How To Lock And Unlock An Emerson Thermostat

There are times that we forget to look at our thermostat and see what's happening. But how could you lock and unlock a thermostat? What could locking it do? We're here to help you find out! We've done the research for these questions.

It's easy to lock and unlock an Emerson thermostat. The steps may vary by model. We'll share with you how to lock and unlock an Emerson 80 Series thermostat as a model. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Press and hold the MENU and up buttons at the same time.Wait for at least three seconds until the lock icon appears on the screen.
  2. Test the lock by pressing any button. If you cannot change the settings, then the lock is successful.
  3. Repeat the first step to unlock the thermostat.

This article will provide you with more useful information about locking your Emerson. Because we'll tell you why, when, and how to lock and unlock your Emerson Thermostat. We'll also share related information you should know about locking the thermostat. Read more to learn all about it!

Controlling temperature to conserve energy power consumption, How To Lock And Unlock An Emerson Thermostat

How to Lock and Unlock an Emerson Thermostat

Programmable thermostat set to 68 degrees. Isolated on blue background with dramatic lighting.

The main purpose of locking a thermostat is to restrict anyone from accessing and modifying the features. This is also to prevent the AC from malfunctioning, as it communicates with the thermostat through signals.

The Emerson 80 Series thermostat, in which the installation steps are provided by the start, is one of the newest series of Emerson.

You can watch this short clip about locking an Emerson 80 Series thermostat:

Aside from the Emerson 80 Series, we'll also provide you with steps on locking and unlocking other Emerson thermostat series. The series is usually found on the back cover or inside the thermostat plate. See below the different series for locking and unlocking instructions.

Emerson Blue Series 12-Inch

It's a fully touch-screen thermostat that can tell you when to change the AC filter, dehumidifier pad, or UV lamp by displaying a message on its screen.It's also programmable for a 7-day schedule and can even read the outdoor temperature.

See this Emerson 12-inch thermostat on Amazon.

You can follow the steps below to lock and unlock this thermostat:

  1. Press the MENU on the screen.
  2. Press and hold the "Installer Config" on the screen.
  3. Go to numbers 26 and 27 by pressing the up and down buttons.
  4. Choose the type of lock on the security setting. You may refer to the user's guide for these locks.
  5. There are three zeros that will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. You should press the left and right arrows on the screen to set a password. Press the up button once done.
  6. The system keys will be available for the next 10 seconds so that you can choose any mode such as heat, cool, auto, or off.
  7. Press "Run Schedule" on the lower right screen to exit the menu.
  8. To unlock the thermostat, press MENU and "Installer Config" to enter your password.
  9. Press the up button to confirm the password.
  10. Exit by pressing the "Run Schedule" button.

See this video of locking an Emerson Blue Series 12-inch thermostat:

Emerson Blue Series 6-Inch

This thermostat is also known as universal due to the different units it's compatible with, like heat pumps, gas furnaces, and cool-only AC units.

See this Emerson 6-inch thermostat on Amazon.

To lock this thermostat, follow these steps:

  1. Press the "Run Schedule," then press and hold the MENU button until the display changes.
  2. Press the MENU button again, then select security lockout using the up and down buttons. Press "MENU" once done.
  3. The screen will display three zeroes, from which you should create a password using the up and down buttons.
  4. Save the password on your phone or note.
  5. Now, press the "Run Schedule" button to exit.
  6. The thermostat will remain accessible for 10 seconds, so you can change the mode.
  7. To unlock it, simply press the MENU button and enter your password. Press "Run Schedule" to exit.
  8. In case you forgot the password, press and hold the MENU button for 20 seconds.

You can see the video here about locking an Emerson Blue Series 6-Inches thermostat:

What Are the Types of Locks in Emerson Thermostat?

The Emerson's security feature offers two common types of locks for your convenience. You may set any of these locks depending on what you want. Refer to these locks below.

Total Lockout

This feature will lock all the keys and won't allow you to change the settings until you enter the password.

Partial Lockout

On the other hand, a partial lockout leaves the up and down buttons accessible for adjusting the temperature.

When to Lock the Thermostat?

It's practical to lock the thermostat when you want to keep the settings constant throughout the day. Locking your thermostat is a nice security feature that should come with a reason. Consider these following reasons.

When Leaving the House

You will want to lock the thermostat if you're leaving the house, especially if you'll leave it with someone who's not familiar with setting the features. This is to maintain a proper room temperature during the long days of the cold or hot season.

However, you need to reset the temperature when the weather changes. This is to keep the range of desired air temperature.

When Leaving Your Pets

You really can't tell if your pets can reach the thermostat when they jump on it and accidentally press the buttons. It's quite unusual for this to happen, yet it's ideal to lock the thermostat when leaving your pets.

Further, this gives you peace of mind that your room temperature is safe for your pets. You would want to leave the temperature set at 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and not exceed 85 degrees. Our pets, like cats and dogs, do have a higher body temperature compared to us. That's why maintaining a safe temperature for them is crucial.

Can You Lock the Thermostat Physically?

Technically, yes. You can cover the thermostat with a waterproof, clear box that has a locking port. You can also insert a padlock for added security. This technique is a quick option when you don't have time to lock it out of the system.

See this Emerson thermostat cover on Amazon.

Photograph of a modern residential programmable heating and cooling thermostat mounted on a wall

What Is a Permanent Hold in an Emerson Thermostat?

It is a feature on the thermostat wherein you can set the temperature permanently until you change it manually.

Simply press the "HOLD" button once, then set your desired temperature. To undo the hold, just press the RUN button.

How Much Do Emerson Thermostats Cost?

A programmable Emerson thermostat costs around $100, depending on the shipment location and installation. While a Sensi smart thermostat costs around $300 or more. The price may go higher or lower based on the package inclusions like accessories and spare batteries.

One way to lower the purchase price is to be familiar with the installation steps. You may also consider buying the product at their designated stores to cut the shipping cost.

How Far Should the Thermostat Be From Return Air?

A woman set the thermostat at house.

You can consider leaving about 52–60 inches between the thermostat and the return air. This is to prevent the thermostat from misreading the temperature if it's too close, and responding slowly if it's too far.

Also, you should keep the thermostat away from direct sunlight, heat, and electronic appliances. You don't want your thermostat to malfunction and display an inaccurate temperature reading.

Can You Not Use a Thermostat?

Your AC, heat pump, or furnace can continue working even without a thermostat. You can stop using a thermostat if you need to. But one major consequence of removing the thermostat is the lack of control over your HVAC units. You will need to set up the units manually based on their respective instructions of use.

In fact, a thermostat is a good device to help you monitor the temperature with less effort. So, as much as possible, it's recommended to let the thermostat continue working.


Person adjusting the home temperature on a smart thermostat

We're glad you reached this point in the article. You learned how to lock and unlock an Emerson thermostat, with additional instructions on some other models.

You also learned the two types of locks, which are total and partial lockouts. We talked about when and why you should lock the thermostat.

We shared with you how far away the thermostat should be and what locations to avoid. Remember that you can physically lock your thermostat, and better yet, let it work for you.

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