How To Remove Schedule From Ecobee Thermostat

The Ecobee thermostat is excellent for regulating your home's temperatures and reducing energy bills. Perhaps your home has an Ecobee thermostat, and you wonder how to operate the settings? Or how to change the Ecobee's schedules? These are excellent questions. We've done the research and found definite answers to your questions.

Removing the Ecobee thermostat schedule is accomplished by accessing the main menu on the physical thermostat. Adjust the existing schedule or select to remove it, and the programmed preferences will be deleted.

Are you interested in learning more about how to use and program an Ecobee thermostat? Or how to set the device to manual? We hope you continue reading our post. We have researched this topic and found a lot of helpful information to share with you!

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a home, How To Remove Schedule From Ecobee Thermostat

How to remove the schedule from the Ecobee thermostat?

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a home.

According to Ecobee, resetting your schedule will remove and reset all selected preferences, like the date and time, hold action, temperature range, location, etc. Please note that the device will retain the equipment configurations and your Ecobee account. 

The steps for resetting the Ecobee thermostat

  1. Tap the main menu. 
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Tap Reset. 
  4. Tap reset schedule and preferences. 

Excellent question! You can change your Ecobee schedule on the app, thermostat, or via the web portal. The steps required to change the schedule are the same whether you make the change on the thermostat or the app.

  1. Tap the main menu. 
  2. Tap the schedule tile. 
  3. Tap on the days shown in the schedule to change the activity [Away, Home, or Sleep]  or the time the activity starts.  
  4. Adjust the activities, dates, or times via tapping the schedule and scrolling to adjust the time. 
  5. To add a new comfort setting. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner and add the activity and preferred times. 
  6. Select copy to add this schedule to other days/times. 
  7. Tap Save in the lower right-hand corner. 

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How do I set my Ecobee to manual?

Setting your Ecobee to manual will differ based on which Ecobee you own and whether you are adjusting it on the app or physical thermostat.

Smart Thermostat Ecobee Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced

Whether your Ecobee is on the auto, cool, or heat settings, the current temperature will be displayed at the bottom of the thermostat home screen. Tap the numbers, and the temperature selector will appear.

Next, on the temperature selector screen, use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. Once you have found your selected temperature, tap the highlighted number, which will place the hold. 

Smart Thermostat with voice control, ecobee4, ecobee3 lite, and ecobee3

Press one of the temperature bubbles on the right side of the screen. Then, keep your finger on the screen to move the temperature bubble up or down to select your preferred temperature. Let go, and the hold will be placed at the desired temperature. 

Why is my Ecobee schedule not working?

An Ecobee smart thermostat in a wall.

Generally, a few variables will cause the Ecobee schedule to malfunction. Firstly, check the settings and see if the correct schedule is programmed into the settings.

Suppose that's not the issue. Next, double-check if there are any holds, those will prevent schedules from executing correctly. 

Doubled check if the Smart Recovery feature is enabled. If so, that feature will override the schedule because its job is to ensure your home is at the best temperature possible throughout the day and night while keeping energy usage tallied. 

Disable the Smart Recovery feature and return to the settings to set your schedule. Please note that all manual changes made to the Ecobee thermostat will result in a hold, which will override the schedules. 

How to disable the Smart Recovery feature

On the Ecobee thermostat

  1. Tap the main menu and tap the settings, and select preferences. 
  2. Press the Heating Smart Recovery or Cooling Smart Recovery.
  3. Tap to enable or disable the feature. 

Via the app or web portal

  1. Tap the settings tile.
  2. Tap preferences.
  3. Press the Smart Recover Heat mode or Smart Recovery Cool mode.
  4. Select the enable or disable options. 

How do I get my thermostat off hold?

Smart home thermostat displaying temperature at an energy saving 65 degrees. Nest house temperature

According to Ecobee, tap the main menu, then settings, next tap preferences, and tap the hold action to change the selection. The Ecobee has several hold preferences to select that are designed to meet your home's unique energy needs. 

Ecobee hold options

  • Two or four-hour holds.
  • Until the next scheduled activity. 
  • Until I change it. 
  • Decide at the time of change. 

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Does Ecobee learn your schedule?

The Ecobee utilizes occupant and thermostat sensors that will follow your habits and lifestyle to create a cooling and heating schedule that keeps your home at your preferred temperature while ensuring that your home's energy is not wasted.

Over time, using the Ecobee will start to save your household energy and keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. 

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How does the Ecobee know a room is occupied?

Great question. The Ecobee room sensor and the next-generation Smart Sensors are equipped with thermostat sensors that will detect when people are within the house/rooms.

These advanced components were added to technologically support the temperature and occupancy sensors built into your Ecobee thermostat.

How do I reset my Ecobee registration email? 

Suppose you want to change the email associated with your Ecobee account. The best way to do this is via resetting the device's registration. Doing so will allow you to re-register the device with your new email account.

Please note that re-registration will not reset the equipment configurations, schedules, or preferences.

On the Ecobee thermostat 

  1. Tap the main menu. 
  2. Tap the settings.
  3. Go to reset.
  4. Tap reset registration and follow the prompts. 

Also, note that there is more than one option to select under the reset options. Suppose you tap reset all. Your Ecobee account will be deleted, and the device will be set to factory settings to remove all information.

What types of HVAC systems are Ecobee thermostats compatible with?

Ecobee states the thermostats are compatible with the majority of  24-volt residential heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, dual-fuel systems, and oil. Please note that these statements are pertaining to heating and cooling systems manufactured for homes in North America. 

Suppose you are considering adding an Ecobee thermostat to your home, and you are unsure if it will work with your HVAC systems. Click here to use the compatibility checker designed by Ecobee to ensure your purchase is compatible with regulating your home's current HVAC systems. 


Final thoughts

Hand adjusting temperature on electric thermostat

The ongoing efforts to maintain a cool home during the heat of the summer or during the frigid winter can be challenging; that is why Ecobee thermostats are integral to managing your home's temperatures. We sincerely hope this article was helpful to you in learning more about Ecobee thermostats and how they work. 

Thank you for reading our article!

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