How To Reverse A Harbor Breeze Fan?

Harbor Breeze is a product brand owned by Litex Industries and sold primarily through Lowe's. If you're considering or already own a Haror Breeze fan, you might wonder whether you can reverse the fan's rotation. After searching through various forums and asking experts on the subject, we're here to detail the steps on how to reverse your Harbor Breeze Fan. 

Depending on the fan model, there are two ways to reverse a Harbor Breeze Fan. The first is through the use of a remote. And the second is by manually flipping a switch on the fan itself.

Additionally, we also did some research in regards to other frequently asked questions. Continue reading to find out more!

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Why Does My Harbor Breeze Fan Have A Reverse Switch?

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The reason why most Harbor Breeze Fans have a reverse switch is to help keep you comfortable all year round. By giving you the option to reverse the way your fan is spinning, it can either blow cool air towards you or bring warm air upwards.

This is helpful during the winter months when you always feel cold. Not only will this help keep you warm, but it also allows you to give your furnace a break. This, in turn, helps you save some money.

Coincidentally, it's the same during the summer. Return your fan to a counter-clockwise rotation so that cool air would blow throughout the room, letting your air conditioner rest. As a result, you get to cut down on your electricity bill as well.

How To Reverse Harbor Breeze Fan Using A Remote Control?

Nowadays, a lot of Harbor Breeze Fans come with a remote programmed to control the unit. Follow these simple instructions to reverse your fan safely:

  • First, shut down the power to the Harbor Breeze Fan. Turn it off via the remote, a wall switch, or through a pull chain. Then, turn it off via the circuit breaker to eliminate the risk of electrical shock.
  • Next, check for the receiver box and uncover it. Locate the DIP switch settings that look like four sliding buttons. Take note of the button configuration as it needs to match the one on the remote.
  • Then, check for the reverse switch button found on the top half of the motor housing. If not visible, lift the cover gently. Then, flip the switch.
  • Remove the battery cover from the remote. Take out the batteries and gain access to the DIP switches at the bottom compartment.
  • The next step would be to compare if they share the same configuration pattern. If not, adjust accordingly.
  • Return the batteries and replace the cover with the remote.
  • Restore power to the Harbor Breeze Fan by turning the circuit breaker back on.
  • With the use of the remote, press the High, Medium, and Low buttons in quick succession within twenty seconds to synchronize with the fan. The fan should then start spinning in reverse once turned on.

In some of their later models, Harbor Breeze included a reverse button into the remote to make things easier. All you had to do was hold down on the "Reverse" button before pressing down on the "Low" button several times slowly. The fan will then slow to a stop and reverse afterward.

However, some models would have their unique button sequences. Be sure to check their respective owner's manual.

How To Reverse Harbor Breeze Fan Without A Remote Control?

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What if your Harbor Breeze Fan doesn't come with a remote? Or you have misplaced it and have forgotten where you set it down? In that event, use the previous instructions as a guideline.

First, omit the parts where you need to check the DIP configuration and proceed to flip the reverse switch on the fan. Turn the power back on and wait. The fan should start to rotate in reverse after a few seconds.

Finally, keep in mind that Harbor Breeze has older models that do not have a reverse switch built-in and don't have a remote. As such, you would have to adjust the blade pitch to reverse the airflow.

Harbor Breeze Remote Control Doesn't Work

If you are having a problem with your Harbor Breeze remote, follow these troubleshooting guidelines:

  • Check the batteries. Make sure that each one is in good working condition. Swap them out for new ones if needed.
  • If there are any other fans nearby, make sure that they have different DIP configurations. If not, this can result in frequent signal interruptions among them.
  • Take a look at the manual that came with the fan. Sometimes, there is special programming required to make the remote work in sync with the fan.

If none of these solved the issue with your remote, it might be time to find a replacement at your local Lowe's. Additionally, a universal remote would work just as well if you're unable to find a replacement model.

For a universal remote, you would need to make sure that the original remote model has either one of these codes: FAN53T, KUJCE9103, FAN-35T, FAN-11T, and FAN-HD5. In this instance, you wouldn't need to replace the fan's receiver box.

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What Battery Size Do You Need For A Harbor Breeze Fan?

Close-up of an old ceiling fan and light fixture in a cottage in Ontario. Wooden fan blades with a black metal body and chain switches.

The battery size needed for your Harbor Breeze Fan remote control is an A23 12-volt battery. Besides that, no other battery will work.

As for universal remotes, they use AAAA, while others may use a 9-volt battery. Additionally, make sure to check the manual that comes with the remote. Some of these may have additional instructions that need to be followed.

Can A Harbor Breeze Fan Turn On Without A Remote Control?

You simply need a tow cord attached to the switch on the engine. The cable tie can be purchased at your local hardware store or a garden shop.

Check this article to find out how to do this. It's both simple and easy to follow as it lists out all the necessary instructions and equipment that would need.

For additional reading, check out"How To Turn On A Ceiling Fan Without A Remote."

Why Does The Light On My Harbor Breeze Fan Stay On?

This usually happens when the buttons get stuck in a pressed position. Lightly press the buttons again to free them.

If this doesn't work, we suggest opening up the remote control compartment. Make sure you have access to the rubber buttons. Then, make sure that each rubber contact is not stuck.

Afterward, put the remote control back together again and check if the light has turned off. You might also want to use little alcohol to clean the rubber buttons to ensure that no dirt is causing them to be pressed down.

Why Does The Light Turn Off On My Harbor Breeze Fan?

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When this happens, there might be a loose wire in the circuit. The movement from the fan would be enough to loosen, or even disconnect, the loose wire as it spins. As a result, the light of your Harbor Breeze Fan would start to blink and later on, will go out.

A more common cause is that the light bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced. In this situation, buy light bulbs that could handle the constant motion of a fan.

Normally, tightening the screws in place would solve most issues. If not, call a technician to have a look.

How Do I Stop My Harbor Breeze Fan From Wobbling?

Generally, Harbor Breeze Fans don't wobble before installation. In which case, the problem lies in how it was installed. But in some cases, the blades may be warped ever so slightly.

First, make sure that all the connections and wires are properly aligned and fastened securely. Next, use a yardstick or something similar and place it vertically along the edges of the blades to check if nothing is misaligned. If all the blades are aligned, use a balancing kit to pinpoint the issue.

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In other cases, your Harbor Breeze Fan may have just accumulated too much dust. Correspondingly, cleaning it should resolve the issue. If not, call in a professional for help.


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Undoubtedly, the Harbor Breeze Fan is an important device in every home to help overcome various types of weather conditions. By simply understanding how to reverse your Harbor Breeze Fan, you'll become better equipped to handle the blazing summer heat or the cold winter nights. In general, be sure to keep your device properly maintained so it would last for a long time.

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