How To Clean A Levoit Air Purifier & Filter [Step By Step Guide]

Levoit air purifiers can perfectly cleanse your home's air but a dirty filter reduces its ability to work efficiently. So how do you clean its filter anyway? Wonder no more! We research this question and here are the steps to clean a Levoit air purifier.

Cleaning the Levoit air purifier filter is simple and doesn't need any fancy tools to perform the job. Here is the step-by-step guide to properly clean its filter:

  1. First, unplug the power cord of your Levoit air purifier unit.
  2. Proceed to the filter's cover and carefully pull it out.
  3. Next is to remove the filter and place it in a secure place away from any liquids.
  4. Run the vacuum along the inner and outer surfaces of the filter to remove dirt.
  5. Gently brush the remaining dirt or dust.
  6. Now reinsert the filter into its housing and put its cover back on.

Stay with us! As we will going to address in great detail below the other vital questions about this topic. So keep on reading. Let's jump right into discussing them!

What Type Of Filter Does Levoit Air Purifier Use?

Your Levoit air purifier uses a True HEPA filter to purify your home. This type of filter is incredible at absorbing tiny air contaminants up to the size of 0.3 microns (µm).

air purifier cozy white bedroom filter, How To Clean A Levoit Air Purifier & Filter [Step By Step Guide]

It has an astounding absorption rating of 99.97%, according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Among the many air pollutant it can remove are:

  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • And other airborne particles

What Makes Levoit Air Purifier Filters Stand Out?

Aside from Levoit utilizing a True HEPA filter, it also features a three-stage filtration system. The company claims that each stage provides special purposes aiming to increase its efficacy in capturing small air contaminants.

The three filtering stages are as follows:

  • Fine preliminary: This is the first stage where debris like pet fur, hair, and even lint is trapped.
  • True HEPA filtration: Microscopic level air particles such as bacteria, dust mites, and pollen that pass through stage one are now being neutralized in this stage.
  • High-efficiency activated carbon: The house's bad odor from cooking, cigarette, and pets is a trap in this stage.

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Are Levoit's Air Purifier Filters Washable?

Levoit is notable for producing high-class and wide-range air purifiers in the business today. On top of its high-quality HEPA filters, it also requires specific cleaning requirements to clean its filter.

One way to identify whether your Levoit filter is washable or not is to check your air purifier's manual. If the user manual states that it is "permanent" or "washable," then you should abide by it.

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As you know, HEPA air filters have a low resistance to liquid, meaning very sensitive fibers. If the HEPA filter fibers were exposed to water, they can easily damage, significantly affecting the filter's trapping ability.

How Often Should You Replace Your HEPA Filter?

Over time, HEPA filter fiber will wear out due to constant operation. Most air purifier manufacturers set their machines to accurately alert you of when to replace your HEPA filter.

Some air purifiers that use HEPA filters will require you to replace them for around six to twelve months. This is the average service life of HEPA filters, as most experts predict them to be effective within this time.

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You can just clean your Levoit HEPA filter to boost its efficiency and prolong its average lifespan. After all, following the ideal recommendation of when to clean or replace your Levoit's air purifier is essential.

HEPA filters enhance indoor air quality because they reduce air contaminants. This is especially helpful for household members who suffer from allergic reactions.

hepa filter air purifier high efficiency

What Are The Things That Negatively Impact HEPA Filter Lifespan?

Here are the factors that affect the lifespan of your HEPA filter:

  • How you care for your air purifier.
  • The severity of your indoor air pollution.
  • And the way how you operate the air purifiers.

Why Is The Red Light Come Out In My Levoit Air Purifier?

Levoit's air purifier features make it stand out from its rivals. One advanced setting assists with filter maintenance. The red light flashes to indicate it is time to replace the filter. This is the most accurate warning sign of when to replace or clean your filter.

Resetting The Filter Indicator

Replacing the filter with or without the indicator light flashing will require you to reset this warning signal. Resetting the indicator light ensures that the air purifier system refreshes and sets accordingly to its next replacement or cleaning cycle.

Here's how you can reset it:

  1. Switch off the Levoit air purifier unit.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for three seconds and release it when the red light comes off.
  3. Again press and hold the reset button for another three seconds to complete the resetting procedure.
  4. Once the red light is gone, you can now switch on the air purifier.

Note: You should always switch off the appliance before you try performing these resetting processes.

Check this visual demonstration on how to reset or turn off your Levoit reset button indicator on YouTube:

Should I Clean Levoit's Air Purifier Sensor?

One of the most outstanding features of your Levoit air purifier is its air quality sensor. By setting it to "Auto Mode," it precisely inspects the air quality in your room and alters its fan speed accordingly.

Letting this device remain dirty results in ineffective operation. Therefore, your filters could get dirty quickly , especially if the unit runs continually. Debris buildup will block the sensor.

Use these steps to clean the sensor:

  1. Whenever performing appliance maintenance, always unplug the unit.
  2. Now open the sensor device's cover to properly access it.
  3. You can use a damp cotton swab to wipe the lens clean.
  4. Ensure to dry the sensor's lens before closing its cover.
  5. Finally, you can now securely close its cover.

What Do The Different Lights Mean On My Levoit Air Purifier?

During the operational cycle of your Levoit's air purifier, you might wonder what it means when the unit's screen shows different lights. Don't fret! When you see these lights on as it simply indicates your air quality's current status.

For some reason, this reflects how fast your filter wears out, making its cleaning cycle occur much more often.

home air purifier ad fresh flows

The following is what the lights represent depending on your indoor air's quality:

  • Very good air quality is indicated by a blue light. The fan operates at a low level.
  • Good air quality is indicated by a green light. The fan operates at a low level.
  • Moderate air quality is indicated by an orange light. The fan operates at a moderate level.
  • Poor or bad air quality is indicated by a red light. The fan operates at a high level. The filter becomes dirty at a rapid rate. 

The most notorious cause of poor indoor air quality is pollution itself. These are the major contributors to indoor pollution so please do your best to create a sufficient ventilation system and avoid your exposure to: 

  • Combustive materials
  • Organic vapors
  • Bioaerosols

Also most importantly to prevent harming yourself and your family. As most of these substances are toxic when inhaled.

  • Cleaning materials
  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Fireplaces excessive emissions
  • And chemicals you set aside for a long time

In Closing

air purifier cozy white bedroom filter

Nowadays, it is very crucial to maintain your indoor air quality clean all the time. The key to keeping your house air quality is to keep the Levoit filter at high efficacy. You must also follow proper maintenance requirements.

As this will not only guarantee to preserve your filter's average lifespan but keeping your loved ones away from allergies. We can now leave in confidence knowing that you can now clean and maintain your Leviot's air filter.

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