How To Reset The Filter On A Kenmore Air Conditioner?

When you're running a new air conditioner, it will usually be smooth-sailing. More specifically, if you own a Kenmore air conditioner, you might have noticed the filter reset label light up. How do you reset the filter? If that's your concern, let's go over the process!

If the filter reset label on your Kenmore air conditioner lights up, that means that it's time to clean the filter. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Locate the filter inside your Kenmore air conditioner.
  2. Using water and soap, gently rinse the filter.
  3. Allow the filter to dry out completely.
  4. Once dry, place it back into your air conditioner.
  5. Press and hold the reset button for three seconds, and the light should turn off.

There are more details to go over. For example, where can you find the filter on a Kenmore air conditioner? Additionally, depending on the design, how do you remove it? These are some of the topics we cover further ahead. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Open panel adjustment of a small room air conditioner, How To Reset The Filter On A Kenmore Air Conditioner?

Where Is The Filter Located On A Kenmore Air Conditioner?

If you've never dealt with an air conditioner before, it might be difficult to follow the steps above. After all, not all air conditioners are the same. Some will have different ways to access a filter.

But, more importantly, the first step to starting the cleaning process is finding it! This part is easy as most, if not all, Kenmore air conditioners will have their air filters located at the front.

And old styled air conditioner on the wall.

The front grille would be the left side of the air conditioner in the picture above. Of course, this is not a Kenmore brand of an air conditioner, so yours may look a bit different. With that said, the grille would cover two-thirds of the bottom half of a Kenmore air conditioner.

Removing The Front Grille

Removing the front grille will be a slightly scary part of the process. And, if it's your first time doing this, you might get the thought that you're breaking something! 

If that's your concern, most air conditioners will have some way to remove the front grille. In general, most air conditioners will allow you to remove the front grille by pulling at the sides.

Alternatively, if you find that you can't remove the grille by the sides, there will be small handles that you can use to pull the grille off. Should that not work, you'll need to do two things. 

First, identify the model number of your Kenmore air conditioner. Then, you want to find the owner's manual. With the manual, you can find out how to remove the front cover. However, in most cases, you won't have to do that.

In case you do need help finding the model number of your Kenmore air conditioner, here's a YouTube video demonstrating a few areas to find it:

If you don't have the problems described above, here's what removing the front grille should look like:

Removing The Filter

Once the cover is off, removing the filter will be pretty simple. Just tug on the grips if it has any. In the video example above, the filter has a small handle in the middle to help pull it out. Some filters might even have it on the sides instead of the center on top.

Regardless, if you have trouble pulling it out, releasing it could be as simple as pulling forward and then pulling upward. The filter should be free for cleaning now. 

How Do I Clean The Filter On My Kenmore Air Conditioner?

Air condition filter long time use alot of dust.

Once you've removed the filter from your Kenmore air conditioner, it's time to choose how you want to clean it. According to the user manual, the first way to do this is by rinsing it under warm soapy water.

If you'd like to scrub your filter to remove any stubborn dirt/debris, it would be better to use a damp rag rather than your hands, although this won't always be a good idea if your filter is fragile.

Once you finish, gently shake the excess water off the filter and let it dry completely. You can then place it back into the air conditioner.

The alternative way to clean the filter would be to vacuum it. Then, return the filter into place. This process should cover the cleaning portion of the reset process.

Resetting The Filter Reset Indicator

In general, the only requirement to get rid of the filter reset light is a clean filter. So, with everything in place, all we have to do is press on the label, which could look different depending on your AC's model.

According to Home X, you'll want to press and hold the reset button for three seconds until the light turns off. You can also try turning off the light by pressing and holding the indicator, so there are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

For demonstration purposes, here's a YouTube video showing you how to proceed with the instructions above:

How Long Do AC Unit Filters Last?

Aircondition service and maintenance, fixing AC unit and cleaning the filters.

In general, the air filters for a Kenmore window air conditioner should last as long as the machine. However, forgetting to clean it can happen to the best of us. In some cases, it might be too dirty to save, which means you'll need to order a replacement filter for your air conditioner.

With that said, you can find a replacement from Kenmore, which will be advertised as the EOM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filter, making this process easier.

Kenmore Central Air Conditioner Filters

As far as we can tell, if you have a Kenmore central air conditioner, the filter should also last as long as the machine. As we covered earlier, you'll need to remove the filter from your Kenmore air conditioner, clean it, and then place it back into your system.

Of course, every AC filter can slightly vary in terms of at-home care, so refer to the user manual when in doubt.

How Much Does It Cost To Change The AC Filter?

Aircondition service and maintenance, fixing AC unit and cleaning the filters.

In general, the cost to replace or change your filter will depend on the model. This will typically range from $25 to $99, so everyone will be slightly different. For older Kenmore units, it may be harder to find the exact filter your system needs, so it's more cost-effective to use one that is similar in size.

How Do I Know What Size AC Filter I Need?

The easiest way to know the size of the AC filter you need would be to measure the dimensions. However, you might need to find a similar sized filter to the one your system uses, although this should be more of a last resort.

As we mentioned earlier, manufacturers typically make filters for a specific unit model, which you can use to find the exact filter your AC takes.

Let's go over a quick rundown of what you need to do. Finding the model number of your unit can be a bit tricky. There are four areas you can find a label with all the manufacturer information. 

The first area you should check is the cold air exhaust port. It's in the front of the unit where the cold air comes out. Alternatively, you can remove the front grille and check the surrounding frame. Sometimes, it might be behind the air filter. 

Finally, if you can't find the label on any of the spots mentioned, check the sides of the air conditioner. Once you find it, write down the complete model number. 

Now that you have the model number, you can head to an online part shop. You can get the best fit by searching for the air filter with the air conditioner model number.

To Wrap It Up

filter air conditioner after clean

It can be frightening messing with an appliance like an air conditioner. It's especially the case if you don't have the owner's manual with you!

Luckily, resetting the filter on a Kenmore air conditioner is as easy as cleaning it and pressing the indicator button. We hope you found the information above helpful!

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