It All Up

Hand checking air filter in a PTAC unit

Cleaning your air conditioner is indeed labor intensive, but the benefits you can get from it are with it. Aside from preventing wear and tear, you can also increase the air conditioner's efficiency, extend its lifespan, prevent costly repairs and replacement, and save money from reduced monthly electricity bills. 

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