How To Clean My Blizzard Fan & Blades [Step By Step Guide]

Clean air circulating through your home keeps you feeling healthy. So, how could you clean the Blizzard fan and its blade? How often should you clean a fan? Keep calm! We did comprehensive research to answer your questions.

Cleaning the fan results in better ventilation. You can follow the steps below to clean a Blizzard oscillating power fan with model number HAOF87:

  1. Switch off the fan and unplug it.
  2. Turn the fan around, then unscrew the front cover.
  3. Wash the front cover in a basin of water and mild soap.
  4. Allow the front cover to dry, then set it aside.
  5. Using a soft cloth and mild soap, wipe the dust off the blade.
  6. Wipe the back cover and the body. Avoid dripping water into the motor.
  7. Dry the fan's body and blade with a cloth.
  8. Screw the front cover on, then turn on the fan.

Today, we'll provide you with the complete steps for cleaning a Blizzard fan, including the blade. We'll discuss how important a clean fan is and how often you should clean it. We're thrilled to share more with you. So let's read up to the end!

Electric heater on laminate floor in the room, How To Clean My Blizzard Fan & Blades [Step By Step Guide]

How to Clean My Blizzard Fan and Blades [Step-by-Step Instructions]

A Blizzard fan is a lightweight fan good for use on desks and small rooms. It's easy to use with a high and low operating speed. You can also adjust it vertically to spread the air throughout the room.

It's important to clean the Blizzard fan to ensure that it will function properly. The dust can build up on the blades, causing your fan to be ineffective. When cleaning, you should not use strong solutions such as benzene. Doing so will damage the fan's external surface.

Instead, use a mild soap mixed with water. Soak the soft cloth, then wring it before wiping it in the fan. Cleaning steps may vary on fan models. You should refer to the user's manual for accurate steps.

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How Often Should You Clean a Blizzard Fan?

Most fans require cleaning at least once a month. However, you should consider cleaning the Blizzard fan as soon as dust is visible.

What Not to Use Cleaning a Blizzard Fan?

Keep in mind that mild soap, such as dishwashing liquid, is enough to clean your Blizzard fan.

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You should not use strong solutions to prevent corrosion and damage to the fan's surface. Check the list below of what you should NEVER use.


Gasoline is a strong liquid that is flammable and can dissolve hard dirt. Some people use it to clean metallic surfaces to use as a degreaser. However, you should not use gasoline to clean a fan. It's very dangerous and toxic.


It's a chemical usually found in construction paint, adhesives, and more. It's often used for industrial cleaning, but it's not the one to use for a Blizzard fan because it would corrode the fan quickly.


There are some bleach products that are good at removing stains. However, you should refrain from using bleach as it can discolor on your fan.

What is a Blower Technique for Cleaning Fans?

It's a way to clean a fan without disassembling the parts. You just need to use a hairdryer or a handheld compressed air cleaner.

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However, the blower technique may not be as effective as washing with water and soap. The dust could still remain after the blowing technique, especially if the dust is too thick. It could also settle elsewhere, nearby, and so not being removed from the room could still blow around the next time the fan is turned on.

See the steps below:

  1. Unplug the fan from the socket.
  2. If you'll use a handheld compressed air, simply turn it toward the fan blades and press the button or trigger.
  3. If you'll use a hairdryer, select a low heat setting and make sure you point it away from your face.
  4. Continue blowing until the dust comes off.
  5. Finish by wiping the fan with a clean cloth.

How Does Cleaning a Fan Improve Ventilation?

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It's helpful to understand how a clean fan can improve the area's ventilation. This will ensure you to keep your fan in good condition. See below the list.

Better Air Circulation

The fan needs to push away the contaminated air and exchange it with cleaner air so that you can have healthier air in the area. This is possible if the blades and grills are clean. Otherwise, the dirt can block the airflow.

Comfortable Temperature

Since the fan promotes air circulation, the temperature improves as well. However, it's not good to use the fan when the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celcius or roughly 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply because the fan can worsen the heat, which will result in dehydration and skin problems.

Prolonged Motor Efficiency

A clean fan will prolong the motor's efficiency. The motor will have a less difficult time spinning the blades since the weight will become lighter. You'll also want to give it a rest to recover good performance and avoid overheating.

How to Replace the Blizzard Fan Blade

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The fan blades can naturally wear out over time. They can get loose or show some scratches as it grows old. You might also notice the fan's vibration getting louder. It's best to ask a technician to replace the fan blades. However, you can refer to the steps below:

  1. Switch the fan off, then unscrew the front cover.
  2. Pull the blade out, then insert the new blade of the same size. Make sure you twist it to strengthen its hold.
  3. Turn on the fan to see if the blade will spin.
  4. Turn the fan off again to put on the front cover.
  5. Dispose of the old blade or bring it to a junk shop.

You can watch a video here:

Blizzard Normal Grill (HAOF87) Vs. Swirl Grill (HAPF624R) Fans

There are two most popular types of Blizzard fans, namely the normal grill and the swirl grill. The models are HAOF87 and HAPF624R, respectively. We'll refer to them as"normal grill" and "swirl grill" for clearer distinction. Check below the list on how they differ.

Cleaning Instructions

According to the manual, the two share the same cleaning instructions. You just need to find the screws to detach the cover and access the fan blades. Clean per our previous instructions. 


The normal grill has a body and neck that looks like a smaller version of a stand fan. In contrast, the swirl grill has a handle on top so that you can lift it with one hand.


The swirl grill allows the grill itself a rotating motion to spread the air in a wider area. Unlike in a normal grill, it's stable and not moving. When it comes to speed level, the swirl grill has three options: low, medium, and high. On the other hand, a normal grill has low and high levels.


Compared to a normal grill that needs manual control and adjustment, the swirl grill has a remote for convenient controls. Also, you can take the swirl grill anywhere. On the other hand, you need to plug the normal grill into a socket to use it.


The normal grill offers a one-year limited warranty. You get to enjoy three years limited warranty for the swirl grill. However, repairing or altering the fan on your own will void the warranty. You should read the warranty information in the manual.

You can watch a video here to better understand their differences:

How to Set Up the Blizzard Fan Remote

The remote is exclusive only to the swirl grill fan and similar models from Blizzard. You need to have on hand two "AAA" batteries that are most likely not included in the package.

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Refer to the steps below for setting up the remote:

  1. Slide the battery cover to open it.
  2. Insert the batteries based on their positive and negative terminals.
  3. Close the cover, then test the remote.

How to Replace Blizzard Fan Button

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The oscillation button at the back can get loose due to normal use. You may find it hard to switch the speed level if it's broken. Consider doing the steps below in replacing the button for Blizzard HAOF87:

  1. Twist the button and pull it out.
  2. Insert the new button. Make sure you attach it properly to the plate.
  3. Push the button a bit to ensure it's holding firmly.


Electric heater on laminate floor in the room

It's such another informative article. In which we learned how to clean a Blizzard fan with complete steps and some reminders. We also included relevant information on how a clean fan improves ventilation. Always opt to read the user manual for now details.

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