How To Remove Glass From An Electric Fireplace [Step By Step Guide]

It is necessary to remove the glass door in the electric fireplace to best access its internal components. This will allow you to maintain or repair the unit. However, you might be wondering how to remove the glass. Well, we researched this for you, and here is what we've found below!

The answer to this question will always depend on the brand and model of your electric fireplace. However, the glass removal procedure for most electric fireplaces is almost the same. Now, before you proceed, you must switch off the power supply.

Here is the glass removal step-by-step guide you can follow:

  1. The first step is to ensure that the glass isn't hot before touching it.
  2. Next is screw removal.
  3. Now, carefully lift the glass vertically towards you to remove it. It is best to have a helpful assistant to perform this task.
  4. Place the glass face down on a secure soft surface to avoid damaging it.

That was straightforward, was it? But stay with us! We know that every electric fireplace has surrounds. So continue reading to know as well how you remove carefully the fireplace surrounds without damaging your walls!

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The Purpose Of Fireplace Glass Panels

Glass in your fireplace door is primarily a safety feature. Modern fireplace glass can also provide a unique aesthetic as it deflects light creating visual effects.

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If you plan to follow the steps above to remove the glass panel from your fireplace, below is a brief tutorial to give you a visual of the process: 

How To Remove A Fireplace Surround Without Compromising The Walls?

Some electric fireplaces mounting screws or brackets are hidden behind the surrounds of the fireplace. First, remove the surround of your fireplace before approaching the steps to remove the glass doors.

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You must also ensure that the surround removal process doesn't damage the electric fireplace walls. Knowing the removal steps and avoiding compromising your walls altogether is very crucial.

Before you proceed to remove the surround, you should prepare the following things:

  • Knife.
  • Pry bar.
  • Hammer.
  • Masking tape.
  • Electric stud finder.
  • Sticky (or PostIt) notes.
  • Cardboard.

Visit this electric stud finder on Amazon.

Once you already have the following, follow our easy steps below:

  1. Slide your knife carefully into the back of the fireplace surround.
  2. Aside from using an electric stud finder to find any possible studs, you could use also a flashlight to see what's supporting behind the surround. Use now your sticky notes (or a piece of masking tape with a marked note) to accurately mark any stud's location.
  3. Protect your walls with cardboard, and securely attach it to the walls using masking tape.
  4. Use a pry bar to pull the surround from the wall. 
  5. You can repeat the process in the upper portion of the surround. Just gently apply pressure until you make enough gap to pull out the surround.

Note: These steps are only applicable for those DYI lover homeowners. We suggest you hire a contractor to ensure the quality of the job.

How To Replace Fireplace Glass Door?

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Glass in electric fireplaces is heat resistant. However, it can still change its color, affecting the aesthetic effect of the glowing flame in the panel.

Now with everything set in place, leave your electric fireplace screws or brackets visible out from its surrounds. You can now unscrew them properly and proceed to the glass door replacement steps.

Here are the glass door easy replacements steps:

  1. You must ensure to allow the fireplace to cool down for a couple of hours before doing the task.
  2. Use gloves, masks, and goggles for extra safety measures.
  3. Find the L-brackets that secure your fireplace glass doors. You'll find them usually in the base of the fireplace.
  4. You need to open the door first to access the L-brackets properly.
  5. Since the remaining part involves unscrewing the brackets and loosening the clamps, it is best to take a photo of them. Doing so helps you have a reference for future guidelines.
  6. Using the appropriate screwdriver (flat, star, or Phillips head), unscrew all of the screws in both brackets.
    • While unscrewing the bracket, it is best to hold the glass to avoid slipping and breaking them.
  7. Now detach the clamp in the upper portion of the doors using pliers.
  8. Carefully and gently pull out the glass, and place it on a secure surface away from the fireplace.
  9. Now replace the old glass door with your new preferable one. Follow our details of what type of glass has more heat resistance and also complies its ideal thickness.
  10. You can use now your photo reference to repeat the process of how you will properly screw the new glass doors.

