How To Reset A Sharp Air Conditioner [Inc. Remote]

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It's so relaxing to be at home again while the Sharp air conditioner cools down the room. You might be wondering how to reset a Sharp air conditioner, including its remote. Keep your worries away! We've researched the answers.

You can get the Sharp AC back to its default settings by resetting it. Use the remote to set up the AC depending on your desired functions. See the instructions below:

  1. Activate the remote.
  2. Select the AC mode.
  3. Set the temperature.
  4. Set the fan speed.
  5. Adjust the airflow direction.

By the end of this article, you'll learn the steps for resetting a Sharp air conditioner. Of course, we'll include resetting the remote. Then we'll have some discussion on related matters. There's more learning waiting ahead. Let's continue reading!

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How to Reset a Sharp Air Conditioner With Its Remote

Split type air conditioner and remote controller

The remote is a very reliable and handy tool to control your AC unit from a distance. So, we're sharing the detailed steps to reset an AC using the remote. Refer to these steps below.

1. Activate the Remote

A Sharp remote is programmed to control the AC's features such as temperature, timer, direction, and mode. The remote has a transmitter on its top, sending the command you press to the AC's signal reception. The AC then interprets the order so that the motors will take action, and the screen will display its status.

Before we reset a Sharp AC, we need to activate its remote. You will need to prepare two "AAA" batteries.

See this "AAA" battery set on Amazon.

See below for the steps on how to activate a Sharp remote:

  1. Open the battery cover at the back of the remote.
  2. Make sure the compartment is dry.
  3. Insert the two "AAA" batteries into their corresponding positive and negative terminals, closing the cover.
  4. Using a small paperclip, push the reset button gently while pointing the remote to the AC. Never use a needle, as it can pierce through the button and cause damage.
  5. Proceed to set up the features.

The functions and compatibility of the remote may differ in AC's model. It's essential to read the user's manual for more specific details.

2. Select the AC Mode

The AC has different modes for your various needs. Press the MODE button to display the setting you want to activate. See below for these modes to help you decide which one to select.

Auto Mode

It's usually associated with a rotating wind icon. When selecting the auto mode, the AC will automatically choose any mode between heat, cool, and dry based on the current room temperature. If you don't have enough time to set the AC, you can rely on the auto mode to select one for you.

Heat Mode

You may see a sun symbol indicating the heat mode. Selecting heat mode will reverse the fan, resulting in the hot air entering the room instead of pushing it outside. Heat mode is excellent during a cold season like winter.

Cool Mode

This usually displays a snowflake icon. Cool mode lets the compressor release colder air. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the compressor will automatically turn off and leave the fan running. The cool mode is ideal for the summer and hot season.

Dry Mode

Some AC units display a droplet or leaf icon to indicate the dry mode. Selecting the dry mode will absorb the moisture from the room, making the humidity level lower. Selecting dry mode will stop the AC from releasing cool air. Instead, it will condense the water vapor and remove excess moisture from the air. This is good for the rainy season with high humidity levels.

3. Set the Temperature

Once you have selected the AC mode, you should press the TEMP button to set the temperature. You can adjust the temperature with the up and down buttons.

4. Set the Fan Speed

You need to set the fan speed between soft, low, and high. However, some AC units refer to the fan speed as numbers or bar icons. Remember to set the fan speed depending on the current air temperature.

5. Change the Direction of the Airflow

The AC unit has a blind that directs the air depending on where it is pointed. Press the SWING button once to move the blind vertically, then press again to stop it in the desired position. Now swing the blind horizontally by hand to make the airflow focus on the left or right sides.

How to Reboot a Sharp AC Manually

Turning off the power

It's essential to know how to reboot a Sharp AC manually. Rebooting is necessary if there's an error displaying on the AC and you cannot trace or fix such an error. Also, the error may appear randomly if the AC cannot interpret something in the internal components. This may be a problem in the computer system of an AC.

It's essential to remove the error in an AC by rebooting it from the power source. Consider taking the following steps:

  1. Turn the AC off.
  2. Find the isolation point. This is usually located on the right side of the AC's outdoor unit.
  3. Turn the circuit breaker off and wait for at least 10 minutes.
  4. While you wait, vacuum the air filter to remove dirt.
  5. Turn the circuit breaker on again, then test the AC.

Watch the short video below on how to reboot the AC:

How to Mount the Remote on the Wall:

It's a great idea to mount the remote on the wall so that you won't lose it somewhere else. Check your AC to see if there's a bracket included in the package.

Prepare the tools below:

  • Remote bracket
  • Screw gun with screws

See this remote bracket on Amazon.

See this screw gun set on Amazon.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Find the best spot where you can mount the remote. You may place it near the door, beside the bed, or at the side of the AC.
  2. Pin the bracket against the wall at least six feet high or three feet high beside the bed.
  3. Reload the screw gun with a screw, then drill it into the bracket holes.

Can You Control Sharp AC Using a Phone?

close up rear view of asian young woman using smart home app to control air conditioner on mobile phone

Yes, you can control the functions of a Sharp AC using your phone. A specific application lets you connect your phone with a Sharp AC unit. However, the compatibility may vary based on your phone's type.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Run Per Day?

Ideally, your AC unit can run for 15-20 minutes every three hours. This is to ensure that the air is appropriately distributed throughout the room. Also, using the AC continuously may result in overheating and early motor failure.

However, the run time may take longer in the hot season. You can set the AC to a cooler temperature until the air feels comfortable. However, one consequence of using the AC longer is the higher bill.

The size of an air conditioner also affects its run time. For instance, the AC has a capacity of 1 ton. It needs at least an hour to cover an area of around 600 square feet based on the tonnage estimation. The larger the area, the longer it takes to cool down.

Why Isn't the Air conditioner Cooling?

It's very inconvenient and a waste of energy when the AC runs for so long, but the room temperature is not cooling down. It's essential to assess the AC's condition and determine the possible problem. Refer to these potential problems below.

Dirty Air Filters

The AC's air filter is trapping a lot of dirt so that you can breathe safely. You need to clean the filter at least twice a month to ensure safety and improve the temperature.

Faulty Compressor

Check if the compressor is properly working. The compressor is responsible for pushing away the hot air temperature from polluted air inside the house. You may consult a technician to inspect the compressor.

Lack of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a vital fluid used for absorbing hot air and converting it into a cold temperature when mixed with the evaporator and compressor. It would be best if you refilled the refrigerant to bring back the AC's cooling ability.


 Lowering the temperature in air conditioning unit for greener energy power consumption.

Undeniably, we learned so much from this article. We learned how to reset a Sharp air conditioner using its remote. We also elaborated on the buttons and functions of an AC remote.

Additionally, we provided steps for rebooting the AC unit manually. You've realized that it's essential to keep the remote mounted on the wall to avoid the inconvenience of finding it.

We've discussed how long an AC could run per day and listed some reasons why an AC does not cool down. Keep in mind that you should monitor the AC's condition.

We believe you learned a lot. Check these articles out for more helpful content:

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