How To Reset A Sanyo Air Conditioner

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Sanyo air conditioners are some of the best air conditioners on the market today. But your Sanyo system may start developing problems over time and need a reset. If you aren't sure how to go about resetting your Sanyo, don't worry. Luckily, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we found.

Sanyo air conditioners may need a reset after a power outage. Here are the steps:

  • Switch off your AC.
  • Locate the reset button.
  • Press the reset button.
  • Turn on power to your AC.

Resetting your AC is a simple task and can be easily done without the help of a professional. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to reset a Sanyo AC.

Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Split HVAC System Unit, How To Reset A Sanyo Air Conditioner

Resetting A Sanyo Air Conditioner

During the warm summer months, an air conditioner is a useful appliance that can assist in reducing the temperature of the interior spaces of your home. 

There are many different models of air conditioners available, and each has distinct features. Some air conditioners use minimal energy, which means that you won't have to worry about paying a lot for your electricity bills. 

Even though the Sanyo air conditioner is reliable, it can still develop some certain problems. In that case, you may need to reset your Sanyo air conditioner. Follow these steps to reset your Sanyo air conditioner:

SANYO old air conditioner is installed on the facade of the wall of the building and is hidden behind a grille from vandalism

Step 1: Switch Off Your Air Conditioner

The thing to do if you want to reset your AC is to turn off the breaker that supplies power to your air conditioner. Also, make sure that the power switch that connects your air conditioner outside the unit is turned off

Step 2: Locate The Reset Button

Most air conditioners have a button that can reset the system. These buttons are typically red in color and small in size. If you are having trouble locating the button, you can check the owner's manual for your system. If you can't find it, you can check online—there are a lot of references that can be easily accessed there.

Step 3: Press The Reset Button

After locating the reset button, press it for three to five seconds. Do not press the button once—if you do it won't work.

Step 4: Turn On Your AC

After pressing the reset button, ensure that all switches, including the one located within your breaker panel, are turned on.

After following these steps, you have successfully reset your Sanyo air conditioner. You should make sure that your thermostat is set to "cool." Your air conditioner is supposed to turn on after a few seconds. Put your hand near the vents to check if there is cool air coming out of your system.

worker installing air contioner on the wall of a house a sanyo ac

How Long Does It Take For Sanyo AC To Reset?  

It will take approximately 30 minutes to reset a Sanyo air conditioner. After you have turned the system back on, it will take some time for the internal circuitry of the air conditioner to reset. During this time, the air conditioner will not be functioning properly. 

How Do I Know When A Sanyo AC Needs Resetting?

There are some signs that will tell your Sanyo air conditioner requires resetting to function properly. The way the fan is spinning is something you want to pay attention to.

How efficient your air conditioner is operating can be determined by the speed of the fan. It shouldn't be moving too quickly, but it should be turning consistently and moving back and forth continuously. 

If the fan is not moving and appears to be stationary, then it is possible that you need to have your AC reset. Another thing to look out for is whether your AC generates the desired amount of cool air. If it is not functioning as it should, then you may need to reset it.

What To Do If Sanyo AC Is Not Cooling?  

In typical working conditions, a Sanyo air conditioner should provide adequate cooling. In the event that there is an issue and it has stopped cooling your room, performing this troubleshooting will help detect the source of the problem and a possible solution. Here are things to do if Sanyo AC is not cooling:

  • Check to see if the air conditioner is getting power. You can check the circuit breaker.
  • Clean or replace your air filter.
  • Lock all windows and doors close to the unit.
  • Check your thermostat's settings.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles at the air intake or exhaust vents.

If your system is still not cooling after following these steps, you should contact a technician.

Where Is the Safety Switch On Sanyo AC? 

The position of the safety switch depends on the Sanyo air conditioner model you have. The safety switch is usually found in the secondary drain pan of a horizontal Sanyo AC unit. But if you have a vertical unit or a horizontal unit that does not have a secondary drain pan, the safety switch may be located on the drainpipe of the unit. 

If you have an air conditioner that is equipped with a condensate pump, that pump will perform the same function as the flow switch and will turn off the air conditioner if it is filled up with water.

Why Is My Sanyo AC Not Responding To Remote Control?

There is a remote control available for some air conditioners. It's possible that you may experience issues with your system's remote controller over time. If your remote control isn't working, you can always change the battery, check its LED light, or even your AC. Here are some common reasons why your Sanyo air conditioner may not respond to remote control: 

  • Bad remote battery.
  • Your proximity to the unit.
  • Wrong battery polarity.
  • A faulty LED  light.
  • Faulty AC Unit.

Where Is The AC Sensor Located?  

The AC sensor that monitors your air conditioner's temperature is located on your thermostat near the evaporator coils. Incoming air passes through the sensors and coils on its way to the vents. The work of the thermostat is to check to see if it is within the temperature range you have chosen. The sensor then measures the temperature and compares it to the thermostat's settings.

Air conditioner unit outdoors in side yard of a brick home in hot summer season

Why Is My AC Outside Unit Fan Not Turning On?

You can easily detect if the fan blades are rotating on your AC unit. You can go outside and listen for a humming sound, which is an indication that your blades are turning. You will also see the fan spinning if it is working. If you hear the hum but notice that the blades aren't spinning, then you may have a faulty capacitor.

If the compressor is in working order but the fan isn't spinning, there is a chance that the problem is due to the motor or capacitor. If you don't hear any sound to confirm that the compressor is in working order and the fan is at a place, then it is most likely that the system lacks power or the compressor contactor is bad.

Should Outside Fan Run When AC Is On?

Outdoor back porch patio with outdoor seating and a large fan and table

The fan should only spin when the unit is on and not when it is turned off. During the summer months, there is usually more dehumidification in a home. When you set your fan to auto, some moisture in the coils comes out and drains outside. If your fan runs both when your system is on and off, moisture may not have an opportunity to drip outside

A system blower is usually controlled by the fan setting on the thermostat. The work of the blower is to circulate hot and cold air all around your home until the desired temperature is attained. A thermostat has two settings that control the fan: auto or on. 

Auto indicates that the fan will automatically come on when the system is heating or cooling air. The thermostat immediately gets to the targeted temperature, and the whole system goes off until it's time for another cycle.

To Wrap Up

Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Split HVAC System Unit

In most cases, your Sanyo air conditioner will begin to function normally after a reset. However, when your air conditioner requires frequent resetting, it is an indication that there is a serious problem with your system. In that case, you should call a professional for assistance. 

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