How To Reset Bissell Air Purifier [Quickly & Easily]

You've invested in a high-quality air purifier to benefit the health of your family because it is undeniable that the air we breathe contains a variety of bacteria and dust particles. However, you might be curious how to reset the Bissell air purifier. We've researched this concern and have discovered the easiest way to do it.

Bissell air purifiers help remove dust and bacteria accumulated in your home. These are the quick steps on how to reset your Bissell air purifier:

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Remove the plug 
  3. Attach the plug
  4. Turn on the device
  5. Press the reset button

We will tackle the location of the reset button in the Bissell air purifier, how to reset it, and the benefits of using an air purifier. Continue reading, and we'll go over in detail how to reset your Bissell air purifier quickly and easily.

Air purifier in cozy white bedroom for filter and cleaning removing dust PM2.5 HEPA and virus in home,for fresh air and healthy Wellness life.Health care Air Pollution Concept - How To Reset Bissell Air Purifier [Quickly & Easily]

Where Can You Locate The 'Reset' Button On The Bissell Air Purifier?

The Bissell air purifier contains a control panel at its top, which consists of five buttons. The five buttons include the power button, reset button, timer, fan speed button, and light switch.

The reset button is placed at the lower right of your control panel.

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How Do I Reset My Bissell Air Purifier?

A Bissell air purifier is essential, especially for people concerned about the air they breathe. This is how you quickly and easily reset your Bissell air purifier:

1. Turn Off the Power

Turn off the power button first before attempting to reset your Bissell air purifier. The power button is in the middle of the control panel.

2. Remove the Plug 

Person putting plug into American wall outlet

Remove its plug from the socket to ensure no current is flowing through it in the meantime.

3. Attach the Plug

After a few seconds, attach the plug again to its socket.

4. Turn On the Device

Turn on your Bissell air purifier by pressing the power button.

5. Press the Reset Button

Select the reset button, which is located at the bottom right of the control panel, for three seconds. You will eventually hear a "beep," and you are good to go. You have finally reset your Bissell air purifier.

You will feel less stuffy and have better air quality.

Benefits Of Using Bissell Air Purifier

Air purifier in cozy white bedroom for filter and cleaning removing dust PM2.5 HEPA and virus in home,for fresh air and healthy Wellness life.Health care Air Pollution Concept

Air purifiers are beneficial for every home. Especially nowadays, there is more concern about indoor air pollution. This is because numerous particles can accumulate on hard surfaces like your walls and soft surfaces like furniture, bedding, and carpeting.

Below are the advantages of using a Bissell air purifier:

Eliminates Bacteria                                

No matter how thoroughly you clean your house, dust will still find a way to build up and start getting inhaled by humans. Interior air is not as frequently recirculated as outdoor air, and many airborne contaminants thrive. Microbes spread airborne infections like the common cold. 

Bissell creates efficient air purifiers that capture and filter dangerous particles like bacteria and dust, then release fresh and cleaner air. You can protect your family by eliminating airborne illnesses.

Wi-fi Connectivity

Using the Bissell Connect App, you can use your innovative smartphone to monitor indoor air quality and change the fan speed.

Prevent Allergies

Bissell air purifiers can restrict the transmission of allergens, lowering the risk of health problems brought on by indoor contaminants, which can cause respiratory infections. Eliminating the allergens also prevents sleep interruptions.

Removes Odor

Chemicals make up offensive scents float in the atmosphere. Bissell air purifiers not only eliminate dangerous micro-sized airborne particles but also assist in eliminating unpleasant smells, leaving your space clean and fresh. Your house will feel and smell cleaner by sucking them out of the air.

Lengthen Life Expectancy

Indoor air pollution can impact your respiratory system. Your lungs could become clogged with fumes from everyday household goods.

A decent air purifier will capture even tiny particles, improving the quality of the air you breathe. Eliminating these contaminants can improve your sleep and result in longer life.

How Does An Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers function by cleaning the air, which may contain toxins and pollutants. These air purifiers have a few small inside fans that draw the air flowing through your rooms. Then, it travels through the interior filters. 

It consists of two levels of filtration. The pre-filter removes bigger waste like hair and dust, while the interior filter removes microscopic debris like pollen and smells. These filters circulate clean air back into the space.

If you continue to turn on your air purifier, this air purification cycle keeps repeating at regular intervals. This filtering procedure keeps the indoor airflow healthy.

Why Is My Bissell Air Purifier Light Flashing?

When the filter has to be cleaned and changed, a light indicator on your reset button's icon will keep flashing.

The control panel of your Bissell air purifier is where you'll find this light. Update your filter immediately when the filter reset button begins to flash.

How Often Should You Change Your Bissel Air Purifier Filter?

Air purifiers use their internal filtration system to catch and filter harmful airborne pollutants like allergens and dust. The air quality will decrease with how frequently you change the air purifier.

You can change the filter of your Bissell air purifier depending on the air quality and environmental circumstances. For optimum performance, replace the filter once every three months. It's beneficial to set a schedule for maintenance and filter replacement.

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How To Change The Filter Of The Bissell Air Purifier?

4 layers of clean air filters and sanitizing materials. Filter pollution, viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, dust,Car air conditioner. Air purification system to be safe from the corona virus. Realistic file.

The reset button will turn on when it is time to change the filter. To change the filter of your Bissel air purifier, follow these steps:

1. Switch the Power Off

Press the power button on your control panel to turn off the device. Then, always ensure your air purifier is unplugged before changing the filters.

2. Open the Ground Cover

Remove the bottom cover of your air purifier by turning it clockwise. The device contains indications of lock and unlock icons. Carefully pull out the cover.

3. Pull Out the Filter 

Take the old filter after opening the cover.

4. Insert the New Filter

Insert the new filter properly. Make sure to replace it with the appropriate type and size filter. If you don't have a new one, you may clean your old filter with a soft brush, soap, and water.

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5. Close the Cover

Attach the cover back again and make a counterclockwise rotation to lock the cover. This action makes sure that the device will not get disassembled.

6. Turn On the Power

Plug in the cord and press the power button on your control panel.

7. Press the Filter Reset Button

After switching on the air purifier, reset the replacement light indicator by pressing and holding the button for three seconds.

Can You Leave An Air Purifier Running All The Time?

Vapor from humidifier in front of window

You may let your air purifier on all day without risk. This is to maintain the maximum level of air quality in a room and may yield the best results.

It is advisable to leave your air purifier on all day because air pollution is a constant and widespread issue. However, you must be sure to clean the filters on a schedule because it can aid in lowering indoor pollution. 

However, you can turn it off if no one is home during the day.

In Closing

To be healthy, we need to breathe pure air. You can now breathe fresher, cleaner air in your home using your Bissell air purifiers. It guards against many dangerous air pollutants for you and your family. 

The specific pollutants removed ultimately depend on the type of air purifier you use. Always remember that you must consider the size of the space when choosing the kind of Bissell air purifier. A more extensive system is ideal if you want your entire home to have cleaner air.

You can always reset your Bissell air purifiers with the easy steps mentioned above. Before you leave, kindly visit these other posts for some interesting topics about air purifiers on other brands like Honeywell:

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