How To Turn A Pentair Pool Heater On And Off

It's convenient to have a pool heater that you can use almost anytime. But how do you turn a Pentair pool heater on and off? How does this product work? We did comprehensive research to answer these questions for you.

The Pentair has an EasyTouch Control System, which allows you to navigate the features of the pool heater. Learn how to turn the pool heater on and off by following these steps:

  1. Start by pressing the MENU button. Choose HEAT. right arrow to enter using the up and down arrows.
  2. Select the POOL TEMP option, then set the temperature.
  3. Turn on the heater with the right arrow and the up button. The text "HEATER" should appear on the screen.
  4. Press MENU to confirm. Your pool heater should now start operating.
  5. To turn off the heater, repeat up to the third step and select OFF.

With this article, you'll learn how to operate a Pentair pool heater. We'll share with you how this works, then we'll talk more about its types. There's plenty of reliable information waiting ahead. Let's continue reading!

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About Turning a Pentair Pool Heater On and Off

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Pentair is known for making pool-heating devices for the convenience of increasing the pool's temperature. The pool heater is activated by gas and thermal energy that spreads throughout the metallic surface of the heater. As a result, the pool's temperature rises

EasyTouch is a technology that lets you control the heater's functions from the physical control panel. Also, EasyTouch is made to be compatible with any Pentair heater. You can leave setting up the EasyTouch control panel to Pentair's affiliated HVAC technicians. This is to avoid inaccuracy in the heater's basic settings.

With regard to the steps for turning on and off the Pentair pool heater with the EasyTouch control panel, you can watch a demo video here:

Wireless Alternative

However, there's another option for operating a Pentair pool heater with its improved version of a wireless EasyTouch remote. A wireless remote is easier to navigate in terms of fewer buttons compared to the wired version of EasyTouch. See below for the steps for using this wireless remote.

  1. Press the MENU button, then select LIGHTS to see the screen better. The screen will then display the actual temperature of a pool heater on the left side while the setpoint temperature is on the right side.
  2. Select the mode of heating or function on the right physical buttons depending on your preference.
  3. Go back by pressing the MENU button, then select HEATER with the up and down buttons. Press the right arrow to enter.
  4. Go to the POOL/TEMP option. You can now set the temperature with the up and down buttons. Press the right arrow when you're done.
  5. Now turn the heater on with the up and down buttons. Press MENU to confirm. The pool should start heating up.

You can watch a video on operating the wireless remote here:

Finding a Professional

Pentair has a mobile application that lets you request a professional who can service your pool heater with a few taps on your phone. The app may not be compatible with all phone versions, so it's best to check the compatibility in the phone's settings with the app's downloading requirements.

Follow these steps to start looking for a professional:

  1. Download the app and create an account. Fill in the information correctly depending on the questions that will appear on the screen.
  2. Click the "Remote Monitoring" option on the screen if you want a pool professional to set up and monitor your pool heater.
  3. Choose the name of a professional in your area to open a request for the monitoring.
  4. You can cancel the request if there isn't a professional available to service your pool heater.
  5. Save the details and wait for a professional to become available.

You can watch this short clip about setting up the Pentair's mobile application:

Pentair Pool Heater Won't Power Up

It's smart to monitor your pool heater at least a few days before swimming. This is to prevent any inconvenience while you swim and to avoid danger as well. You should know how to find out what triggers the pool heater to stop working. See below for some possible reasons pool heaters malfunction.

Electrical Imbalance

A Pentair pool heater requires 240 volts of electricity. An electrical imbalance pertains to the irregular flow of electricity, either by overcurrent or shortage. This may cause more problems, like an electric shock while swimming. That's why a compatible electrical source is crucial for the pool heater and for the safety of using the pool.

You should check the main electrical source to see if it has the capacity to power up Pentair. Otherwise, you need an electrician to fix the wiring.

Chemical Imbalance

There are chemicals present in a pool, such as acid and alkaline, which are measured by a potential hydrogen (pH). The amount of pH in a pool should range from 7.3 to 7.6. A very high pH level can be harmful to the skin and can even damage the pool heater.

You can use a pool tester strip to evaluate the alkaline level of the pool.

See this pool test strip on Amazon.

However, you may need to ask a professional to clean the pool to prevent the water from causing further harm to pool equipment.

Dirty Pool Filter

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The pool heater may seem ineffective due to dirty filters. Solid particles and waste will block the pipes, resulting in slow progress in heating. You can clean the filters yourself to increase the water temperature faster.

Simply prepare the tools you need:

A cleaning solution

See this cleaning solution on Amazon.

A water hose

See this water hose on Amazon.

Now follow these steps for cleaning the pool filters:

  1. Drain the filter tank, then turn it off.
  2. Open the filter tank carefully and pull out the filters.
  3. Wash the filters with a water hose to remove the dirt.
  4. Apply a cleaning solution, then scrub the filters thoroughly.
  5. Wash the filters again, and let them dry before putting them back in the tank.

Watch this video for cleaning tips:

How Long Should a Pentair Pool Heater Run?

Most pool heaters can take up to a whole day before the pool water reaches the desired temperature. However, the heating time may be longer or shorter depending on the pool size, weather, and the temperature set on the heater.

You would want to set the heater between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. You can base this temperature on how long a person can tolerate swimming in a hot pool. For instance, too much exposure to a hot pool may cause dizziness and high blood pressure. That's why maintaining the temperature and timing of heating are important.

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How Hot Can Pentair Pool Heaters Go?

A Pentair can heat up a pool to up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature on the heater's control panel.

Types of Pentair Pool Heaters

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Since we're talking about operating pool heaters, it's relevant to know how some types of pool heaters work. Their mechanisms may differ from each other. Learn about their differences below.

Gas Pool Heaters

Generally, gas heaters use propane or natural gas to increase the water temperature. These heaters are considered energy efficient compared to electric heaters.

Also, Pentair's gas heaters do have an enhanced LCD display that allows you to see the heating status and some errors. The housing even has a high resistance against corrosion regardless of weather conditions.

However, gas heaters require proper maintenance and frequent refilling of fuel. The number of gallons of gas you need will depend on the pool size and on the heating capacity of the heater.

Electric Pool Heaters

Pentair's electric pool heaters are composed of titanium heat exchangers. These heaters have a timer to let the water circulate. The heater will then stop until it reaches the desired temperature. Also included is a defrost mode that automatically activates to prevent the water from freezing.

One downside of electric pool heaters is the potential for high electricity bills during use. Furthermore, Pentair uses R410a refrigerant to operate electric heaters.

Hybrid Pool Heaters

Basically, hybrid pool heaters are a combination of electric and gas-activated heaters. You can use a hybrid heater at your own convenience by changing the heating mode.

Hybrid heaters are space-saving, unlike if you install two different heaters at the same time. However, these heaters can be expensive because they are dual purpose.

In Closing

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Throughout this article, you learned how to turn your Pentair pool heater on and off. We covered the necessary steps and provided a demo video that you can follow. We also discussed some reasons why a Pentair pool heater might not work correctly, including an electrical imbalance and a high pH level.

You also learned what temperature to set on the pool heater. Finally, we shared some types of Pentair pool heaters. Remember to check your heater's model for accurate operation guidelines.

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