How To Insulate Your Car’s Windows

Are you looking for ways to insulate your car's window while staying protected from any untoward skin damage caused by the harsh rays of the sun? Or possibly, you're spending more time in your car during cold weather and want to stay warm. You are lucky because you are in the right place! Hence, we've done our research for you on the proper way to insulate your car's window. 

Before you start insulating your car's window, you need to decide first whether you want simple, temporary or more involved, longer-lasting insulation. You might consider any of these methods: 

  1. Make use of blankets or curtains 
  2. Use Reflectix 
  3. Apply liners
  4. Insulate the car seat, in addition to windows 
  5. Insulate your body to keep warm inside the vehicle 

DIY car window insulation does not only require the right materials but also you need to plan and execute it properly to achieve effective outcomes. Read further as we will discuss the step-by-step process of insulating your car window and we will elaborate on it for you. Along the way, you will also know how you can live in the car during the cold season. 

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DIY Car Window Insulation Methods

There are many ways to insulate a car. It all depends on how much insulation you need and the materials you have available.


This is one of the preferred ways to insulate a vehicle. Reflectix is a tightly rolled bubble pack insulator that can be used anywhere. It is made of polyethylene and aluminum foil. Since it comes in rolls, you can easily fit it into your car's window. 

Go ahead and when you are ready to install some Reflectix, hop into your vehicle. You want to arm yourself with a Sharpie and measure the right size for every window. Include also the windshield. Mark with a Sharpie so you can cut the right size into pieces. Remember to measure it carefully, then cut it once. If you want clean edges, use tape and place it around the window. 

The Reflectix material has one downside. If you want to have a cool indoor, you would want the reflective side faced outside, so it blocks the heat.

If you need extra warmth you would turn the reflective side inwards. In this way, it insulates heat and keeping it inside. You can use double-sided tape to adhere the insulation pieces to the window. 

Blankets and Curtains

White car windshield covered by sun shade made of blanket in hot summer day in arabian country

This method would be the bare minimum. If you plan to park your car overnight during mild temperatures, you do not need more insulation. Get away with the simplest insulation for your car during winter by hanging blankets.

Make use of a tension rod depending on your car. You can clip the blanket or throw it over the rod. Clothespins or binder clips will do.

Hang the curtains to all of your car's windows. Thick and heavy blankets work best to trap heat inside the car, but they won't resist freezing temperatures. It also gives you a sense of privacy from the outside. 

Apply Liners 

You can go through it all the way to your automobile. You can apply liners behind the panel for insulation. This is not for novices. You can remove the panel and apply an adhesive below them. If you cannot do it, then do not do so. 

These sheets are easy to install. Decide where you like to insulate your car. You would want to insulate the doors, floors, and roof. This is available on Amazon

Insulate Your Car Seat

Insulated Car backseats

Some people may not know this. Car seats are not insulated. In fact, they are the opposite. Since you sit in the car for long hours, car seat manufacturers make seats breathable. However, this breathable feature is not the ideal way to insulate your car. 

You can use a camping pad to insulate the car seat. Stick with something that you can adjust if you want to recline your seat. 

Check this out on Amazon. 

Insulate Your Body 

Sleeping inside the car is a great way to experience nature and also save you from any expenses. Whatever the reasons are, you need to be prepared for emergencies. 

The ideal room temperature for sitting or sleeping is 64.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower than that will disrupt your sleep and may affect your health. You need to insulate your body to minimize excessive temperatures. 

Wear layers

A woman wears many layers of clothing. Layering is a good strategy for frequent temperature changes.

In layering, the base clothing layer is important. It prevents you from heat loss. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, rayon, and polypropylene are best for layering. Make sure you cover your hands and feet depending on how cold the area is. Wear gloves to protect your hands and fingers at the same time. 

Wool socks will toes warm preventing you from frostbite. Bring extra layers of blankets for added insulation. 

Use Electric Blanket

electric car equipped with a custom bed for overnight camping. Car trunk is transformed into a modern tent for luxury glamping.

The electric blanket has built-in heating wires. It works the same as heating pads with insulated wires that heat up when powered. Moreover, it has a feature that controls the amount of heat, thus excess heat is emitted. 

Turn Off Engine 

Before you sit extended periods or sleep in the car, make sure to turn off the engine and the AC. Leaving it on will put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. You will not be happy in the morning knowing that you do not have enough fuel. Turn on the engine when needed so that you can utilize the car's heating system. 

Use an Aftermarket Car Heater 

If the car heater fails, use a small car heater. It distributes heat all throughout the car cabin. It is also best for defrosting windows. 

How Do You Live in the Car During Winter?

Van Camper in the winter season perfect for a life of a traveler

Camping in the car during winter is really an awesome experience and challenging at the same time. The key here is proper preparation and orientation. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Retain Heat 

To counter heat issues, you need to insulate your car as long as you can. There are ways to do this. First, replace the car's headliner with a carpeted version. This will keep your car cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Not just that, it keeps the car's interior quieter which is best for sleeping. 

Create Heat 

Now you have your car insulated. You need to know how to create heat. Obviously, you can use the car heater but if you need additional heat just like in the bed truck, then you can use the portable heater. 

Electric portable heaters are best for those who are living in the car using no heat at all. These heaters are budget-friendly and do a great job of heating the entire vehicle. 

Meal Preparation

This is one of the biggest challenges that you could encounter when you plan to sleep in the car. You should be resourceful when it comes to food preparation, not unless you have more money to eat out. 

Since you do not have a stove inside your car, you need to find ways to cook and preserve your food. A portable oven is perfect for reheating food leftovers or you may cook a certain food you want. 

Check out this portable stove for your car camping needs on Amazon.

Pack everything essential 

Packing is essential when you want to live outside of the house. This is needed for your daily survival. Everything should be packed starting from your personal essentials, your entertainment, and sustinance. Packing all of this stuff can be challenging and at the same time could be fun. 

You should also remember to organize it well so that when you need something, you can easily find what you are looking for. 

Make a checklist of the items that you need before you start packing. In this way, you won't forget anything. Remember that you have limited space so choose wisely what to bring. 

This trunk organizer is perfect for every vehicle. It fits your stuff perfectly for your daily needs. This is available on Amazon. 

Keep Winter Gear In Your Car

Winter brings snow and wind. You may want to bring tools and disposals to deal with this climate. Shovels, scrapers, tire chains, and the like are all lifesavers. Once you are stuck in the snow use these tools. 

In conclusion 

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By now, you have all the information on how you can insulate your car's window. Make a better living inside your car and prepare for a more enjoyable experience. 

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