How To Install A Toilet Seat On A Toto Toilet

Having a clean comfort room is essential. It is important to keep it clean and tidy, especially the toilet bowl, since it is the most used fixture by everyone in your place. Having a toilet seat on is a  good hygienic practice since it lessens the contact between each person and reduces the possible bacteria transfer from the toilet bowl. It is also for comfort and convenience, especially when you have to use the toilet for a long time. So, how do you install a toilet seat? We have researched answers for you.

Installing a toilet seat on a Toto toilet is not a difficult task, it’s just that it is something you probably won’t be doing regularly which makes it seem so overwhelming and complicated to do.  Here are the steps that you need to do in order to install one:

  1. Prepare the items you will need
  2. Apply the anti-slip pads underneath the toilet seat
  3. Align the toilet seat to the toilet bowl
  4. Secure in place with bolts and nuts
  5. Make final adjustments before securing tightly

With the right tools, materials, and proper guidance, you can have this toilet seat installed in just an hour or less depending on your skill level and the type of toilet without the help of a plumber. If your manufacturer has included an additional set of screws or other mounting hardware with your new toilet, you won’t need to purchase anything else aside from the toilet seat to get everything done.

Although installing a toilet seat on a Toto toilet is not that hard, it is also not as simple as setting it up on top of the bowl. We have gathered useful tips on how you can accomplish it with ease, along with other information that may be of interest to you. Without further ado, let us get started on this topic!

photo of a man holding a toilet seat replacing it to the toto toilet in the bathroom, How To Install A Toilet Seat On A Toto Toilet

Installing A Toilet Seat On A Toto Toilet

Toto toilets are one of the more well-known toilets on the market. They range from simple types with the normal design with only an improved flushing mechanism to luxurious ones with a bidet incorporated into its architecture.

Installing a toilet seat on your Toto toilet is similar to installing one on regular toilets, with the difference being that for some Toto toilets, the holes for the bolts to pass through are blind holes.

See it in action here:


1. Prepare The Items You Will Need

It is important to make sure you have the right tools on hand before starting on the installation process. In addition to the toilet seat which is your main material, you will also need:

  • A level
  • A wrench 
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Anti-slip pads

Before you go out and buy a toilet seat, check the measurements of your Toto toilet first to avoid purchasing an incompatible one. You can find the measurements on the inside of the bowl near the rim.

To figure out what size of toilet seat you need, you have to set a measurement in three places.

But before that, you have to remove the current toilet seat, if any. Take the width measurement and list down the widest width measured.

Measure the distance from the bolt holes at the back seat to the front of the toilet seat or vice versa.

Lastly, measure the distance from one hole to another hole at the rear side of the toilet seat. These measurements indicate the required size.

2. Apply The Anti-Slip Pads Underneath The Toilet Seat

Place your toilet seat then take your anti-slip pads and install them underneath the toilet seat. This is the side that is going to touch the holes on the toilet bowl designated for the bolts.

The anti-slip pads ensure that the toilet seat does not move back and forth and keep the bolts secured nice and tight.

The pads fit snuggly on their designated spot since they have the same shape.

Make sure the tabs on both sides of the toilet seat are open. The location of the anti-slip pads can now be seen clearly through the opened tabs.

photo of man plumber fixing toilet installing toto toilet seat on the bathroom

3. Align The Toilet Seat To The Toilet Bowl

Put the toilet seat lining up the holes on the toilet bowl with the holes on the toilet seat. Take note that the anti-slip pads attached at its bottom tend to move around.

Be careful that they do not fall into the toilet. Try to keep them in place as much as possible, and adjust them when you put the toilet seat on.

4. Secure In Place With Bolts And Nuts

Check again that the anti-slip pads are placed correctly over the mounting holes. Then take one of your bolts and drop it down through one of the holes on the toilet seat.

Take one of your nuts and tighten it underneath the bowl where the end of the bolt is located to hold it in place.

Do the same thing on the other side. Remember not to tighten it up all the way to make room for any final adjustments.

For Toto toilets with blind holes instead of see-through holes, an expanding rubber bolt should be used instead of regular plastic ones. This ensures that the toilet seat would be properly secured in place.

Check out this expanding rubber bolt set on Amazon.

5. Make Final Adjustments Before Securing Tightly

Lift the toilet seat and take a look if the anti-slip pads are still in their proper orientation.

You should check if the toilet seat is aligned to the rim of the toilet bowl properly.

Once you are certain everything is good, hold the bolt down and tighten up the nut as tight as possible, the same goes for the other nut.

You may use a wrench to do this, depending on the material you are using.

Do a quick little test and make sure it works properly and everything looks good.

You may use a level to make sure that the toilet seat is even. The final step is to take the little tabs at each side of the toilet seat, clip them down, and you're good to go!

How To Remove A Damaged Toilet Seat From The Toto Toilet?

The toilet seat may become loose, cracked, or unsightly over time. Luckily, it can be easily removed and replaced.

The tools you will need to remove a toilet seat from a Toto toilet are a medium to large flat-head screwdriver, rib joint pliers, and possibly a mini hacksaw.

Remove The Bolts And Nuts

First, insert the screwdriver head under the top of the screw cap to open the cover and reveal the screw. Hold the bottom nuts in place using a pair of pliers.

Use the earlier screwdriver to then loosen the large plastic screw. You can now remove the loosened nuts, and the toilet seat can now be removed completely.

photo of a man hands installing a toilet seat on a toto toilet inside the bathroom

Cut The Bolts If Necessary

Prolonged exposure to water corrodes toilet seat bolts over time. If this happens, you can then cut the corroded seat bolts with a mini hacksaw.

Use a mini saw to cut the threads between the toilet seat hinge and the porcelain bowl. Mounting screws are often plastic, making this method much less difficult.

Can You Put Any Toilet Seat On A Toto Toilet?

No. Toto toilets have varying shapes and design that limit the possible toilets seats compatible with them. At the very least, the toilet seat should be of a similar design to the Toto toilet.

Elongated seats work best with elongated toilets of similar size, while rounded seats are better for those of rounded design.

photo of a toilet seat displayed on the shelf of the department store of a mall

The design of some Toto toilets have limited space available for mounting, for example, single piece toilets have a wider space for mounting the toilet seat compared to the two-piece variants.

The length of the mounting part of the toilet seat is limited by the space occupied by the water tank in a two-piece variant.

In Closing

photo of a man holding a toilet seat replacing it to the toto toilet in the bathroom

Installing a toilet seat on a Toto toilet is not such a difficult task overall. You just have to prepare all the necessary tools and materials, and follow the procedure outlined above.

Within an hour or so, you will finally have your new toilet seat installed on your Toto toilet!

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