How To Reset A Trane AC Thermostat

Have problems with your Trane thermostat? Do you want to reset it, but you don't know how to? Worry no more because we have already thoroughly researched the internet for the resetting process.

To reset your Trane air conditioner thermostat back to its factory configuration, you have to:

  1. Switch off the thermostat
  2. Locate the circuit breaker
  3. Turn off the air conditioner from the circuit breaker
  4. Remove the Trane thermostat from the wall
  5. Wait for a few seconds
  6. Switch the air conditioner and the thermostat back on

Please keep reading to know the thorough explanation of the steps above. Plus, we still have additional pieces of information that we want to share with you for your reference and to help you better understand your Trane air conditioner.

A trane thermostat set to 72 degrees mounted on the wall, How To Reset A Trane AC Thermostat

Steps In Resetting Your Trane AC Thermostat

Follow these detailed steps on how to reset your Trane thermostat correctly.

1. Switch off the thermostat

Switch your thermostat off from your air conditioning unit to start the process. 

2. Locate the circuit breaker

Find where the circuit breaker is located and the air conditioner's control circuit switch. Check your basement, crawl spaces, or closets if the breaker box is there.

3. Turn off the air conditioner from the circuit breaker

Technician turning off a specific portion of a circuit breaker

Make sure to turn the air conditioner off from the circuit breaker. You have to make sure that you do this step correctly to avoid electrical accidents.

4. Remove the Trane thermostat from the wall

Removing your thermostat off the wall will deactivate its electrical connection. And put it back again a minute after detaching it.

5. Wait for a few seconds

Before switching the circuit breaker back on, you must wait for 30 seconds first. 

6. Switch the air conditioner and the thermostat back on

Once you finish doing the first five steps correctly, you may now turn the thermostat on first and then the air conditioner. Try to check if it is back to its factory settings.

How To Reset Wifi On Trane Thermostat

Some instances may need you to reset your Trane thermostat wifi. And to do that, you will need complete focus and engagement.

First, you will need to switch all the HVAC system circuits off and leave them be for a minute. But before switching it back on, if you have a heat pump, you should shelve it for five minutes. Doing that will permit your Trane thermostat to reboot itself. 

Tap the screen five times to calibrate it. It will acknowledge that contact if it turns back on. And wait for a few minutes and let it load. Lastly, reconnect your wifi to the unit. 

How to Reset The Trane Thermostat After Experiencing Power Outage

A thermostat mounted on the wall set at 61 degrees

When you encounter a power interruption, your thermostat will most likely return to its default settings. Our concern is that it might appoint itself to a furnace or heat pump instead of the air conditioner. Therefore, you must modify the settings after a power interruption. 

To modify the settings:

  1. Choose the "Menu" button
  2. Keep clicking the "Next" button until you see the "Service" menu
  3. Keep pressing the "Select" button to let the "Installer Settings" appear, and click it
  4. Choose "Equipment Type"
  5. Pick the air conditioner
  6. Click "Done"
  7. Choose "Next"
  8. Pick the number of the outdoor unit and click "Next"
  9. Choose what type of system you will utilize
  10. Lastly, ensure that all the modifications you made correspond to your air conditioning unit and proceed.

Resetting The Filter & Filter Indicator Of Trane Thermostat

Click the filter button three times and keep pressing it for three seconds. After that, choose the increase button and raise the number as much as possible. Then click the filter button once more to complete the procedure.

How to Reset The Blank Screen Of Trane Thermostat

An occurring blank screen is a typical issue on Trane thermostats for homeowners. Depending on how bad the thermostat gets, either you can fix it or need an HVAC professional's help. 

Detach the thermostat from your wall and inspect the batteries to see if it is already dead or weak. Try replacing the batteries and checking if the blank space issue is gone.

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Another thing you should consider is checking your circuit breaker because it may have tripped. So, for the following step, you should turn off the breaker box of the thermostat for 30 seconds and switch it back on again. Check if that resolves the blank space issue.

If the screen remains blank, another item to look for is the drain pan for the HVAC system. If your unit detects an overflow, it may activate a switch for this case (if there is). Examine the HVAC system if there are leaks and resolve them.

However, if none of the simple solutions above fixed the issue, we highly suggest you call an HVAC professional to conduct a more extensive diagnostic test. Especially in some instances, blank space on the thermostat's screen occurs when there are dirty or clogged components that only they can fix.

How to Reset Scheduling On Trane Thermostat

A Trane thermostat has a scheduling option to customize your heating and cooling settings precisely to your liking. You can specify the schedule you want by choosing the "Set," "Day," "Clock," and "Schedule" buttons on the thermostat.


To reset or clear the schedule you have recently made, locate and keep pressing the "Hold" button until it obliterates all the current schedules. Once you finish, you can finally input another thermostat schedule. 

How Do You Unlock A Trane Thermostat

Did you know that a Trane thermostat has lock and unlock attributes? And these are for your convenience and safety! If you want to unlock the Trane thermostat, you should:

Put your fingers on the minus and the plus buttons at the same time and hold it for five seconds. If you see a padlock sign button, click that to finish the unlocking process.

When To Restart Your Trane Thermostat?

If you are having problems with your thermostat, resetting it should be the very first thing you should consider. Because in almost every appliance issue, a simple manual reset can resolve the problem.

Moreover, resetting can help in refreshing your thermostat. You will instantly know that you need to reset it if it works slowly, unlike before. Yes, resetting simply means it can improve the device's performance.

How To Know If Your Trane Thermostat Is In A Bad State?

  1. If your Trane thermostat is not switching on even you try it multiple times. Or if it switches on but is unresponsive.
  2. Your thermostat is getting worse if your HVAC system is running all the time and it won't turn off.
  3. It reads an inaccurate temperature from your room. Or it reads the right temperature but displays an inaccurate number on its screen.
  4. It can't turn on the air conditioner and heater.

How To Tell If Your Thermostat Needs A Replacement

A thermostat control box placed on the wall

As we researched the internet for the resetting methods and tips, we also identified these factors that signify if your thermostat already needs a replacement. Always keep these in mind. Do not ignore any of these to avoid developing damage to your air conditioner or the entire HVAC system.

  • You need a thermostat replacement if it is already too old, usually ten years and older
  • If the developing issues are from electrical problems, usually the wiring and controls
  • Replace your thermostat if it always reads inaccurate temperatures
  • If your thermostat is producing incredibly high monthly energy bills
  • If you notice that the thermostat keeps on reading only one temperature
  • Replace your thermostat immediately if it delivers a wrong command to your HVAC system
  • If the thermostat is producing weird sounds

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When Is The Right Time To Call For A Professional's Help

A trane thermostat mounted on the wall

Calling an HVAC professional anytime you want to fix any issue with your thermostat or HVAC system is okay. However, if you have enough proper knowledge about HVAC systems and electrical repairs, you can do a DIY fix. It will also help you save money from repairs and labor.

But if money isn't your problem, it would be best to call a professional. Like most people always say, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Moreover, if you have already performed all the troubleshooting tips online and nothing helped, then that is the time you will badly need help from an HVAC professional.

In Summary

A trane thermostat set to 72 degrees mounted on the wall

Resetting your Trane air conditioner thermostat is a wise idea if you are experiencing some HVAC and thermostat issues. We have provided the most straightforward guides we can for you to be able to perform them easily and quickly.

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