How To Install Amazon Smart Thermostat Without C Wire [Step By Step Guide]

Did you just buy an Amazon Smart Thermostat, yet aren't certain how to install it without the C-wire? Keep calm! We're here to help you with our comprehensive research.

Installing an Amazon Smart Thermostat is easy and you can do it by yourself at home. Although we're talking about installing a thermostat without a C-wire, we'll still share with you how to add one for your reference. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the main power supply.
  2. Remove the front cover of the old thermostat from the wall.
  3. Take a photo of how the wiring is arranged. You need to follow the arrangement according to the color codes.
  4. Disconnect the wires and label them according to the code shown on the plate.
  5. Now, remove the back cover of the old thermostat with a screwdriver.
  6. Mount the back plate of the new Amazon Smart Thermostat, then mark the screw holes.
  7. Drill some holes, then secure the back plate by screwing it against the wall.
  8. See if there's a C-wire on the wall. It's usually labeled with "C" on the wire tip. If there is not a C-wire, use a C-wire power adapter.
  9. Connect the C-wire to the HVAC unit.
  10. Connect the remaining wires based on the code. You can refer to the picture you captured previously.
  11. Cover the wiring, then attach the front plate on the Amazon Smart Thermostat.
  12. Screw the cover tightly.
  13. Turn on the power supply.
  14. Now, set up the thermostat and observe its functionality.

Today, we'll talk about installing an Amazon Smart Thermostat without the C-wire. We'll share with you the purpose of a C-wire, as well as the features of a smart thermostat. Of course, there will be a discussion on other relevant topics. So, let's continue reading.

How To Install Amazon Smart Thermostat Without C-Wire [Step By Step Guide]

Home automation showing a thermostat

An Amazon Smart Thermostat features a lot of useful functions for your HVAC unit, for either air conditioner or furnace. It's quite easy to install the thermostat, as you just need to connect its wires depending on the codes. Such codes are associated with different colors listed in the product guide.

The C-wire, or common wire, works by giving the thermostat a constant 24 volts of electricity from the main power supply. You can opt not to connect the C-wire. But the point is, some of the advanced features, including the Wi-Fi, will not operate. On the other hand, you can connect the C-wire to access such advanced features.

As you can recall from the steps above, we mentioned that you can use a C-wire power adapter in case there's no existing C-wire, and you want to use one. It's a set of wires compatible with installing a thermostat and is ready to connect to the HVAC unit.

See this Amazon Smart Thermostat.

With regards to the steps above, you can watch a demonstration here:

More Details on Amazon Smart Thermostat

Controlling home heating temperature with a smart on phone

Amazon Smart Thermostat is an improved version of typical thermostats you can find in stores. It has a simple yet nice design that comes square-shaped. See below some features of this thermostat.


This might be the highlight of this product. Compared to an ordinary thermostat, you can connect the Amazon Smart Thermostat to the Wi-Fi. This will allow you to activate even more features, such as mobile control system.

Connecting your phone with the thermostat will make navigation easier. So, simply follow the steps below on how to do it:

  1. Download an Alexa app onto your phone. Make sure you have mobile data and also check the compatibility with your mobile phone.
  2. On the app, find the "Add Device" option and click "Thermostat."
  3. You'll see the list of brands on your phone's screen. Simply select the brand "Amazon."
  4. Select "Yes" to confirm you already installed the thermostat. However, you can also choose "No" to read and review the installation guide.
  5. Follow the instructions that will pop up on the screen to successfully connect your phone with the thermostat.
  6. You can now navigate some functions using your phone. Make sure to read the instructions on setting the temperature and other options.

You can watch a video here for the demonstration:

Automatic Temperature Settings

The thermostat detects the temperature, and it will automatically cool down to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and increase the temperature to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

This feature will help you save time in setting the temperature more often. However, you can also adjust the temperature by manually setting it. Simply press the buttons, and the display will change.

You can also follow the steps below to set the temperature using your phone:

  1. Go to the Alexa app, then find your thermostat on the list of devices.
  2. Find the temperature settings.
  3. Set the temperature you want.

Scheduling System

Remote home control system on a digital tablet

Another great feature of the Amazon Smart Thermostat is that you can schedule your preferred temperature and mode. With this, you'll not forget to set the thermostat when you're too busy to monitor it. See below the steps:

  1. Launch the Alexa app, then find the thermostat under the list of devices.
  2. Go to the settings and select "Thermostat Schedule."
  3. Input the time, temperature, and the date for the schedule.
  4. Now, you can copy the schedule for the other days by pressing the "Copy" option.
  5. Turn on the "Use Thermostat Schedule" button to activate the settings.

Alexa Hunch

When you connect the thermostat with the Alexa, you also activate Hunch. Alexa Hunch sends you alerts either by notifications via your mobile phone or by its voice system. The alerts include suggestions for your smart devices, such as thermostat, as well as alerts when the device is not working well.

Voice Command

A voice command allows you to control the thermostat just by speaking what function you want to set. You can change the temperature or even ask what the current temperature is in the area. Simply browse the Alexa app and find the "Voice Command" option to use it.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat Stops Working

Male hand try to turn on the new air condition in room

Like any other thermostat, Amazon Smart Thermostat also had limitations. You might experience some issues with its regular use. See below some possible reasons it stops working and how to resolve them.

Poor Internet Connection

If the thermostat doesn't follow the commands you set, maybe the internet connection is poor. You can try restarting your home's Wi-Fi or checking the mobile data. It's also possible that there's a signal interruption in your area. Ensure that you're in a good location for the signal to reach.

Loose Wires

It's obvious if the wires are loose, as the thermostat will not display the status on the screen. Consider re-installing the thermostat to ensure that wires are connected properly. Check also the HVAC unit for some possible faults.

Needs Replacement

Another reason your thermostat doesn't work is that you need to replace it. The system may malfunction after years of use. Minor damage, like tear and wear, could affect wiring even on regular use. That's why you can consider replacing the unit for better performance.

Does Amazon Smart Thermostat Have a Warranty?

Amazon devices and accessories are qualified for a limited one-year warranty. It covers manufacturing defects, system malfunctions, and other related cases. This warranty doesn't cover damage due to negligence and other acts of carelessness.

Smart Vs. Regular Thermostat

Comparison between smart and regular thermostats, How To Install Amazon Smart Thermostat Without C Wire [Step By Step Guide]

The big difference between the two is that a smart thermostat has a wider variety of options. You can control it remotely, as well as customize the settings, such as schedules.

On the other hand, most regular thermostats don't allow customization. These thermostats are often set to a specific temperature and have fewer functions.

However, both thermostats can tell you the right temperature for the area. So, you don't have to worry about some features at long as there temperature it displays is accurate.


Smart digital, programmable thermostat in the room

It's another informative article, right? We learned how to install an Amazon Smart Thermostat. We even discussed its functions and how to troubleshoot it when it's not working. Remember to read the user guide for more setting reminders.

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