How To Put Rocks Around AC Unit

Are you planning to do a landscaping project around your air conditioning unit using rocks? And you want to know how to place them? We now have the answer to that. We have asked the experts about that matter since we are also curious about it.

To put rocks around your air conditioning unit, you will need to:

  1. Mark the area that you are going to landscape.
  2. Remove the grass around the air conditioner.
  3. Level the surface.
  4. Put additional dirt if needed.
  5. Place landscape cloth.
  6. Fasten landscape cloth.
  7. Fill the area with rocks.

Rock is indeed a great option to put around your air conditioning unit. And if you want to know some landscaping tips to incorporate into your air conditioner, we encourage you to keep reading until the end of this post.

Doing some landscape for your outdoor AC Unit, How To Put Rocks Around AC Unit

How to Put Rocks Around The Air Conditioner Utilized the landscape around your unit to make it even with the ac unit

Putting rocks on the air conditioner's surroundings is undemanding and uncomplicated. You will notice from the steps below that you won't need help from a landscape expert to do it. Moreover, it doesn't require too many materials or heavy equipment to perform it.

1. Mark the area that you are going to landscape

Mark the area around the air conditioner that you will landscape using an edging kit or spray paint. However, you must avoid the air conditioner to get spray marks if you opt to spray paint.

Check out this edging kit on Amazon.

2. Remove the grass around the air conditioner

Get a rake or shovel and scrape away all the existing grass around your air conditioner, deep down to its roots.

Check this leaf rake on Amazon.

3. Level the surface

Get a wood block and spirit level or bubble level. Place the wood on the areas where the marks are; from one end to another. After that, put the spirit level on top of the wood block to see if the surface is even.

Check out this spirit level on Amazon.

4. Put additional dirt if needed

Increased overall perfomance may matter on how you landscape it around the ac unit

Add dirt on the lower areas to make it even. And use the rake to spread the dirt evenly. Utilize the spirit level once more to check if the entire surface is already even.

5. Place the landscape cloth

Get the landscape cloth and lay it down on the area. Use a razor blade to shape the cloth as the landscape area.

Check this landscape fabric on Amazon.

6. Fasten the landscape cloth

Using garden staples, secure and fasten the edges of the landscaping cloth.

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7. Fill the area with gravel

After covering the area with the landscape cloth, fill it in with gravel rocks. We suggest you use decorative ones to give life and attractive appeal to the location of your air conditioning unit.

But before laying gravel rocks, you might also want to consider putting a few flowers on the edges to add more color. You can pierce a small scope of the landscape cloth and dig it to put the flowers in.

Outdoor Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Outdoor air condition might need regular maintance to keep your outdoor unit working


Landscaping the area around your outdoor air conditioner doesn't only mean beautification but also gives increased efficiency to your unit. So, before you start to landscape, we provide you with this checklist to help you keep your outdoor unit working like new.

  • Check the fan motor if it has signs of wear and tear
  • Inspect and clean the condenser unit. Make sure that it is free from any leaves or debris.
  • Check if the refrigerant levels are correctly working. You can adjust as required.
  • It would be best to check the compressor tubing and the wires if they have damage.
  • Inspect the coils and the cabinet if they have dirt, dust, or any debris accumulated.
  • Check the unit's drain pan to see if anything is blocking the flow.

How do you landscape around an air conditioner?

Extraordinary landscape of rocks beneath the AC unit outside

Aside from cleaning the outdoor unit for increased efficiency, it would be best to have good landscape planning for its surroundings. That will also contribute to the overall performance of your air conditioning unit.

Clear the areas around the unit from leaves and weeds, and if it is currently surrounded by mulch, we suggest removing it. When it is raining, there is a possibility that mulch will let its pieces or underlying mud from spewing out to the outdoor air conditioner.

Check the helpful ideas and tips for landscaping below. You can incorporate them with the rocks you are putting around your unit. And we are sure that these might help you with your future or current projects.

Keep Big Plants Away From The Air Conditioner

When you plan to landscape the area around your air conditioner, make sure to put your plants at a distance of two to three feet from the air conditioner.

If the plants are closer than this, it can block the airflow and may result:

  • It will lead to more repairs
  • The plants may reduce the lifespan of the air conditioner
  • It will reduce the energy efficiency of the unit

Keeping the larger plants away from your air conditioning unit means you will be saving money from possible unit repairs and replacements.

Provide Shade

Like people, air conditioners also feel calm and comfortable when in the shade. So, you will have to put shade on the area where your air conditioning unit sits.

Creating a shade for your yard will produce a cooler microclimate than the area exposed directly to sunlight. In addition, this microclimate will help your air conditioning unit achieve an efficient performance.

It would be best to use tall shrubs, trees, or fences to accomplish a suitable level of shade. However, as mentioned earlier, you must keep in mind to put a distance of two to three feet away from the air conditioning unit to avoid blocking the air and clogging the condenser with leaves.

Produce A Windbreak Using Evergreen Plants

Having a windbreak near your air conditioner is an excellent idea to shield the unit from harsh weather conditions. But that is if you planted them firmly.

And to give you an example, we suggest you create your windbreak with these evergreen plants:

  • Cedar
  • Spruce
  • Boxwood
  • Cypress

These plants used as a barrier will not lose their leaves since they can survive more than one season. Plus, if you trim and maintain them regularly, they will indeed construct an excellent windbreak.

Another thing you must consider here is to ensure that your air conditioner is accessible to one side.

Utilize Large Potted Plants

Large potted plants are ideal if you prefer something less permanent than a hedge. It is an excellent factor to move large potted plants anytime. Plus, it will allow you to grow various plants each year!

Utilize Screen, Lattice Cover, Or Trellis

You may want to divert to other options in landscaping rather than going all-plants. For example:


If you want to have a screen in your air conditioner, you will have to ensure that there is enough space for the condenser unit and that you should have easy access through an open side or a door.

Lattice Cover

Lattice covers are attractively pleasing, but the nice part is you don't have to maintain plants. But one thing to keep in mind for this one is not to put a lid since that can hinder the air conditioner's airflow. Lastly, there should be a free side to access it.


You can dress up the trellis with vines which makes a beautiful method to hide your air conditioner. Just remember to keep anything you grow here well-trimmed and well-tended.

In Summary

Doing some landscape for your outdoor AC Unit

Putting rocks around your outdoor air conditioning unit means going completely low to no maintenance. And that alone will make it worth it.

More advantages include fewer weeds to pull, no grass to mow, and overall, there will be less to accomplish when it comes to landscaping that area around the air conditioning unit. Who wouldn't want to achieve a beautiful yard for just a few hours, right? And now that you already know how to put rocks around the outdoor unit, wouldn't it be an excellent idea to start creating one already?

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