How To Turn Off Cadet Digital Thermostat [Quickly & Easily]

A Cadet digital thermostat makes adjusting home temperature convenient. If you are new to using the smart thermostat, you must know the basic operations. This post will help you learn how to turn off the digital thermostat quickly and easily.

You manually turn off the Cadet thermostat indefinitely with the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the + and - at the same time.
  2. Press M 4 times. You will see the standby icon blinking on the screen.
  3. Press the - to toggle off.

If you program the thermostat, it will turn off automatically when it reaches a certain temperature. The process of turning it off will vary on the Cadet thermostat models. Continue reading to learn how to operate your Cadet digital thermostat.

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How To Turn Off A Cadet Digital Thermostat

Cadet offers digital walls and built-in thermostats to precisely control the heater temperature for various areas at home. The thermostat will make you feel warm and comfortable inside your home.

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The design of the thermostat is simple, sensible, and efficient. It is easy to control the thermostat to achieve your desired temperature. However, if you are a new user, it can help to know the basic operations of the thermostat.

One operation that is vital when using the thermostat is turning it off. You set it off when you want to place the thermostat on standby or not use it for an extended period. 

You should set the standby mode to manually turn off the thermostat indefinitely. The steps below apply to the Cadet TEP series. Below is the process of turning off a Cadet digital thermostat.

  1. On the touch panel, press the + and - symbols simultaneously.
  2. Afterward, press "M" 4 times until the standby icon blinks.
  3. Press the - to toggle it off. A slowly blinking icon signifies the disabling of the thermostat.

When pressing, apply moderate pressure on the center of the button to activate the functions.

You can further refer to the manual if you have other thermostat models. For the TEN series, you press the "-" button instead of pressing M.

Once you turn off the thermostat, ensure no power is supplying the device. You must disconnect the heater circuit from the main electrical panel.

Limit Switch

With the thermostat's advanced internal components, you don't need to manually turn off the device. The operation is possible with the limit switch.

The switch trips thermostat automatically turns off when the room exceeds the normal operating temperature. So, you only use the device when needed.

Below are other reasons why the Cadet unexpectedly thermostat turns off:

  • Dirt accumulated in the thermostat
  • Malfunctioned device
  • Furniture too close to a heater

The limit switch of the thermostat stays off unless you press the reset button. If the device is unclean or defective, you must address the problem before resetting.

How To Turn Off A Mechanical Cadet Baseboard Thermostat

Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode. fahrenheit units.

Cadet also offers mechanical baseboard thermostats with a dial. There is no touch panel for these types. Programming is also not possible for these models. Hence, it is not digital.

Turning the dial counterclockwise to the left can turn off these models. Turn the dial until it stops at the OFF sign. 

However, depending on the thermostat model, you may not see the OFF sign.

Do All Cadet Thermostats Have A True Off Setting?

Not all Cadet thermostats have an actual "off" setting. There are two types of thermostats based on the off setting. Read the descriptions below.


It is a single pole if you cannot see "off" displayed on the thermostat. It has no true "off" setting. Instead of "off," it only has a "low" setting.  If you turn to the leftmost of the dial, it will only maintain the lowest temperature.

It automatically shuts off and turns on when it reaches certain temperatures. This type breaks on one side of the heater's power line. 


In contrast, you can see "off" on a double-pole thermostat. You can turn it off by turning the dial counterclockwise on the thermostat's panel to the leftmost, where the OFF sign is.

Unlike the single-pole, this type breaks on both sides of the heater's power lines. 

If there is no OFF sign on the panel, you can check how many wires are at the back of the thermostat. If it has 2, it is a single-pole, while a double-pole has 4.

Check out this Double-Pole thermostat on Amazon.

How To Reset A Cadet Digital Thermostat

As mentioned above, you will need to reset the thermostat if the limit switches trips. Resetting the thermostat is also a way to restore the settings to default. 

With your Cadet TEP thermostat, all you need to do is to press M for 10 seconds. The display will flash to indicate the factory reset to the original configuration.

Refer to the product manual on how to reset for other Cadet thermostat models.

What To Do When The Thermostat Stops Turning On

thermostat. woman's hand setting the room temperature on a modern programmable wall heater.

After using the thermostat for some time, it will encounter problems. One problem is when the thermostat does not turn on. You will only see a blank screen on the display panel.

The common causes of this problem are the following:

  • Weak or dead batteries
  • The main power source is defective or has no power
  • Circuit breaker malfunction
  • HVAC system problems

When the thermostat turns off suddenly, the settings remain when you turn it back on.

If the thermostat doesn't turn on, below are the solutions:

  • Replace old batteries
  • Ensure the thermostat receives enough power
  • Replace faulty circuit breaker
  • Check and fix the HVAC system

If you cannot fix the issues, ask a professional for assistance.

Why Does The Heater Run And Then Turn Off?

Screen of a smart digital thermostat with the external and target temperatures indicated. Rotary dial to control and adjust. Scheduling and programmable domestic heating.

It can be annoying if the heater that your thermostat controls works and then turns off unexpectedly. 

According to Cadet, the heater won't turn on because it detected abnormal temperatures. Also, the sudden stop is due to the wrong voltage connection.

Another reason why the heater turns off is the thermostat settings. You may observe that the heater is cycling every 15 seconds. If that is the case, you should update the thermostat settings. 

If you have a digital thermostat, here are the solutions suggested by Cadet:

  • For the TH401 model - change the heating cycle from "Std" to "Fan."
  • For the TH106 model - change the factory setting to the ON position

For non-digital thermostats cycling less than 5 minutes, the cause is the wattage inside the room provided with heat. 

Refer to the owner's guide for detailed troubleshooting instructions. If you need further assistance, contact the Cadet technical support team.

Should You Set The Thermostat To Auto Or On?

With the thermostat, you have the option to adjust the fan settings. Whether you keep the fan setting on or auto is a matter of preference. You can use any of the settings depending on your family's needs. Read the distinctions of the settings below.


If you set the thermostat to ON, it runs the fan constantly. Some advantages of this setting include:

  • Distributes air inside the home evenly
  • Better air filtration and flow
  • Less stress on the heater's fan

However, you might spend more on this option. You also need to replace the air filter often, which adds to your expenses. Sadly, the constant heat can make your home colder in the winter.


On the contrary, setting the thermostat AUTO will only work when the HVAC cycle starts. Once the cycle is over, the thermostat automatically turns off.

With the AUTO setting, you can save on energy and air filter replacement costs. Besides the cost savings, you will benefit from superior dehumidification during summer.

The major disadvantage of the setting is the absence of air circulation when it is off. Other downsides of this setting are less air filtration and faster wearing out of the fan. 

Both settings have their pros and cons, so it is up to you which to use for certain times of the day.

In Summary

It is easy to turn off a Cadet digital thermostat. On the touch panel, press both + and - simultaneously. Then, press the M or - buttons four times until the standby icon appears. The icon will blink slowly to signify that the thermostat is off.

There are various Cadet thermostat models, so it is best to refer to the product manual for instructions.

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