How To Set The Temperature On A CoolBot

Creating your CoolBot powered walk-in cooler from scratch can be a daunting task. However, setting the temperature on the CoolBot can be just as tricky. But worry not, we researched the internet far and wide to help you out on this. See what we found out.

To set the desired temperature on the CoolBot, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your A/C is set on "Cool" mode and the Fan setting on "High" -with the thermostat set on minimum.
  2. Connect the CoolBot controller to a power source. Make sure all the sensors are properly connected.
  3. Use the arrow buttons and ensure that the mode indicator light is in the "Room" position.
  4. Press the checkmark button. The currently set temperature will blink on the display.
  5. With the arrow buttons, select the desired temperature.
  6. Press the checkmark button to set the desired temperature into the controller memory.
  7. The display will go back to the current room temperature reading.

The CoolBot will now do its thing until it achieves the desired temperature.

Now that you have set your desired CoolBot temperature, you might be wondering what other modes and settings that exceptional little gadget of yours can do. You might also be wondering if it can control it remotely through your phone. For this and other useful information about the CoolBot, please continue the rest of the article.

Coolbolt installed on the wall, How To Set The Temperature On A CoolBot

How CoolBot Works

The CoolBot does its job by utilizing a heat-producing element that tricks the A/C temperature sensor into thinking that the room is warmer than it is. This ensures that the A/C unit continuously produces cool air until it bypasses the minimum temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

To combat the build-up of ice from the prolonged operation of the coils, the CoolBot uses a temperature sensor that is placed where the coils are located. When the sensor detects the coils freezing, the CoolBot automatically informs the A/C unit to stop the cooling process to prevent ice build-up on the coils.

This tricking of the A/C makes your walk-in cooler reach temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the perfect temperature for preserving varieties of fresh produce.

Other Settings On The CoolBot

Besides being able to set and maintain near-freezing temperatures. There are also some neat features that your CoolBot is capable of doing that will prolong the cooling power of your A/C unit. Let's take a look.

Fins Setting

This setting adjusts the sensor sensitivity that is placed on the coils. This setting prevents ice build-ups that could potentially damage your A/C unit. You may adjust this setting only if you are experiencing icing problems.

To adjust the Fins setting:

  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate until the mode indicator light is on the "Fins" position.
  2. Press the checkmark button. The current Fins setting will be displayed.
  3. Using the arrow buttons, select the desired Fins setting value.
  4. Press the checkmark button to save the new setting.

Heater Delay Setting

This setting allows you to change the defrost cycle time of your A/C unit. You may onlychange this setting if the icing problem is not resolved by changing the value of your Fins setting.

To change the Heater Delay setting:

  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate until the mode indicator light is on the "Heater" position.
  2. Press the checkmark button three times. The current Heater Delay setting will be displayed.
  3. Using the arrow buttons, select the desired Heater Delay setting value.
  4. Press the checkmark button to save the new setting.

Temperature Scale Reading

Low temperatures in degrees Celsius and fahrenheit

By default, the CoolBot reads the temperature in Fahrenheit. But you can also set it to display the temperature reading in Celsius.

To change the temperature scale being displayed:

  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate until the mode indicator light is on the "Program" position.
  2. Press the checkmark button five times. You will see "P1" blinking on the display.
  3. Using the right arrow button, press until you see "P2" is displayed.
  4. Press the checkmark button once to enter the "P2" menu; an "F" will be displayed.
  5. Using the right arrow button, press until you see "C" is displayed.
  6. Press the checkmark button once to save the new scale reading.

Understanding Error Codes On The CoolBot

There are some common codes that you have to be familiar with when you have a CoolBot installed. These codes represent a specific issue that CoolBot has noticed. These issues are usually with the A/C unit and not with the CoolBot controller.

  • Er - Communication error with the Room Sensor
  • Ef - Communication error with the Fins Sensor
  • EH - Problem with Heater Element (red tip cable)
  • EE - The jumper module is not sending data to the CoolBot controller

You can easily resolve these errors by either unplugging and replugging the cables or by cleaning the sensor's tip. That's why understanding these codes and troubleshooting them as soon as possible greatly prolongs the longevity and the efficiency of your CoolBot cooler.

Can The CoolBot Connect To My Phone?

In today's modern world, phone connectivity is everything. Everyone's daily lives are shaped using devices and technologies that benefit their needs and wants.

The CoolBot also offers this privilege to its users via its software application. Being able to remotely monitor and change the temperature settings of your cooler is a huge benefit for its users.

To achieve remote connectivity, the CoolBot uses a jumper module that connects the CoolBot controller to a wireless device (i.e. phone or laptop) through a Wi-Fi signal. The jumper module comes pre-packaged along with the CoolBot Pro option. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not sell the jumper module as a stand-alone product.

Click here to see the CoolBot Pro on Amazon.

Before you install the jumper module and connect your phone, there are some requirements that you have to take into account.

  • An internet connection that uses a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router. (5GHz Wi-Fi routers are not compatible with the jumper module.)
  • The cooler, specifically the jumper module, must be within range of the Wi-Fi. You can use a Wi-Fi extender if there is some distance between the cooler and the Wi-Fi router.

Check out this TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender on Amazon.

Please take note that you have to mount the jumper module outside the cooler as the jumper module is not weatherproof. The manufacturer includes a lengthy data cable for this purpose. If you have to mount it outdoors, where rain, snow, and sunlight may reach it, house it using a nonmetallic container for the protection of its electronics.

Can I Run The CoolBot Off-grid?

You might be a small-scale farmer with a remote cold storage location for your fresh produce, or you might be a hunter looking for ways to build a DIY trailer cooler for your game meat. The CoolBot is an effective solution. As long as you have a power source capable of supplying energy for the A/C unit and the CoolBot controller, you can run the system without any hiccups.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A CoolBot Cooler?

Wooden cubes foorming word COST and calculator

Installation of the CoolBot cooler alone costs less than its conventional counterpart. A report from NYSERDA states that installation of a CoolBot only costs around $700 compared to the conventional refrigeration system, which commonly costs anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000.

A CoolBot controller is a device that does not have any fancy electronics. So it's not surprising that running one is comparatively cheaper than running a conventional refrigeration system. A user from the forum Steer Planet stated that a 10' x 10' CoolBot cooled room generally costs about $40 to $50 a month in electricity consumption.

Keep in mind that electricity costs might vary depending on the room area, the A/C unit size, the desired temperature set, and the varying electricity prices of  US states.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a simple farmer, it's hard to not be attracted to the benefits that the CoolBot brings to the table. It is a low-cost alternative to the conventional refrigeration system backed with a user-friendly repair process and cheap replacement parts. It is perfect for small-scale businesses that just want to have cold storage for their fresh produce but do not want to break the bank with the installation and operating costs.

Phone connectivity is also a big plus, especially for the younger CoolBot owners. This greatly reduces the number of times you have to open the cooler and physically check the controller just to know the temperature. And we know that the fewer times we open the cooler, the less energy it consumes. Which then translates to additional savings.

Regardless, remember to regularly do cleaning and maintenance of your A/C and make sure that there are no leaks on the cooler insulation. The CoolBot will then take care of the rest.

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