How To Reset Rheem AC Unit

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So, you've been searching for answers because your Rheem air conditioner is having problems. And you don't know how to perform a reset process? No problem! You have come to the right place since we have the thoroughly researched answer to that question.

Before starting, make sure to check the air conditioner's circuit breaker if it has tripped. It is to ensure that there is a reason behind your resetting. If tripped, to reset your Rheem air conditioner unit, push and hold the reset button found in the bottom right part of the outside unit, next to the refrigeration lines. Hold the button for three seconds.

However, not all Rheem air conditioners have a reset button. And in this post, we will dig deeper into how to reset one even if it doesn't have that button. We encourage you to keep reading to obtain more information and better knowledge about Rheem air conditioners. We have so much in our pockets to share with you!

Close up of a clean and dirty filter. Home air conditioner replacement and cleaning concept

How To Reset Rheem Air Conditioners With Reset Button

Resetting your Rheem air conditioner is essential if you notice that the circuit breaker has tripped. Yes, you must not reset it just because you want to.

The reset process is not the same for all Rheem air conditioner models. However, they only differ slightly. The most necessary advice we can give you in this matter is always to check and read the owner's manual. Trust us: it will help you big time! Our priority is to guide while ensuring the safety of the homeowners. 

So, how do we reset a Rheem air conditioner? Once you finish checking the circuit breaker to see if a trip happened, it is time for the unit's resetting process.

The resetting of your Rheem air conditioner is as simple as pressing and holding the reset button for three seconds. This should make your unit start again. But if that is not the case, you can attempt to utilize your thermostat. All you need to do is set it to its lowest setting. Doing so will cause the air conditioner to start.

If the second step doesn't work again, your Rheem air conditioner needs help from an HVAC professional for a repair. So, the only thing you should do is call a professional, leave the air conditioning unit off, and do not try to make any more steps until a professional repairman arrives. 

How To Reset Rheem Air Conditioner Without A Reset Button

Some models may not have a reset button, but the good part is we can reboot it to at least kick it back to its normal state. Your air conditioning unit will inevitably operate unsystematically, primarily if you use it constantly or a sudden electricity interruption stops its operation.

So, to kick it back to normal, you must switch the Rheem unit off first and unplug it from the outlet. Switch the air conditioner off from the circuit breaker and leave it be for 30 minutes. Shutting it down for that long will help your unit get back to normal if the issue is overheating. That is already enough time to cool itself down.

Furthermore, if we are to restore power, do the process above but backward. So first, switch on the circuit breaker, plug the unit back into the outlet again, and conduct a test run if it is already running smoothly. And if it didn't help, we suggest that you call for an HVAC professional's help.

Why Do Air Conditioners Often Overheat?

The primary function of an air conditioner compressor is to increase the pressure for the refrigerant lines, and this process produces massive heat. And if the outside unit or the compressor has obstructions or cannot breathe properly, it will end up overheating.

Some of the factors that cause the unit overheating are:

  1. There is an occurring refrigerant leak
  2. Freezing or ice developing on your evaporator coils
  3. The air filters of your air conditioner are dirty
  4. The condenser coils are also dirty
  5. Faulty condenser fan

You can resolve some of these factors, but some need an HVAC professional's help. We suggest you call one immediately to avoid further unit damage.

How To Maintain Your Rheem Air Conditioner

Rheem air conditioners are undoubtedly efficient. But there are still some things and factors you should do regularly to achieve its highest performance and maximize its efficiency for the longest period possible. Plus, maintaining your Rheem unit can reduce your need to reset it. So, let's begin to delve into the details!

Dirty air conditioning condenser unit. Condenser coil full of dirt and grass debris

1. Always Keep The Coils Clean

Suppose your condenser and evaporator coils are dirty just like in the photo above. In that case, it will experience undue wear and tear, possibly reducing your unit's lifespan. Condenser and evaporator coils are vital parts of your air conditioner.

Steps To Clean The Condenser Coils

  1. Examine the coils if there is damage. If there is, we suggest you call a professional immediately.
  2. Remove all the dirt and dust using a coil brush; filth can restrict the unit's function.
  3. Using a fin comb, fix and straighten the condenser coils to get them back to their normal appearance.
  4. Remove the remaining dirt and debris using a hose to wet the unit. Next, you can use a coil cleaner to clean it better. The cleaner will foam to collect dust. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  5. Gently rinse the unit with water to avoid bending and damaging the fins again. Also, it is highly advisable not to use a high-pressure washer when cleaning the condenser coils since it is too strong and may damage them.

Check out this fin comb on Amazon.

2. Keep The Outside Unit Free From Any Obstructions

Most homeowners use large plants and grasses to hide the outside air conditioning unit. But if you are going to ask us, we don't recommend such a thing. For us, rocks will do. 

Utilizing large plants around your air conditioner can obstruct the unit's airflow. Also, those shrubs and plants can accumulate dust and debris near the unit. Excess dust could block your system, making it less efficient.

We highly suggest leaving free space at least two feet for your air conditioner to perform well.

3. Your dryer vent should be angled away from your air conditioner

The dryer vents can also hinder the smooth performance of your Rheem air conditioner. If the vents are full of dirt and debris, they will obstruct the coils. So, to avoid letting this happen, you should angle the dryer vents away from the air conditioner.

4. Seal All The Open Gaps On Your Ductwork

Existing gaps and openings on your ductwork can reduce the efficiency of your Rheem air conditioner. The cool air that your air conditioner generates doesn't stay indoors; instead, it escapes through the openings, making the unit work harder. 

To resolve this issue, you must conduct an entire ductwork assessment to see where the gaps and openings are located. As soon as you find the openings, seal them immediately.

When your home has proper insulation, it will significantly help achieve efficiency and maximize the performance of your entire HVAC system.

Removing dirty air-conditioner filter for washing

5. Keep The Air Conditioner Filters Clean

If you want to extend the lifespan and improve the performance of your Rheem air conditioning unit, we highly suggest you conduct regular filter cleaning. Plus, it will help reduce your monthly energy bills since it will reach greater efficiency.

How To Clean The Air Conditioner Filters

  1. Switch the air conditioner off.
  2. Remove all the unit's filters. Check the unit thoroughly since some models have multiple filters.
  3. It would be best if you vacuum the filters. It will help lessen the build-up of dirt and debris. 
  4. Soak the filters with a mixture of water and vinegar. Using that cleaning solution will clean your filters and disinfect them. Moreover, it would help to brush them gently using a soft brush.
  5. Cleanse the filter with an ample amount of water. Never use a high-pressure washer for your filters.
  6. Wipe the filters with a clean and dry cloth before attaching them back to the air conditioner.

6. Maintain A Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-up With An HVAC Professional

It is the most vital factor in maintaining your air conditioning unit. You are definitely wrong if you think annual tune-ups are too expensive and demanding!

Over time, you will realize that this will save you money from repairs and keep you from headaches from the unit's developing issues. Hiring an HVAC professional will ensure that your unit runs perfectly and efficiently. Plus, it will save you from doing the cleaning and simple repairs that your unit needs.

young woman using vacuum cleaner to cleaning the air conditioner at home. How To Reset Rheem AC Unit

In Conclusion

If none of the aforementioned tips and routines bring your air conditioning unit back to its normal function and smooth performance, then the best thing you can do is to rely on an HVAC professional.

The most important aspect as a homeowner is to protect and preserve all your appliances, especially your HVAC system. Doing so will keep you comfortable all year long.

And since you have come this far, you may also want to check some more of our posts and keep learning.

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