How to Get a Boiler Out of Standby Mode

Going home to a boiler that is not working can cause panic and frustration, especially during the winter. When this happens, your boiler may simply be stuck in standby mode, and if so, the solution is pretty simple. We have scoured the internet for possible causes and quick fixes.

Leaving a boiler in standby mode will not cause any problems. However, in instances when it is stuck in standby mode, you should follow these two simple steps: 

  1. Check your boiler manual.
  2. Reset your boiler.

Every homeowner knows the urgency of resolving boiler concerns as soon as possible. So, keep reading as we share how your boiler can resume working in no time. 

Getting a Boiler out of Standby Mode

Nozzle and fire gas boiler is standby mode and able to see the control panel

It is natural to wonder why your boiler is stuck in standby mode. After all, you want your central heating to work, and you need hot water. Try one of the methods below to get your boiler working again. 

Check Out Your Boiler Manual 

The manual that comes with the purchase of a boiler is often overlooked. But the reality is it has all the answers to most concerns that you might encounter with your boiler.

So, before you start getting worried when your boiler is stuck in standby mode, calm down and pick up the manual that came with it. 

Depending on the model of your boiler, troubleshooting the unit on standby mode may vary. The good news is you'll see instructions listed in your manual, and all you have to do is follow the troubleshooting steps. 

Reset Your Boiler 

Resetting the boiler is usually your first resort when you experience an issue with your unit. But if you always reset your boiler when something goes wrong, it can overwhelm the system, and it might stop working altogether.

So it is a smart idea to read the manual first and only opt for a reset if nothing works among the proposed solutions. 

Many boiler issues are usually solved by doing a reset, though. This is definitely a quick and easy way to have your boiler working again, but do not press the button aimlessly in case it does not work. 

When To Seek Professional Help 

Boilers have standby modes for a reason, and it is not something to worry about since it can be fixed without professional help most of the time.

But let's say you have scoured through your boiler manual and resetting the unit did not do the trick; then it's best to reach out to an expert. 

There might be a need to repair an underlying issue that came in disguise of the boiler being stuck on standby mode. So, calling a gas engineer to help is the best advice we could give in these situations. 

What's With Standby Mode? 

gas boiler with blue standby flame and control knob with colored stat bars

Now that you know how to troubleshoot a boiler that is stuck in standby mode, it is best to have some background knowledge of what it is in the first place.

A boiler usually has a standby mode for it to be able to provide heat or steam on demand, meaning the boiler will retain its current temperature depending on whether it is set on warm, cold, or hot. 

Standby modes on boilers also differ based on their brand and type. For instance, auxiliary boilers are often set on cold standby mode while process boilers are either set to warm or hot.

This is because these two kinds of boilers do not follow the same process requirements. 

Can The Boiler Stay On All Day? 

blue standby flame and its control knob with above a slot or gold coin with the symbol of the dollar currency

Just like any other appliance, having a boiler on all day or not is entirely dependent on the preference and usage of its owner.

Some like to have their boilers on so they do not need to worry about going home and having no warm water to use. Some people, especially those who are a bit older, just tend to feel colder, so they like the assurance of knowing that the boiler is on.

While having the boiler on all day sounds convenient, it is not exactly practical and economical. Having it continuously stay on in the background would also mean that is consuming a hefty amount of electricity. This is where standby mode comes in handy. 

Leaving the boiler on standby mode can be energy efficient in the long run, especially if you own one of the latest models. The good news is that many modern boilers have a ready mechanism where they don't use electricity if they are not being used. 

What Temperature Should I Put My Boiler On? 

Before you're able to figure out what the best temperature setting is for your boiler, you must first consider the type of boiler you own and its control and settings. Setting the boiler temperature, especially during the winter, depends on your preference.

For a good balance, it is recommended to set the temperature to at least 149 °F. Lowering it might risk bacteria buildup, and increasing this number should be done with caution. 

Obviously, in the summertime, boilers are less likely to be used. However, if you want to turn it on, the magic number is still 149 °F. 

What Happens If You Top Up The Boiler Too Much? 

Professional plumber servicing a boiler and writing on a clipboard

It is a common misconception that when the boiler pressure is too high, your unit might blow up, and your house will be in a danger zone.

The thing is, high pressure in a boiler is not exactly dangerous because its system should have a pressure relief valve. However, you must note that it can cause costly damage to your heating system. 

How Do I Know If My Boiler Is Faulty?

Brand new Gas water boiler on wall, How to Get a Boiler Out of Standby Mode

When your boiler fails to work unexpectedly, that will leave you with no heat source for a certain period. To avoid this kind of hassle, it is best to be observant to keep your boiler working efficiently every day.

Below, we share some of the common warning signs of a faulty boiler

  1. Unusually cold: If the heating in your house seems off or is not as warm as it is supposed to be, the boiler is likely failing. 
  2. Unpredictable water temperature: Let's say you put your thermostat on the highest setting. Still, the water that comes out feels lukewarm, or the water turns from hot to cold and vice versa without any adjustment to the temperature. If this is the case, you better have your boiler checked. 
  3. Pilot light off: This is the usual indicator that the boiler system isn't working. If the light is off, and you can't relight it, consult your manual or call a professional right away. 
  4. Leaks: A boiler is designed to be a close-looped system. If, in any case, there is water surrounding the unit, your boiler needs to be checked as soon as possible. 
  5. Loud and unusual noises: If your boiler is making vibrating, banging, gurgling, or whistling noises, it indicates that something with your unit is not working right. 

In Summary

Everyone loves a relaxing and steamy bath during cold winter days, and a boiler is a great appliance to have during these times.  

In instances where it is stuck in standby mode, keep in mind that it is just a matter of going back to the basics and referring to the good old manual or hitting the reset button when necessary. 

So, the next time you encounter this issue, you can try any of the steps we have shared and enjoy the warmth your boiler provides. 

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