Note: The fireplace glass replacement process will always work best together with a handy assistant. This will lessen potential damage and simplify your task as a whole.

Is The Glass In Your Electric Fireplace Safe?

As you know, most fireplaces use different glass types for doors. These panels are certified for heat-resistant setup and are certainly safe for you.

Besides, an electric fireplace uses an artificial flame to light the fireplace panel. However, it is also critical to know their strength and protective limitation to prevent potential problems.

The following are the common types of electric fireplace glass:

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is notably good in terms of its tensile strength; this is due to an extensive chemical manufacturing process. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass is a high thermal resistant that doesn't easily break or crack.

It can withstand the extreme heat of 500°F at most in your electric fireplace. What's more, a shocking level of up to 400°F will not damage the tempered glass.

Ceramic Glass

Ceramic glass's other name is "pyroceram glass." The materials for this particular glass are highly immune to heat. That's why this glass is common in most appliances that generate a thermal value of more than 1,000°F.

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It is incredibly strong and shear-resistant, making ceramic glass an ideal type for your fireplace due to its safety features. Since these glasses have a natural impervious composition. They can last for a very long time with proper care and without accidental breakage.

What Is The Ideal Glass Thickness For My Electric Fireplace Doors?

There are several glass thicknesses and types available on the market that you can buy right now. Determining the ideal thickness is also critical when you need to replace your fireplace glass doors. This will determine how safely the glass can resist the fireplace's artificial flame.

It all depends on your personal preferences in terms of what types of glass you're about to use. But you must remember that ceramic glass, such as NeoCeram glass, has more heat resistance than tempered glass. Also, using a 3/16" glass thickness is recommended for ceramic glass on electric fireplaces.

How Often Should My Electric Fireplace Require Maintenance?

Don't be so confident knowing that you're using an electric fireplace. Even this amazing appliance will be subject to problems if proper servicing isn't applied.

Remember that the key to keeping your fireplace efficient is to regularly maintain it. Furthermore, the advisable regular maintenance for electric fireplaces is every year.

Since its system doesn't demand a complex operation, thus it makes the maintenance very minimal and hardly happens.

How To Clean Your Electric Fireplace Glass?

The convenience that provides your electric fireplaces is unlike any other. Its practicality and the ease of low maintenance requirements are what make this appliance the choice among many homeowners.

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After all, even for a while, it won't need maintenance, but this doesn't mean it is maintenance-free. Moreover, surely you don't also want to stall your cleaning maintenance just because you only know how to detach your glass door.

Here we've shared the easy cleaning tips and steps for you to follow:

  1. Again, always let the glass cool down first.
  2. Remove the glass door using our detailed steps above.
  3. You'll need a small amount of water and white vinegar as a cleaner solution.
  4. Use only a microfiber towel and dip it in your solution, and then gently scrub the visible dirt in the glass.

What Are The Components Inside Of My Electric Fireplace?

If you're wondering what's inside your electric fireplace after you remove the glass door. Well, you can expect to see many major parts inside the fireplace.

The basic components inside your electric fireplace include the following:

  • Fireplace mantel.
  • Fireplace surround.
  • Thermostat switch.
  • Heating elements.
  • Fire brick lining.
  • Remote transmitter.
  • Electrical wiring and outlets.
  • Firebox.
  • Heat exchanger and fan.
  • Flexible ducts and duct connectors.

Can I Remove The Screen On My Electric Fireplace?

You can certainly pull out your fireplace screen, and the steps to do it are similar to how you remove its glass door. Removing it is quite easy and simple, but ensure to put it back after you do your routine maintenance.

Electric fireplace screens serve a vital role as fireplace safety features. This is to avoid pets or children from reaching through the firebox while the fireplace is operating.

To Wrap Things Up

Digitally generated image of a living room. Fireplace in modern design living room with large glass doors to the garden

Knowing our detailed steps on how you remove the glass in your electrical fireplace is beneficial to you, especially during conducting maintenance. Use this knowledge you learned from us to your benefit to ensure not to damage the glass during maintenance.

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