How To Use Hive Heating Manually

Hive is a smart thermostat that controls heating and hot water in your home. It is simple to use, and you can remotely control the thermostat with your devices. Although Hive is taking advantage of technology, you can still operate without connecting to your devices. Learn in this post how to use the Hive Heating thermostat manually.

Before you use the Hive thermostat manually, your device should be in "Stand Alone" mode.

You need to disconnect the connections to the Hive Hub by resetting the boiler switch and receiver.

Once done, you can use the thermostat by turning the dial or pressing buttons on the receiver. 

For other settings and modes, you also use the thermostat's dial. You can easily change the temperature, switch modes, and set up heating schedules with the dial. Read further to learn how to use Hive Heating.

Manual Operation Of Hive Heating Thermostat

Control panel of a HIVE central heating control

Hive is a smart heating thermostat. Hive allows you to connect your smart devices to operate the thermostat remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you are not into techie stuff, you can still use Hive like a standard thermostat.

There is no need for you to connect your smart devices or a Hive App or Hub because you can use the Hive thermostat manually. You can use the basic functions without connecting to the app or hub.

Set To Stand Alone Mode

Before manually using the device, you should set the thermostat in "stand-alone" mode. To set your Hive thermostat to stand-alone mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the boiler's isolation switch and Hive receiver. 
  2. Turn off the boiler isolation switch and receiver. Turn it back on after 5 seconds.
  3. On the Hive receiver, press and hold the central heating button. Wait for 10 seconds for the STATUS light to flash pink.
  4. If you have the hub connected, unplug it from both the mains and broadband router. You can skip this step if the Hive thermostat does not connect to any hub.
  5. On the thermostat, press and hold the MENU and BACK buttons. You will see the word "searching" on the display once the countdown stops.

Active Heating Model Stand-Alone Mode

If you have the Active Heating model, the process is a little different. Read the steps below:

  1. First, remove the batteries of the thermostat.
  2. Switch off both the boiler and receiver.
  3. After turning it off, wait 5 seconds and turn both boiler and receiver on. The light on the receiver flashes amber.
  4. Similar to the process above, press and hold the HEATING button of the receiver. Wait 10 seconds for the STATUS light to flash white.
  5. Return the batteries of the thermostat. 
  6. Then, press and hold the MENU and BACK buttons. Follow the reset instructions on the screen.
  7. After 10 seconds, the screen will show WELCOME and SEARCHING. If it shows REJOIN, repeat the steps from 1-6.

After setting the stand-alone mode, you can use the Hive thermostat manually. You only need to turn the dial or press buttons on the thermostat. Below are the basic functions you can do.

Changing Temperature

Turn the dial clockwise if you want to increase the temperature in the room. If you decrease the temperature, turn the dial counterclockwise.

You only press the "+"  or "-" for the Active Heating model to adjust the temperature.  

The heating activates once you set the temperature above the actual room temperature.

Switching Modes


Regardless of the model, Hive has three modes. These are SCHEDULE, MANUAL, and OFF. The process of switching modes is the same. The steps are as follows:

  1. Push the dial to wake up the thermostat.
  2. Press the MENU button and select HEAT.
  3. Select the desired mode by turning and pushing the dial.

The modes that you will see on the screen are the following:

  • Schedule - Select this mode to set when the heater is on or off.
  • Manual - This mode can help maintain the constant temperature at home.
  • Off - The heating enters a "Frost Protection" mode. In that case, the heating activates only when the temperature is below 7⁰C. You will see a snowflake symbol on the screen when enabling this mode.

In addition, you can change the heating modes of the Hive Active Heating model by pressing the "<" or ">" buttons.

Setting Up And Viewing Heating Schedules

With a Hive thermostat, you can schedule the heating in your home. You select the SCHEDULE mode to set and view the heating schedules.

Set Up Schedule

To set up a schedule, here are the steps:

  1. Wake the thermostat first by pushing the dial.
  2. Then, press the MENU button. Select the HEAT option
  3. Choose the SCHEDULE mode by turning and pushing the dial.
  4. Scroll to START OVER and push the dial.
  5. Follow the instructions you will see on the screen.

Viewing And Editing A Schedule

After you have chosen the SCHEDULE option, you can view the schedule 

  1. Select the VIEW/EDIT CURRENT option.
  2. Turn the dial to browse the day you want to view or edit.
  3. To edit a schedule, push the dial. 

For the Active Heating model, follow the detailed steps from the manual.

Other Functions

Hive has other beneficial functions that you can do manually. Here are some functions you can use:

  • Boost Heating - Press the Heating Boost button on top of the thermostat to use this function. 
  • Hot Water - To use this function, the listed below are the steps to follow:
    1. Wake up the thermostat and press the MENU button.
    2. Turn the dial to find and select the HOT WATER option.
    3. You can choose "Always On" or "Always Off" or set schedules for specific days.
  • Holiday - Use this to set the dates when you are not around. 
  • Child Lock - This function prevents any changes in the thermostat settings. The function prevents children [and adults] from accidentally pressing the buttons or turning the dial.

Learn detailed instructions from the product manual to keep your home warm using the Hive thermostat.

How To Use The Hive Heating Remotely?

Hive active heating smart thermostat

If you want to operate the thermostat remotely, you can do so with the advanced features of Hive. You can connect Hive to your smartphone, tablet, computer, and other smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

A Hive Hub is necessary if you want to control your devices. This is a separate device that manages your connected devices. You must connect the hub to a broadband router. Ensure that you have a good WiFi connection inside your home. 

Also, download the Hive Home app on your devices. Then, create your Hive account. You will also enter the Hive Hub ID number on the hub's underside. Once logged in, select INSTALL DEVICES on the menu. Select the THERMOSTAT option and follow the instructions for set-up. 

If you have multiple Hive thermostats at home, pair all of them with the receiver. 

Is It Possible To Override Hive Thermostat Manually?

Yes, you can manually use the thermostat by pressing the buttons on the receiver. When you press the central heating button, it lights up green to signify it is on. For other functions, press the relevant buttons.

If you have the thermostat connected to the Hive Hub, you cannot control it because it needs an internet connection. You will see a red light indicating the loss of the connection. You will also see on the app that the heating is offline. 

Benefits Of Using Hive Smart Thermostats

Soft touch smart home technology

Hive can help you manage the heating inside your home, either manually or remotely. Some benefits you can enjoy are:

  • Scheduled heating for cost-efficiency
  • Smart temperature management
  • Maintains a stable home temperature  
  • Reduced electrical heating bills
  • Informs and controls the hot water of your boiler, when needed

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In Closing

Soft touch smart home technology

It is possible to manually operate a Hive smart thermostat for your home heating needs. You can use the device manually if you set it to stand-alone mode. The thermostat receiver and boiler should disconnect from the internet connections at home. 

Once done, you can manually use the thermostat functions by turning the dial and pressing the buttons in the receiver. You can use basic functions to keep your home warm and comfortable. 

Check if Hive heating can provide your home's heating requirements. After all, a Hive thermostat is a good investment for your home.

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