How To Set Temperature On Lasko Ceramic Heater [Step By Step Guide]

A Lasko ceramic heater can help keep your home at the desired temperature, especially during the cold season. But how can you set the temperature on this heater? We researched the topic to give you the answer you need.

Setting the temperature on a Lasko ceramic heater is relatively easy. Just follow these steps after plugging it in, and you'll be good to go:

  1. Turn on your heater.
  2. Press the plus (+) or minus (-) button on your heater to adjust the temperature settings.
  3. Wait for the temperature you set to flash several times.

If you're still unsure of what to do, don't worry. In this post, we will elaborate further on the steps above. Additionally, we will share a guide on how to change your Lasko's temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. So, keep reading to learn more.

A white ceramic fan heater, How To Set Temperature On Lasko Ceramic Heater [Step By Step Guide]

How To Adjust Lasko Ceramic Heater Temperature

You should try to vary your Lasko ceramic heater settings depending on the season. For instance, you'll to set the temperature higher during winter and lower during warm weather. 

Here's what you need to do to set the heater's temperature:

  1. Turn on your heater. Listen for a beeping sound after you plug in your device (it indicates that your unit is on), then press the power button. 
  2.  Adjust the temperature settings by pressing your heater's plus (+) or minus (-) button. Lasko ceramic heaters are automatically set to high heat after you turn them on. So, click the plus button if you want to increase the heat, and click the minus button to decrease it. 
  3. Wait for the temperature you set to flash several times. Your heater's display will show the temperature you set before displaying the room's current temperature. After a while, if your room's temperature is two degrees higher than you've selected, the device will shut down. It will turn on again if the temperature is a degree below your desired temperature.

How To Change Your Heater's Display From Celsius To Fahrenheit

If you want to change your Lasko heater's temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit, press your device's plus (+) and minus (-) buttons simultaneously. You should then see your display change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Note that the same method applies when changing the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

What Temperature Should You Set Your Heater On?

A heater that can warm the air at home

Although you may have a pre-determined temperature in mind for your heater, keeping it close to the recommended setting is best for your home. You can save energy by maintaining a temperature of 70°F to 78°F in your home.

However, setting the temperature between 68°F and 72°F during winter is fine. Most people think a higher temperature range will help keep their homes warm, but you don't have to do this since the more heat there is in your home, the quicker it will be released outside.

How To Troubleshoot A Lasko Ceramic Heater

A Lasko ceramic heater that's not heating a room or is not working can be pretty bothersome. But, before you contact your manufacturer or a technician, try troubleshooting it first because the problem may be minor.

Here are some of the ways to troubleshoot your ceramic heater:

Check If You Plugged In Your Heater

Woman plug in modern electric fan heater indoors, focus on device

Make sure the heater is plugged into an outlet. You may also have forgotten to insert it fully into the outlet, causing the unit to fail to heat your room. 

Check For A Faulty Outlet

If you have already made sure you fully plugged your device, the issue may be a defective outlet. Check for this by inserting other devices in the same outlet. If the appliance turns on, your heater may have other issues. But if it doesn't, simply plug your heater into a different outlet, and you'll be good to go.

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Inspect Your Circuit Breaker

electrician on hand open circuit breaker board

The heater's circuit breaker may have tripped or blown a fuse. You will need to reset a tripping circuit breaker or replace your fuse. Then try to turning on your heater again.

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Check Your Temperature Setting

A Lasko ceramic heater automatically turns off once it reaches your set temperature. Your heater will only turn back on if your room cools down from what you've set it on. When this happens, and you want the room to be warmer, set the heater to a higher temperature.

Clean Your Heater

Hand wiping the oil filled electric heater with microfiber cloth

Your unit will repeatedly turn on and off every few minutes if it's dirty, making your room colder than you want it to be.

Follow these steps to clean the heater:

  1. Unplug the heater.
  2. Attach a brush to your vacuum cleaner hose.
  3. Use the vacuum to clean off the surface of your heater.
  4. Use a toothbrush for buildup that you cannot clean with the vacuum.
  5. Wipe the unit with a clean and soft cloth.

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Determine If Your Heater Is Overheating

Lasko ceramic heaters may experience a thermal overload. If this happens, the unit automatically shuts down to cool off. Unplug it for 10 to 15 minutes before turning it back on.

Does Lasko Offer A Warranty For Ceramic Heaters?

Generally, Lasko offers a one-year warranty for its products. Many of their ceramic heaters have a three-year warranty. As long as you have your receipt, the warranty should cover against manufacturing defects. Lasko then offers a repair or replacement for the faulty parts of your heater.

However, their warranty does not cover user-inflicted damage to the product, such as:

  • Improper heater usage.
  • Shipping damage.
  • Damage from unauthorized repair of the heater.

Is It Safe To Run A Lasko Ceramic Heater All The Time?

Woman with cat at home, focus on electric halogen heater

Lasko does not recommend that users run their ceramic heaters overnight or leave them unattended while running. Although ceramic heaters have a plastic covering that helps them remain cool while running, turning them off is generally safer.

If the heater runs while nobody is home or you're sleeping, it may overheat and cause a fire. Ceramic heaters can still catch fire even though the chances are lower, so it's essential to be wary of this.

Also, a short circuit may occur if the heater is left unattended, so turning the heater down isn't your best option.

How Much Electricity Does Lasko Ceramic Heater Use?

Woman plug in modern electric fan heater indoors, focus on device

Lasko ceramic heaters typically use 750 to 1500 watts, depending on how high you set their temperature.

The device uses 750 watts under low heat, costing you $2.52 per hour. It can use up to 1000 watts under a moderate setting, costing $3.36 per hour on average. Under high heat, it can go up to 1,500 watts with an average cost of $5.04 per hour.

Since Lasko doesn't recommend running your heater 24/7, you don't need to worry about the price increasing multiple times. Instead, you can determine the average cost of running the heater by counting how many hours you use it.

In Closing

A white ceramic fan heater

A Lasko ceramic heater is easy to use, so you shouldn't have difficulty adjusting its temperature. For starters, plug your device in and power it on. Then, adjust the temperature by pressing the minus (-) or (+) button until you see your desired temperature displayed.

After the temperature display flashes the temperature you want, you're done. But if your unit is displaying Celsius and you want to change it to Fahrenheit, or vice versa, you may change it by pressing the plus and minus buttons together.

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