How To Reset A Haier AC

Like most electronic appliances in our homes, air conditioners are also getting smarter. Sometimes, all it needs is a good reset, and it will fix common simple issues on its own. Wondering how to reset your Haier AC? Look no further, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you right here.

Follow the simple steps below to reset your Haier air conditioner:

  1. Locate the small reset button near the bottom of the remote control.
  2. Use a pointed object like a paper clip or a ballpen to press the reset button.
  3. Wait for the unit to complete resetting itself.

In addition to resetting the air conditioner unit, there are situations when you will need to reset the power supply too. Read on to find out how to reset the power supply. Additionally, we’ve compiled common air conditioner issues that you can fix yourself.

So, get reading and get fixing!

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How to reset the Haier air conditioner power supply?

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The Haier power supply needs to be reset after a power surge. The Haier power supply automatically trips itself during power surges to protect the air conditioner.

Follow the simple steps below to reset the Haier air conditioner’s power supply:

  1. Trace the power cable from your air conditioner to the wall socket. If the power cable of your Haier air conditioner has not been replaced yet, it will have “test” and “reset” buttons on it.
  2. Make sure that it is securely plugged into the wall socket.
  3. Press the reset button if it is raised. Some units will give off a green light once the reset button is pressed.
  4. Turn the air conditioner back on. The power supply has been reset at this point.

Why do I need to reset my air conditioner?

Aside from returning your air conditioner’s power supply to a normal state after an electrical surge, there are common issues that a simple reset can fix.

A reset can fix the error where the air conditioner is blowing warm air even though the thermostat is set to “cool.” There are several reasons why an air conditioner would blow warm air. A general thermostat error can cause this problem, and this can be fixed by resetting the air conditioner.

If resetting the air conditioner did not fix the issue, contact a professional to verify and fix the issue for you.

What to do if the Haier air conditioner reset button keeps tripping?

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The reset button on your Haier air conditioner’s power cable is a safety feature. It automatically breaks the current once it detects an electrical overload or overheating coming from your home’s electrical current.

The solution to this problem is to test your home's electrical supply and repair it as needed. Reset the AC's power supply once more to test the fix.

Inspect the power cable of the air conditioner. Check for any damaged, pinched, or worn sections. Replace the power cable if you find any damage to the power cable.

How to prevent a child from playing with the Haier air conditioner's remote?

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The remote control of your Haier air conditioner has a lock feature. This feature will cause the remote control to stop responding to any input if it is locked.

To lock the remote, locate the lock button near the bottom of the remote—often found the opposite of the reset button. Press the lock button with a pointed object like a paperclip or the tip of a ballpoint pen.

A padlock icon will appear on the remote control’s display when it is locked. Press the same button to unlock the remote control.

Why is my Haier air conditioner not cooling?

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There are several reasons why a Haier air conditioner will not cool. We discuss each of these in detail below, including the possible solutions.

Air filter

Air cannot flow properly through the air conditioner if the air filter is clogged which greatly reduces its cooling ability. Additionally, a clogged air filter will cause the evaporator coils to start to build up frost or ice.

Clean the air filter thoroughly to unclog it. It will need to be replaced if cleaning is not possible or if you see damage to the air filter.

Find replacement Haier Air Conditioner filter for models ESA405P, ESA405PL, HWF05XCP, HWF05XCPL. Check it out on Amazon, here.


The thermostat monitors air temperature, and it activates your air conditioner’s fan and compressor once the temperature reaches a certain point. A defective thermostat can cause your air conditioner to fail to cool properly.

To test the thermostat, set it to cooling and then test the air conditioner wiring for continuity with a multimeter. Replace the thermostat if there is no continuity.

A note on thermostats

Some thermostats also control the furnace. Refer to the wiring diagram of your air conditioner to identify the correct wires to test.

If you need a multimeter, the AstroAI Digital Multimeter is a good choice. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat as the refrigerant passes through the coils. They will not be able to effectively dissipate heat if they are dirty. This will force your air conditioner to work harder and consume more power to cool the air.

Too much debris and dirt on the coils can completely diminish the air conditioner’s ability to cool down and maintain the target temperature. Check the condenser coils and clean them thoroughly to fix this problem.


A thermistor is a special resistor that increases or decreases its resistance based on the air temperature. An increase in the air temperature also increases the resistance of the thermistor.

Test the thermistor for continuity and resistance. Its resistance should change following the changes to the air temperature. The user manual has temperature and resistance values that you can use to check.

Replace the thermistor if its resistance value doesn’t change.

Other issues

Problems with the control board can prevent various parts of your air conditioner from receiving power. This can hinder your air conditioner from cooling. In most cases, control boards are best diagnosed and fixed by an air conditioner professional.

How do you fix a Haier air conditioner that won't turn on?

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This problem is often caused by an issue with the power supply. Check the power cable for damage and make sure that it is securely connected to the wall socket.

Check the wall socket where the air conditioner is connected. Plugin another electrical appliance and check if it receives power.

Reset the circuit breaker that supplies power to the wall socket where the air conditioner is connected. Check the GFI or GFCI and make sure that it has not been tripped.

Air conditioners normally need a dedicated power supply because they draw in too much power. The power supply to your air conditioner can be interrupted if there are other appliances connected to the same circuit. Your circuit breaker could trip because of the high demand for power on the circuit.

Why does my air conditioner turn on and off repeatedly?

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This issue is often called short cycling. The term describes an air conditioner’s system that goes through the cooling cycle but terminates after a short time and then restarts once more.

It takes more power to start an air conditioner compared to when it is running smoothly. Restarting over and over consumes more power. So, this causes extra wear and tear on the parts of your air conditioner.

Here are some of the culprits and how to fix them.

Thermostat issues

The thermostat will signal your air conditioner to frequently start and stop if it cannot accurately get the air temperature. Low batteries on your thermostat can cause this problem because the thermostat will keep losing power intermittently. Replace the batteries, then restart the thermostat to fix this problem.

The thermostat can have difficulty accurately detecting the air temperature if it is installed on an area that is not ideal for its function. For example, the thermostat receives direct sunlight, or the thermostat is close to a room that is naturally warmer like the kitchen or bathroom. Move your thermostat to a better location to address this issue.

Refrigerant leak

The compressor will malfunction and shut off if your air conditioner is low on refrigerant because the pressure is too low. The pressure will rise once more while the compressor is off, turning it back on. This causes a short cycle that consumes more energy and causes more wear and tear.

Refrigerant leaks are dangerous. Call a professional to find and fix the leak.

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Resetting your Haier air conditioner is a good first step to troubleshoot and fix common issues. Similarly, your air conditioner’s power supply will also require a reset after a power surge.

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