How To Disassemble & Clean A Wind Machine By Lasko Fan [Step By Step Guide]

Do you want to disassemble and clean your Lasko wind machine? What are the things you need to prepare? Don't worry. We've researched the steps just for you.

A wind machine by Lasko needs proper cleaning frequently. So, see below the steps on how to disassemble and clean yours:

  1. Turn the power off, then unscrew the grill cover and the top handle.
  2. Loosen the two caps on both sides, then pull the pedestal off the fan.
  3. Remove the front cover.
  4. Pull the blade out of the motor.
  5. You have the option to apply a lubricant on the shaft to ensure good performance.
  6. Wash the blade with mild soap and water. Let it dry before you put it back.
  7. Flip the fan, then detach the knob and the ring piece.
  8. You should see a switch. Simply pinch it to reveal the wires.
  9. Unscrew and pull the motor or from the grill cover.
  10. Use a small brush to scrub the dust off the motor.
  11. Clean the front and back grill covers with soap and water. You can use a sponge to eliminate residual dirt.
  12. Clean the handle, pedestal, and all the fan accessories except the motor. Rinse them with water.
  13. Let the fan parts dry. You'll want to wipe them with a towel. But for the fan's body, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.
  14. Upon drying the parts, insert the motor back into the grill cover. Make sure to screw it tightly.
  15. Attach the blade to the motor's metal piece.
  16. Insert the wire into the ring, then push it in place.
  17. Attach the switch cover, then join the two grill covers together.
  18. Insert and tighten the screws to secure the grill covers.
  19. Assemble the fan into its pedestal, then attach the cap on both sides and the handle on its top.
  20. Turn the power on to test the wind machine.

Now, you can clean your Lasko fan. Please keep reading to also learn how often you need to clean your wind machine and other hanty maintenance tips.

Disassembly & Cleaning Lasko Wind Machine

A wind machine by Lasko is a bit shorter than most desk fans. It has a handle, so you can easily relocate it into your desired location.

Cleaning the wind machine helps improve the ventilation in the area. You'll get to enjoy healthier air and comfortable temperatures. That's why we shared above the steps for disassembling and cleaning your wind machine.

Portable electric re-chargeable house fan with blowing ribbon tassels.

Of course, it's best to refer to the user guide. But you most probably need a screwdriver to disassemble the parts from the grill cover to the switch cover. Keep in mind to put the screws in a safe place to prevent losing them.

You can watch a video here for your visuals:

How Often to Clean a Wind Machine?

Dirty fan cover Cleaning by hand

If you see dirt building up on the grill cover, the blade, or its body, you can clean the wind machine immediately. However, you should clean the fan every 3-4 weeks to enhance air quality.

Keeping a clean home will also aid in circulating healthy air when using a Lasko wind machine. Consider sweeping or vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, and wiping down tabletops, shelves, and counters frequently.

How to Operate the Wind Machine

Lasko's controls are not complicated to understand. However, refer to the steps below on how to operate the wind machine:

  1. Plug the wind machine into power with 120 volts of electricity.
  2. Point the wind machine toward where you want the air to circulate.
  3. Turn on the fan; switch to your desired wind level. The switch is in the center and is unusually colored black.
  4. Find the lock button to point it in just one direction in case you don't want it to oscillate.

Why the Wind Machine Blade Is Slow?

One possible reason the blade is spinning slowly is due to thick dust accumulated all around it. The dust can add weight to the blade, causing the air not to circulate as it should. This is a good, obvious reason to clean the fan.

However, it's also possible that the motor is exhausted. Do not allow the wind machine to run continually.

If the wind machine still fails to work, you can try replacing its blade or seek help from a technician.

Can You Lubricate the Wind Machine?

You can apply a small amount of lubricant into the motor. Lubrication helps improve the rotation of the blade, as well as prevent it from getting stuck. However, you need to disassemble it first to access the motor. You can use an oil-based lubricant. This is to prevent damage to the motor.

See this lubricant on Amazon.

Does the Lasko's Wind Machine Have a Warranty?

Lasko's warranty is for one year from the initial purchase date. The warranty is valid for manufacturing defects, workmanship faults, and other related cases. So, you'll want to consult the manufacturer before you replace or repair the product to avoid invalidating the warranty.

How to Replace the Wind Machine Blade

Vintage style electric fan for camping.

In any scenario, the wind machine blade breaks, there's a way to replace it. Just ensure to find the right size blade. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the fan, then unfasten the grill on both sides.
  2. Detatch the front grille.
  3. Pull the old blade out.
  4. Use a soft brush to dust off the motor before you insert the new blade.
  5. Assemble the unit again, then turn it on.

Lasko's Wind Machine Vs. Regular Fan

Generic and cheaply mass manufactured overseas in China unbranded white recycled plastic circular interior house or office, How To Disassemble & Clean A Wind Machine By Lasko Fan [Step By Step Guide]

There's just a few differences between a wind machine and a regular electric fan. But overall, they both are good in air recirculation. However, the quality and durability of the product depend on the brand and manufacturer. See below some comparisons.

Wind Level

Most common electric fans have a wind level of 3-5. But Lasko's wind machine only offers level 3. However, the wind machine tends to blow stronger in comparison to generic fans with smaller blades. Some fans come from very low to very high intensity. Lasko offers low, medium, and high.

Oscillation Direction

Most electric fans oscillate left and right, but Lasko's wind machine oscillates vertically. The vertical motion can make the air bounce across the floor and the ceiling, reaching every corner. 


Not all fans have a handle on the top, but Lasko's wind machine has. You can quickly carry the wind machine and place it on a desk, floor, or near the window. However, this does not eliminate the convenience of other ordinary fans, as some fan manufacturers make portable fans just like Lasko.

See this wind machine by Lasko on Amazon.

Can You Buy Spare Parts for the Wind Machine?

Foreground of metal equipment - engine radiator cooling fan on a white isolated background in a photo studio. Spare part for car repair in a workshop or for sale.

In case you lost some parts of the wind machine upon disassembling it, you can buy those parts to complete reassembly. Take note that losing any part of the unit can impact its operation.


Generic and cheaply mass manufactured overseas in China unbranded white recycled plastic circular interior house or office

We learned the steps on how to disassemble and clean your wind machine by Lasko. Remember to keep all the parts safe to reassemble the unit after cleaning.

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