How To Turn On A Ceiling Fan Without A Remote

Ceiling fans keep us cool and relaxed at home. They allocate a steady breeze in your house to keep you cool or warm. Ceiling fans are contemporary in styling, so it looks good, too. At the same time, it saves you from heavy electricity bills. It can be utilized in so many good ways, but can it be managed without a remote? Here, we will share with you the tips!

Ceiling fans have a pull switch located on the motor module. Since the fan is on the ceiling, the height can be difficult to reach. To turn it on without a remote, all you have to do is purchase a long pull cord to add to the pull switch, so you can operate it without struggling to reach the pull switch or even fumbling for the remote.

Ceiling fans are great comforters when it comes to the ambiance of your home, and so its mechanism should be simple for you too. To know more about this, you can read further and follow more tips on how to control ceiling fans.

Gorgeous open space living room and kitchen area with wooden flooring a huge gray carpet with gray sofas to match it and white painted walls, How To Turn On A Ceiling Fan Without A Remote

Hanging a Ceiling Fan Pull Cord

Step 1

It is important to know your measurement. Once you have placed a ladder next to your ceiling fan, use a tape measure to measure from the pull switch down to determine a length, above your head, that is within easy reach.

Step 2

Buy a link cord with the final measurement you have made in Step 1.

A link cord is an added accessory that hangs from your ceiling fan's decorative casing. It usually has two cord locations: one that you can use to switch the light (if your fan has one) and one for the fan.

A link cord has an adjustable length, so you can just easily adjust its chain for your measurement. A link cord is nickel-plated and made of rust-proof brass; it is durable to serve your need.

Find this link cord on Amazon.

Step 3

Start installing the link cord by pushing the end of it into the lug of the pull switch.  Press together the lug and chain with pliers and then insert the other edge of the link cord to its pull cord knob.

Make sure that you correctly squeeze the edges of the link cord with pliers for the solidness and effectiveness of the link cord.

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Step 4

Start pulling the knob and activate the motor of the ceiling fan. The power of the fan can range from one to three, with one as the lowest and three as the highest speed. Just pull the link cord either two or three tugs, depending on how much breeze you prefer. The fourth or final pull can is to switch the ceiling fan off.

Do Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans Need A Wall Switch?

Gorgeous open space living room and kitchen area with wooden flooring a huge gray carpet with gray sofas to match it and white painted walls, How To Turn On A Ceiling Fan Without A Remote

There are three types of controls for ceiling fans; the wall switch, the traditional ceiling fan with pull, and remote-controlled ceiling fans. Wall switched fans are only controlled with the switch, while traditional ceiling fans are through the pull cord we've just discussed for installation.

Remote-controlled ceiling fans can vary in some ways too. Some ceiling fans are remote control adaptable, so a remote can be utilized if needed. On the other hand, some ceiling fans can mainly be controlled through the remote control and do not require an additional wall switch for another option of control.

The National Electric Code mandates that every room in the house must have a wall switch near a door that controls ceiling fixtures. Additionally, it states that ceiling fixtures must be also be controlled by a wall switch and not solely by a pull chain.

Since this is the case, we can say that adding a wall switch to a remote-controlled ceiling fan is necessary. This reassures you with safety measures, but it is convenient because when there is a remote, especially to ceiling fans with light, the light can be controlled by the remote, making dimming and switching easy and suitable for you.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that it is preferable to consult an electric technician and discuss the best options fit to serve your needs.

Can A Phone Be Used As A Ceiling Fan Remote Control?

You can also operate a remote-controlled ceiling fan through cellphones if you lose your main remote. This is more sustainable when you own a smart ceiling fan. The world of home automation has introduced smart fans, making home systems more efficient and comforting according to your needs and desires.

Mobile applications available on Google Play can help you control your ceiling fan. So, from traditional chain pulling, smart fans guarantee the convenience that you can just run the controls over your phone.

Whether you want to switch the ceiling fan's light or adjust its speed, you can simply do it without even getting up because it can be done through just a few clicks of your phone.

Additionally, there are third-party products that can help you control your ceiling fan, too. All you have to do is connect this to your smartphone, and Siri or Alexa can even help you operate it!

BOND is a third-party device that helps control ceiling fans by acquiring signals through the original infrared radio frequency of the remote. It is a small device that fits on tables and shelves.

Click here to find out more about this device on Amazon.

Can You Buy A New Remote For The Ceiling Fan?

If you lost your remote and you want to deal with this in a way that is simple and practical, you can just purchase a universal remote for your ceiling fan.

However, keep in mind that universal remote controls may vary according to the brand of your ceiling fan. So it is important to know what type of universal remote to buy to match your fan's trademark and specifications.

A remote photographed up close

Can You Reset A Ceiling Fan Remote?

Most ceiling fans that are present on the market today have mechanics that let you follow almost the same procedures when it comes to resetting the remote.

To reset the remote, press and hold the 'off' button for a couple of seconds. You can hold it for 15 seconds and 3o seconds as the longest, and then it will automatically reset after you have done this step.

If this doesn't work, though, remote-controlled ceiling fans come with instruction manuals so you can see for yourself the right procedures on how to reset the remote.

One more thing to do before actually resetting the remote is to check its batteries because either they are bad or the switches under the battery panel are not positioned correctly. You can also try to change the batteries if possible to see what really works.

In Closing

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With the right procedures and proper guidance, you'll know how your way to ceiling fans like a pro! Just remember to consult the right experts with regard to the changes you may like to make. More importantly, purchase the right devices that can help you use your ceiling fan with ease while enjoying the breeze.

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