How To Keep Your Furnace Filter In Place

Are you looking for ways to get your furnace filter to stay in place? If so, don't hit that back button because you're on the right page. We've done the research to get you the answers that you need.

To keep your furnace filter in place, you need to:

  • put it in a filter furnace box,
  • make sure the filter is the right size,
  • install a furnace filter track,
  • replace the dirty filter,
  • widen the ductwork, or
  • change your furnace motor.
Keep on reading to get more tips on how to keep your furnace filter in place. We'll also share with you why your filter won't stay in place and why it keeps on collapsing. This article will also answer if you can run a furnace without a filter temporarily. Let's get started!
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What holds the filter in a furnace?

Your furnace sucks in your indoor air to make it warmer so that you can stay warm and cozy when the weather gets chilly. As it does this, it also cleans the air and traps contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander in its filter so that these impurities won't get mixed up anymore with the air that you breathe.

By removing indoor air pollutants, you have fresher and cleaner air at home. You can breathe easier, feel more comfortable, and experience improved health conditions.

This is made possible by the air filter in your furnace. Depending on its quality, size, and material, it can improve the air quality in your home to a significant level.

That's why it is important to ensure that the furnace filter is securely in place so that it can do its job of removing impurities in the air. If it is not positioned properly, it will affect the filtration and performance of your furnace.

There are different reasons why your furnace filter won't stay in place. The good news is that there are also ways to put them back in their right position. Check these out.

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Reasons Why Your Furnace Filter Is Not In Place

No Filter Furnace Box

If you check carefully, there's a furnace filter box that has been placed to hold the filter in place. It is located at the right spot where it can allow air to pass through as smoothly as possible. At the same time, it fills the gap between the furnace and the ductwork so that no dust, debris, and other unwanted particles can reach the interior of your heating appliance.

The frame has metal edges and a fine mesh on its body to hold the furnace filter in place. This will prevent bending issues as you're assured that the filter stays in a stationary position inside the frame.

If you don't have a furnace filter box, then it would cause problems in your air filtration because there'll be nothing supporting your filter.

You can purchase a furnace filter box for your filter. You'll need to know the size of your air filter. You can also check your owner's manual to know the perfect filter size that matches your furnace. Once you have the furnace filter box, install it properly so that it can hold the filter in place.

Loose Filter

Filters should be replaced regularly, but don't think that all filters are the same. Take note of the right size that you need. If it doesn't fit well in the slot provided for it or it is not the right size, then it would be hard to keep it in its place.

As such, always get the exact measurement of your furnace filter from the length to its width and thickness and only purchase the filter with those dimensions.

You can also use air filter clips to fasten loose filters in their housing. Look for pre-filter clips, wire fasteners, corner clips, and extension springs with clips to help you keep your filter in place.

No Filter Track

Some furnaces don't have a furnace filter box. Instead, they have a filter track where you can insert or slide the filter and it'll hold it in place.

If there's no filter track to house the filter, it would be hard to keep it in place. You can expect it to be displaced every now and then.

You can make your own furnace filter channel that'll fill up the space between the filter and the furnace. Or see if you can install a filter furnace box instead. Air filter fasteners are also handy when there aren't any tracks or channels to insert the filters into.

Clogged Filter

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When you have a dirty filter, the air cannot flow smoothly. This creates pressure as the air tries to find a way to pass through. As a result, the filter is displaced.

This is dangerous as it can even reach the point where your furnace system becomes saturated and dirty air can get to the motor.

Always check your furnace filter and replace it regularly. A visual inspection will tell you if it's time to have it replaced especially when there's too much dirt already.

Pressure Fluctuation

Sometimes static negative pressure builds up in the ductwork. The difference in pressure inside and outside the furnace causes the filter to bend inwards towards the motor.

This could be due to very narrow ductwork or your furnace's motor speed being high compared to the size of the ductwork.

The solution can either be to widen your ducting to lessen the air pressure or consult your HVAC specialist if it's advisable to change your furnace motor to a variable ECM blower motor.

The bottom line is you need to check the condition of your furnace filter so you can determine which of these solutions will help you make your filter stay in its proper place.

Why does my furnace filter keep collapsing?

This is another problem that you may encounter with your furnace filter. This time, it isn't just a case of the furnace filter being out of its place. It can completely fall.

This can be frustrating, as you have to put it back in its place over and over. Worse, all the dirt and dust that have accumulated on the filter will fall all over the area. And what if you don't notice it right away? Your furnace will be operating without a filter, which can be harmful to you and your heating appliance.

There are also different reasons behind this.

  • Blower Fan. The furnace's blower fan can exert too much force that it sucks up the air filter. This is why it keeps bending and falling.
  • Dirty Filter. This may be the reason why the blower fan is using so much power. When the filter is dirty, the fan has to work harder to draw in air. The unwanted particles are clogging the way. This is why you need to replace your filters regularly.
  • Poor-Quality Filter. When your furnace filter is made of thin materials, it is easy for the blower fan to remove it from its place. Purchase filters made of thicker and sturdier materials so that they can stand their ground despite the force of the blower fan.
  • Wrong Filter Position. Check if the filter is installed properly. If it is positioned backward, it is facing the wrong way. It won't have the support of the filter tracks. Check the arrows that indicate which position the filter should be facing and install it properly on the filter track.

Check which among the situations above is similar to your case so that you can keep your furnace filter from falling.

Is it OK to run the furnace without a filter temporarily?

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Knowing the importance of filters, will it be okay if they keep the furnace running even without this important component just for a while? It could be that they have to rush to the store to buy a replacement since the filter has become too dirty to use but they couldn't turn off the furnace because the weather is too chilly. 

The key word here is temporary. Yes, you may run the furnace without a filter for about one to two hours until such time that you get a suitable filter replacement for the old one. But take note that it isn't advisable to leave it like that for much longer.

Your indoor air won't be filtered and pollutants such as dust, pet dander, mold spores, and dirt can get inside your furnace and affect its performance. It can damage the unit. And it will ultimately affect your comfort level and health. It is not just worth it to risk using a furnace without a filter for a long time.

Final Thoughts

handyman inspects filter home furnace need to replace new one

Find out why your furnace filter won't stay in place so you can fix the problem. Having your filter in its precise spot will help you improve the air quality in your house so you'll be healthier and more comfortable.

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