How To Recharge Activated Charcoal Bags

Whether you're looking for ways to remove bad odor from the air, or you're looking to purify the air in your house, activated charcoal bags can help you breathe cleaner air. We've looked into this item and we have important tips on how to recharge activated charcoal bags and where you can use them at home.

Activated charcoal bags are quite easy to recharge. All you need to do is leave your charcoal bags outside under direct sunlight for about 23 hours. This should be done every 12 months to ensure that the trapped odor and moisture are released in order for the bags to be reused again.

It's really very simple, right? We will also elaborate more on how you can charge your charcoal bags when there is very little sunlight and where to use them in this post. So do keep on reading to know more tips and ideas that you need to know when using activated charcoal bags.

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How To Recharge Activated Charcoal Bags

Activated charcoal bags are small cloth bags that are filled with activated bamboo charcoal. These bags are very effective in eliminating odors, pollutants, and moisture from the air by trapping them in the pores of charcoal.

The activated charcoal in the bags also helps purify the air, giving you better air quality with fewer pollutants.

The activated charcoal bags are typically made of linen or burlap material because it allows air to easily flow through the fabric.

When choosing to buy charcoal bags, you may find that they come with hangers or string that you can use to hang in different places like rooms or your closet.

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After using the activated charcoal bags for a while, you might notice that it isn't absorbing as many odors or moisture as they used to. The impurities in the air become trapped in the pores of the bamboo charcoal, and in order to clean out these pores, you have to recharge your bags.

Activated charcoal bags need to be recharged every 12 months. Simply place them outside in direct sunlight for about 23 hours per side for best results.

The UV rays from the sunlight will help release the impurities trapped in the pores of the bamboo charcoal, recharging it for another month of use.

Can I Charge Charcoal Bags Without Sunlight?

When the winter months roll in, you might be wondering how you can charge your charcoal bags when there is little sunlight.

Fortunately, your activated charcoal bags only need UV rays to activate the charcoal, and the external temperature does not matter. It does not need heat to recharge itself.

During the winter months, you can leave your activated charcoal bags outside for at least an hour in direct sunlight. This is enough to rejuvenate your bag for a whole month of use.

If you find yourself with more sunlight during the day, it would still be best to leave the bags out in direct sunlight much longer for the best results.

Do I Need To Activate Charcoal Bags?

When you buy activated charcoal bags, it might be very tempting to just take them out of the packaging and start hanging them everywhere. However, these bags need to be activated first before they can start purifying the air.

To activate your charcoal bags, simply take them out of the packaging and place them outside on a clean, dry surface under direct sunlight.

Leave the bags for an hour under the sun, making sure to flip them over after 30 minutes to ensure that all the charcoal in the bag has been activated.

Where Do I Place Charcoal Bags At Home?

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Charcoal bags are very useful in purifying the air and can be used in different places in the home. You can use it everywhere—the bedroom, the kitchen, even inside your car.

You simply have to make sure that your charcoal bags are dry and recharged every month to ensure that they are absorbing impurities properly.

Here are some of the places where you can use your charcoal bags in your home:

In Pet Areas

use the charcoal bags in your cat's litter boxes or near your dog's bed to absorb pet odors. One of the benefits of activated charcoal bags is that they are non-toxic and safe for pets.

Inside Shoes

Smaller charcoal bags are great for use inside shoes. This will help absorb odor and moisture, which helps keep your shoes cleaner and fresher.

Inside Gym Bags And Lockers

One of the things that constantly plague gym-goers is the moisture and odor that comes with gym clothes and shoes. A bag of activated charcoal inside your bags or lockers will absorb the odor and keep clothes fresh.

In The Car

It's quite inevitable for the cars to always smell brand new. Remove any lingering smell from spilled food or milk inside the car by leaving a bag or two of charcoal bags overnight.

After A Home Improvement Project

After all the work you did for your home, you might notice the lingering smell of paint and other construction materials you've used during the project. Use charcoal bags to remove these smells and purify the air.

In The Kitchen

Use charcoal bags to use near kitchen hoods or when you are chopping things on the counter. The charcoal will absorb the odors that are common in the kitchen. You can also put charcoal bags inside the refrigerator to counter the smell of spoiled or rancid food.

In Areas That Have Moisture

Activated charcoal bags are also great dehumidifiers. Use them in moist places like bathrooms and the pantry to remove excess moisture that might cause mold and mildew.

Kinds of Activated Charcoal Bags

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Since activated charcoal bags can be used in many different areas of the house, there are also different kinds of charcoal bags that you can use. For bigger spaces, there are charcoal bags that can purify the air in rooms.

There are also charcoal bags that are small and these are meant to be carried around. You can also find bags that come with a hanger for closets.

When choosing an activated charcoal bag for use, make sure that it can absorb impurities that are relative to the space where you will be using it.

If you are planning to use the bags in a big space, choose charcoal bags with more charcoal in them. You can also find charcoal bags that are decorative to fit the style of your space.

Here are some kinds of activated charcoal bags that you can use.

For Big Rooms:

This charcoal bag can help absorb impurities in spaces as big as 300 square feet. For best results, it would be better to use multiple bags in one room so that it can help purify the air better.

These bags are meant to stay upright, so you don't have to hang or tie them anywhere in your space.

Check out this air purifier bag for big rooms on Amazon.

Decorative Charcoal Bags:

If you're looking for charcoal bags that aren't as "basic" as the standard flat ones, then this one is for you.

The bags are designed like little pyramids, so they can stand on their own. They also have multiple colors that will surely match your room.

See these decorative charcoal bags on Amazon.

Multi-purpose pack Charcoal Bags:

Whether it's for your shoes or your closet, this set of charcoal bags is your best choice for use all over your home. With multiple sizes to choose from, you should be able to find a bag that can fit in the space that you need.

Get this multi-pack charcoal bag set on Amazon.

How Long Do Charcoal Bags Last?

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One of the benefits of activated charcoal bags is their reusability, making them a great choice for those who are looking for practical products that are not single-use. The bags only need to be recharged every month to make them look as good as new, but these charcoal bags still has a lifespan.

Most charcoal bags will last for about 2 years if the bags are filled with high-quality bamboo charcoal. For other kinds, they are good for about a year or so before they will need replacing.

In Closing

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Activated charcoal bags are great for keeping your space purified from pollutants. They are non-toxic and safe, making them a perfect choice to use if you have children or pets at home.

Just make sure to choose the right kind of charcoal bags for your home, and you will surely have a fresh and clean space that you can always come home to.

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