How To Turn Off My Honeywell Thermostat [Inc. Pro Series, T3, Rlv, & More]

Honeywell has released various thermostat models over the past years. The switches and options may vary in every model they produce, including how to turn off your Honeywell thermostat. Find out how to switch off your Honeywell thermostat from the gathered facts and information.

Here are the different ways to turn off your Honeywell thermostat by the model:

  1. Pro Series - Pin the mode button to choose among the system modes [auto, heat, em heat, off, etc.]. When the desired mode is displayed, stay on it to activate.
  2. T3 - Tap the on/off button on the lower right-hand side of the screen. The screen will then display "OFF" on the center top of the screen. It means the thermostat is off.
  3. RLV - Turn on/off the thermostat by pressing the up and down buttons at the lower right-end corner below the mode button.

Other Honeywell thermostats have easier on/off commands with specific on/off buttons incorporated into the thermostat body. Some may need more taps and sliding down or up.

Having the right guide for your Honeywell thermostat model makes it easier for you to manage its settings. Stay on the page to not miss out on the other Honeywell thermostat models. It is more than just the mentioned models listed above.

Man at home adjusting thermostat with device on the wall., How To Turn Off My Honeywell Thermostat [Inc. Pro Series, T3, Rlv, & More]

Turning Off My Honeywell Thermostat [Inc. Pro Series, T3, Rlv, & More]

Like the different models of Honeywell thermostats, it also has different thermostat types, from non-programmable to smart. Honeywell thermostat evolves from a plate of buttons to a touch-screen which may be hard for some users to locate or control their thermostat.

Pro Series

The Honeywell thermostat pro-series system modes may differ depending on each model and setting. The three main buttons are mode, menu, and fan. The screen will always tell you if the heater is on. It will show on the upper right side of the screen below the time.

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Honeywell T3 is a wireless programmable type. The on/off button icon is visible on the lower right side of the screen. It counterparts the menu button on the other side of the screen. The main buttons that you can see on the thermostat body are the plus(+) or positive and the minus(-) or negative. 


Honeywell thermostat RLV models have different buttons and designs. RLV430 has more buttons than RLV3120. Nonetheless, their on/off buttons are the same, the up and down buttons.

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Honeywell TH2210DH, TH2110DH, TH2210DV, and TH2110DV series thermostats are put off by finding the system switch slider with labels, heat, off, and cool. Pan the switch tab to the off point and hold down. You can also make a schedule for your heating and cooling with the switch slider.

TH100s may vary in design and switch sliders, but it also has a switching slider with an off option like the Honeywell TH1100DV.

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Turn off Honeywell RTH models like RTH2300 and RTH221 series with the system switch at the lower end of the thermostat. The system switch has heat, off, and cool labels. Across from it is the fan switch.

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TL/Line Volt Pro

Honeywell TL series or line volt pro thermostat maybe have the most buttons. Turn off the TL series like the TL8230 model by sliding down the switch slider to the label off. Sliding up turns the thermostat on, and sliding down puts it off. Its location is at the top left side of the thermostat. You may need to lift the side cover of your TL series thermostat.

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CT30 and CT33 Only

In the case of Honeywell CT30 and CT33, turn off these thermostat models by moving the lever to the farthest left with the label off. The CT series may have the fewest buttons on the thermostat. The main control is the lever that looks like a protruding stick or antenna on top of the thermostat.

Some CT series thermostats, like the Honeywell CT410B, have a round controller in the middle with temperature labels and the off label at the farthest left. It looks like a volume controller.

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Turning Off Honeywell Thermostat On The Honeywell Home App

Here's the easy guide to turning off your Honeywell thermostat using the Honeywell home ">app:

  1. Open the app and tap my thermostat option.
  2. The ongoing room temperature will appear on your app screen.
  3. On the lower left side of the app screen, you can see the mode option that looks like a rugged circle. Tap it, and the off button will appear beside it.
  4. Tap off the button and save the option below. Your app screen will display system is off below the temperature.

Why Does My Honeywell Thermostat Not Turn Off?

Why Does My Honeywell Thermostat Not Turn Off - Honeywell Thermostat Close View

The common reasons why your Honeywell thermostat doesn't turn off are sensors issue,  extreme room temperatures, and an override of the manual system. It can destroy the thermostat fan. Check for a manual off for your thermostat or fan.

Why Does My Honeywell Thermostat Not Turn On?

Your Honeywell thermostat does not turn off because of common reasons like low battery, bent or faulty wiring, or clogged or dirty air filter. After trying to fix the thermostat based on these reasons and nothing has changed, it is recommendable to reset your Honeywell thermostat.

What Should A Honeywell Thermostat Be Set At?

What Should A Honeywell Thermostat Be Set At - Controlling temperature to conserve energy power consumption.

Higher temperatures and less cooling are advisable with your Honeywell thermostat when you're away from home. But, when someone's at home, it is better to set the thermostat to 75 degrees or a little more.

How Do I Turn Off The Schedule On My Honeywell Thermostat?

How Do I Turn Off The Schedule On My Honeywell Thermostat - Person adjusting the home temperature on a smart thermostat

You can turn off the schedule on most Honeywell thermostats from 2000 to 9000 series, which can only take a few seconds. Some models don't let you clear schedules, so that the next option can be a factory reset. An example of the Honeywell series that lets you clear its schedule is the Honeywell 4000 series thermostat.

Follow the steps below to turn off the schedule on a Honeywell 4000 series thermostat:

  1. Hold down the set button until the set schedule display appears on the screen.
  2. Choose between the two modes, heat or cool, in which you want to clear the schedule.
  3. Hold down the up arrow key and hold the buttons together for four seconds.
  4. When the schedule clears, only then that you can release the buttons.

What Does The Hold Button On My Honeywell Thermostat Do?

Your Honeywell thermostat's hold button works to secure the current temperature setting. You cannot alter it as long as you will press other modes or put it back to the previous regular setting. Press the run button to resume your thermostat to its normal setting.

What Does Sleep Mode Mean On Honeywell Thermostat?

Your Honeywell thermostat's sleep mode is the period you've set to sleep on a set temperature with a default time of 10 pm. The wake mode is the period that controls the temperature for the time of the day you are awake. The default time is 6 am.

Why Does My Heating Come On When Thermostat Is Off?

There is a blocked or broken anti-gravity valve. It works to stop the natural convection process. If it's not working, the radiators voluntarily turn on despite the thermostat being off to alleviate the heat rising past the central heating system.

Should I Turn My Thermostat Off?

Should I Turn My Thermostat Off - a male hand is turning down a digital programmable thermostat.

Never turn off your thermostat entirely in any season. A house with an inactive thermostat can lead to severe damage. Adjust your thermostat if you're going far away from home for some time. Have your thermostat equipped with Wifi for convenient monitoring while away.

Does It Cost More When You Turn Your Heat Off?

Yes. Turning your furnace off for hours during low temperature and turning it back on can make your heater work double to set your room to a comfortable temperature. The machine runs harder, so it consumes more electricity.

Should The Thermostat Be On Auto Or On For Heat?

Setting your thermostat to auto mode saves you more electricity. Thus, lower energy bills. But, it won't make the temperature in your house even. It is preferable to set your thermostat on for a more comfortable indoor temperature.

In Closing

Honeywell has different model designs with on/off buttons. Some, you can't readily see the on/off buttons. Some Honeywell thermostats like the CT series and RTH series have the label off somewhere on the thermostat. For others, you need to toggle or tap the screen modes, such as the Honeywell pro series.

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