How To Install A Hive Thermostat On A Combi Boiler

If you want to find out how to connect a Hive thermostat to a combi boiler, you've landed on the right page. We have done the research on how to set this up, and here is what we learned.

Installing a Hive thermostat on a combi boiler involves a five-step process:

  1. Connecting the Hive hub to the internet and a power outlet
  2. Wiring installation of the combi boiler
  3. Wiring installation of the receiver
  4. Installing the Hive thermostat on the wall
  5. Pairing the Hive hub, receiver, and Hive thermostat.

Keep on reading to get the details for each step to complete the installation procedure. We'll also teach you how to operate your Hive thermostat. This article also answers whether you can use your thermostat without the internet. Let's get started!

A HIVE Smart Thermostat on a stand inside a house, How To Install A Hive Thermostat On A Combi Boiler

Hive Active Heating Combination Boiler Installation

A Hive thermostat is a smart device that allows you to control your home's heating from your smartphone. You can control it from the Hive app or ask Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to do it for you.

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You can set its schedule so that it will turn on and off when you need it. This way, your home is as warm and cozy as you want it to be as soon as you enter your door. No need to wait to get your desired temperature level.

You can also boost it when you want more heat for that added comfort when the weather is extra cold. At the same time, it won't be heating your home when there's no one inside.

The thermostat will even notify you when you forget to turn it off. That's how it makes your home smarter. Your home becomes more energy-efficient, which means more comfort and savings for you.

Hive thermostats also work on hot water tanks. Say goodbye to cold showers in the morning, especially when it's chilly. You can be assured that the water temperature is exactly how you want it to be for a relaxing start your day.

A Hive thermostat has sensors that monitor your indoor temperature. When they detect that the temperature is lower than your desired settings, they will tell the boiler to heat the water so that the heat can be distributed through different parts of the house.

Homes with combi boilers will benefit from using Hive thermostats since these units work on the central heating system and hot water tanks.

Just as you only have one appliance for your home heating and hot water needs, you only need one device to regulate both your indoor and water temperatures.

Hive Thermostat Installation

A HIVE thermostat smart wireless controller for central heating in the home

When installing the Hive thermostat, we're not just talking about the thermostat itself. You also need the Hive Nano 2 Hub.

This will serve as the communication unit between your smartphone and your Hive thermostat. You also need a single-channel receiver. This will be connected to your combi boiler and your Hive hub.

To do the job, you will need wire strippers and a Phillips screwdriver. 

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Here's the installation process.

Part I: Installing the Hive Hub

  1. Connect your Hive Hub to your internet router.
  2. Plug it into a power outlet and wait for the light indicators. One will turn solid green and another will be a flashing amber light. This means that it has already downloaded the latest firmware and is ready to work.

Part II: Wiring Installation for the Combi Boiler

Close up of the controls of a British Combi Gas Boiler

  1. Make sure your combi boiler is off. Switch off its breaker as well.
  2. Remove its cover plate. This will expose the terminals.
  3. Consult your owner's manual to locate where the terminals for external controls are.
  4. Remove the external controls or cables attached to the combi boiler.
  5. Remove the existing thermostat also, as you will be replacing this with the Hive thermostat.
  6. You can remove the cables used for the old thermostat or tuck them safely inside the wall cavity.
  7. Install a new 5-core cable. Connect the appropriate wire to the Live (L), Neutral (N), Earth, Heating 1 (H1), and Heating 2 (H2) terminals. These will connect the combi boiler to your Hive receiver.
  8. You can now put back the combi boiler's cover plate. Make sure all the screws are attached securely.

Part III: Wiring Installation for the receiver

  1. Refer to your Hive thermostat's manual for the correct wiring guide.
  2. Mount the back plates of your Hive receiver. Its location should just be near the combi boiler.
  3. Wire up the connections for Neutral, Live, Terminal 1, and Terminal 3.
  4. Once the wires are connected, screw the cover of your receiver in place.

Part IV: Installing the Hive Thermostat

  1. Select the ideal location for your Hive thermostat. Take note that it should be in an area where the air flows freely with no obstructions. It shouldn't be near any heat source, door, and window so that it won't be affected by drafts or sunlight. 
  2. Remove the thermostat's front panel by pushing the tabs on both sides.
  3. Drill holes for the screws and secure the backplate on the wall. 
  4. Put the recommended batteries (AA) in your Hive thermostat.
  5. Attach the front panel to the backplate.

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Part V: Pairing the Devices

  1. Turn on the power for your receiver.
  2. The Hive Hub will automatically pair with it as indicated by the flashing amber light.
  3. Once pairing is done, the receiver will flash a single amber light.
  4. Wait for the three devices to finish pairing. The receiver's light indicator will turn to solid green once done.

That's it! The Hive hub, receiver, and thermostat are now all connected and ready to use.

Watch this video on Hive active heating combination boiler installation for more details.

Remember that the installation should only be done by a professional. Don't attempt to do this by yourself to avoid any incidents.

How Do I Operate My Hive Thermostat?

Close up of the control panel of a HIVE central heating control and thermostat on the wall

Once the Hive thermostat is wired to your combi boiler or home heating system, you can program it so that you can regulate your indoor temperature as well as your hot water tank. Here's how to do it.

  1. Push any button on the thermostat to wake it up.
  2. Look for the Menu on the screen. Select Heat.
  3. The Hive thermostat has three Heat modes: Schedule, Manual, and Off. You just need to choose one that'll suit your heating needs.

Schedule Mode is considered more energy-efficient. It turns your home heating system and hot water tanks on and off when you want them to. Input your time schedules for heating to start and end and your desired temperature. 

Manual Mode constantly monitors your home temperature to ensure that it is maintained at your desired level.

Hive also has an Off Mode. Your heating system will only turn on when your indoor temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also known as the Frost Protection mode.
Users of the Hive thermostat should also download the Hive app on their smartphones and register on the app. This will allow you to control your thermostat remotely. The app has user-friendly features that'll make it so convenient for you to achieve your desired temperature settings wherever you may be.

Can you use Hive without the internet?

A Hive Smart Thermostat on a stand inside a house

Some users are concerned that they won't be able to operate their thermostats and heaters when there's no internet. This isn't true. The manufacturers assure users that the Hive thermostat will continue to work and run according to schedule. So, your home will still be as warm and cozy as you'd want it to be.

However, when there's no internet or it's not connected to the Hive hub, users won't be able to control the thermostat settings remotely. But you will be able to change its settings manually.

Just use the appropriate buttons on the thermostat to change heating modes, bring the temperature up or down, or boost your hot water.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your Hive thermostat and connecting it to your combi boiler should be done by a pro so that it'll function smoothly. Once the Hive hub, receiver, and thermostat are installed, only then can you use the Hive thermostat to regulate your indoor and water temperatures. 

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