How To Reset Beko Air Conditioner

Are you experiencing issues with your Beko air conditioner after a power outage? Resetting your air conditioner could be a quick and straightforward solution to these issues.

You might be wondering how to reset your Beko air conditioner. We gathered data from various sources and found the answer for you.

Resetting your Beko air conditioner is simple and can be done without the assistance of an HVAC professional.

The quickest way to reset your air conditioner is to press the reset button on the remote, which is located in the lower portion. Hold it for three to five seconds before letting go.

Continue reading for a detailed explanation of resetting your Beko air conditioner and other related questions.

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Before Resetting

Hand adjusting temperature on air conditioner with remote control, Working air conditioner for comfort temperature in home at hot summerHand adjusting temperature on air conditioner with remote control, Working air conditioner for comfort temperature in home at hot summer

To ensure your safety, HVAC service providers advise powering down your air conditioner before resetting. Then, you can just look for the unit's reset button.

AC Reset Button

Resetting the system is the go-to fix whenever you have minor issues or errors with the AC, so knowing where the reset button is located is beneficial.

Your Beko AC remote has a reset button. It is located in the lower-left corner of the remote controller. It can be seen right below the neo plasma button in some models.

If your remote is broken or you don't have one, look for the reset button outside your unit. It's usually red, so it'll be easy to spot. To find your reset button, look around the edges of your unit near the ground.

Some units do not have a reset button on the outside, so if there is no button on the exterior, check behind the service panel.

To ensure your safety, turn off the air conditioning before proceeding.

If you can't find the reset button, try resetting the AC manually or call your HVAC technician.

Resetting The AC

Technician repairing air conditioner

Resetting the air conditioner is sometimes all that is required to resolve issues, especially minor ones. Using your remote controller, you can easily reset your AC.

If you don't have a remote, you can still try to find the reset button on the unit or perform a manual reset.

Resetting With A Remote

Woman turning on air conditioner with remote

When an air conditioner is delivered, it comes with a remote control. The remote controller is the most convenient way to control and configure your air conditioner.

It is also the quickest way to reset your air conditioner. You should perform these steps when resetting.

If you have a remote, look for the reset button in the lower left corner. The button would resemble a small hole in the device's lower portion.

To get to the actual button, use a paper clip or the ejector tool that comes with your SIM card holder. Hold it for three to five seconds before releasing it.

This universal remote controller is compatible with many AC models and can help reset the system.

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Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries are an efficient option for powering up your AC remote.

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Resetting Without A Remote

There is another way to reset your Beko AC, even without a remote quickly. You just have to locate the reset button on the unit itself.

It can be outside the unit or behind its service panel. Once you have located your AC's reset button, use a paper clip or an ejector tool to press it. Hold it for three to five seconds, then release it.

Manual Reset

Some air conditioning units do not have reset buttons. It is possible to manually reset the unit if there isn't a reset button. When manually resetting, make sure the air conditioner is completely turned off.

First, turn off the power by pressing the power off button. Then, locate the breaker and turn it off.

The breaker could be beside or below the unit or in your circuit box. Unplug the air conditioner after turning off the breaker to ensure no power flows through the unit.

Allow the unit to cool for 30 minutes before plugging it back in. After plugging it in, return to the circuit box and turn on the breaker before turning on the unit.

After Resetting

You finished the reset procedure and waited for about three seconds to 30  minutes. To ensure that the reset resolved the issues, restart the air conditioner and see if the problems persist.

Make sure to program the thermostat to cool and set it at least five degrees lower than the room temperature to provide adequate cooling.

Contact your local HVAC service provider if the air conditioner's issues remain unresolved even after the reset.

Why do you reset the AC after a power outage?

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Power outages are possible during heavy thunderstorms. As a result, your home's appliances and HVAC units are not turned off ahead of time. You simply wait for power to be restored; most of the time, your air conditioner will not function properly afterward.

If this occurs, try to reset or reboot the system before anything else. This will determine whether the issue is minor or whether the unit requires further inspection and repair. If the reset is successful, your air conditioner is not damaged.

If the reset fails, it could be due to tripped circuit breakers. When this happens, you should inspect the breaker box. You can either test the breaker or unit yourself or hire an HVAC technician to do it for you.

Why do you reset the AC when it is not turning on?

The breaker may have tripped, which would explain the power outage. When an electrical surge is too significant, a circuit breaker will trip and shut off the power to the appliance, protecting it from possible fire.

The circuit breaker for the air conditioner must be reset when this occurs. The breaker can be turned off to fix this.

Wait a few minutes, and then try to turn it back on. If the breaker keeps going off, you should have a professional with experience in HVAC systems inspect and fix it. Doing so can stop fires before they start.

Why reset when the AC blows warm air?

The thermostat should be checked first if the air conditioner is blowing warm air. Setting the thermostat to cool and waiting for it to cool the room is a quick fix.

If, after setting, the thermostat is set to cool and the air conditioner continues to blow warm air, a reset may be necessary.

Contact your HVAC technician if the thermostat setting adjustment does not work and the reset does not resolve the issue.

Why wait before restarting the AC?

Restarting the air conditioner means continuing all of its components.

You should wait at least three minutes before restarting the air conditioner after resetting it.

This allows the refrigerant to equalize. If the unit is restarted too soon, it can create a pressure load that prevents the system from cooling properly.

This, in turn, could lead to several issues in the future. These include refrigerant leaks, shorter lifespan, and higher energy consumption.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is responsible for cooling the system. A leak would lead to the air conditioner's inefficiency. It will blow warm air and will not cool the room as intended.

In addition, breathing in refrigerants poses a health risk. Freon exposure can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, skin and eye irritation, coughing, and, in severe cases, convulsions.

Decreased Lifespan

Restarting the AC prematurely can decrease its efficiency. The pressure load will burden and harm the unit. It may not cause leaks immediately, but it can damage the system, which could cause more problems.

Increased Energy Consumption

oman control air conditioner power on in Japanese living room

In addition, increased AC pressure can lead to higher energy use. Refrigerant can leak out of the air conditioner if turned on too soon.

Lack of refrigerant prevents the unit from effectively cooling a space, forcing the system to exert extra effort to achieve the desired temperature.

In Closing

The simplest and quickest way to solve minor problems with your Beko air conditioner is to reset it. You may need to reset it due to a power outage, when it does not turn on, or when it blows warm air.

To reset your Beko air conditioner, locate the reset button on your remote or the unit itself, hold it for three seconds, and then release it. Then, wait three to 30 minutes before restarting the air conditioner and resetting the thermostat to cool.

Contact your HVAC service provider if resetting the system does not solve the problem.

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