How To Use Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bags

Did you know that recent studies show indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air? No wonder more people are buying air purifying bags for their homes. If you're in the market for these products and wondering how to use them, we've got the answer right here. We looked into the Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bags, and here's what we learned:

When using it for the first time, activate the Nature Fresh Air purifier bags by placing them under direct sunlight for at least two hours. You can then place the bags in areas of your home where you want cleaner air quality or are prone to odors and harmful pollutants, such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Pet areas
  • Laundry area
  • Inside the car
  • Shoe racks
  • Baby's room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Gym Bag

If you want to know more about the benefits of purifying the air inside your home, read on. We'll show you the best areas where you can place purifying bags and how important it is to have clean indoor air.

hanging air purifier in kitchen, How To Use Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bags

How Do You Use An Air Purifying Bag?

Using an air purifying bag is very straightforward. You take it out of the packaging and place it in areas of your home where you want to remove odor and purify the air. You can place it on corners or hang it on hooks. However, for initial use, you need to activate the bag to maximize its efficacy.

What does it mean to activate the bag? It means placing it under the sun to open up the pores of the charcoal, allowing better absorption of air pollutants.

a bag of air purifier hanging in an entrance of a door

How Do You Activate Air Purifying Bags?

To activate air purifying bags, place them directly under the sun. It needs to receive UV light to activate. Unfortunately, placing it directly under a light bulb or just near the window won't work. It needs direct UV light specifically for the pores to open up.

According to their website, Nature Fresh Air-purifying bags should be placed under the sun for at least an hour to activate the charcoal. Other purifying bag brands recommend at least two hours. But regardless of the brand, the longer the bag sits under the sun, the better its efficacy in absorbing performance.

Nature Fresh Air-purifying bags need to be recharged every month to maximize their efficacy. When a used purifying bag is placed under the sun, the UV light expands the charcoal's pores and releases all the chemicals, odor, and moisture. The sun has a natural antimicrobial effect that kills viruses and bacteria that may be trapped in the bag.

You might be wondering how to recharge your bags during the winter season. Even if the weather is cold, it is still possible to place the bag outside in a dry spot and let it absorb some sun rays. You might need to leave the bag out longer because the sun won't be as strong as during the summer season.

If you want to know more about how air purifying bags work, check out the informational video below.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifying Bag?

People today are called the 'indoor generation' because they spend 90% (roughly 22 hours) of their time inside the home, creating routines and entire daily activities just around the house. It's no wonder indoor air has become more toxic due to the different chemicals and emissions inside enclosed rooms.

Thus, air purifiers have become necessary to maintain better indoor air quality. Below are some of the areas in your house notorious for odors and chemical emissions.


The combination of moisture, humidity, and spoiled food inside the refrigerator can cause odor, mold, and microbes to thrive inside. Unless you have the time to clean it daily, having a purifying bag inside can help prevent bacteria from spreading until such time you are able to purge your fridge.

Pet areas

You can place purifying bags inside the cat litter box or near the dog bed to remove odor and dander. It also helps remove dust and pollen that often sticks to the pet's hair. Nature Fresh Air-purifying bags are safe to use around pets because it's non-toxic and made of 100% natural bamboo charcoal.

In case of an accident and your pet accidentally swallowed some of the charcoal, no need to worry because it poses no harm. However, it's still recommended to keep it far from their reach.

Laundry Area

Your laundry area may have that fresh and clean smell, but according to studies, certain detergents, dryer sheets, and fabric conditioners may contain hazardous chemicals (including carcinogens) that can be harmful to health when inhaled.

Hanging a purifying bag in the laundry area can help absorb these chemicals. Consequently, you may also consider using less harmful alternatives for your laundry products.

Inside the Car

Car interior might also have bad smell that need air purifier

Car interiors are toxic all year round due to air pollution from the streets, gasoline exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide, and other volatile organic compounds. If you smoke in your car, even with the windows open, the tobacco smell can still stick to the interior.

Additionally, the two instances when your car is most toxic are when it's brand new and during summertime. An air purifying bag will help improve air quality inside the car.

Shoe Racks

Your shoes pick up a lot of nasty things outside including germs from dirt, chemicals from the lawns, and toxic substances from asphalt. It's always a good idea to keep the shoe rack in a designated spot, sanitize shoes before storing, and place an air purifying bag near it to absorb any harmful chemicals.

Baby's Room

This probably needs no further explanation because all parents want to keep the baby area clean and sanitized at all times, including the air quality, because a baby's health is so sensitive. A bag or two of air-purifying bags in the nursery is a safe alternative to other commercial and expensive air purifiers.

Nature Fresh Air purifying bag is fragrance-free and non-toxic so it's safe around babies.


elegant bathroom in a modern house

The high humidity and moist environment inside bathrooms make it the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Add in the strong scents and chemicals from bath and cleaning products. Aside from proper ventilation, an air-purifying bag can help improve indoor air quality inside the bathroom but make sure to place it in an area where it won't get wet.


If you're cooking indoors, you can create a lot of indoor pollution from the smell of gas, burning wood, and smoke from frying.  Air purifier bags can remove the lingering smell of food, smoke, and oil in the air.

Gym Bag

Gym bags are a breeding ground for bacteria and odor because of the mixture of dirt and sweat that gets thrown inside through clothes, shoes, and gym equipment after a workout or a sports event. People hardly realize that they need to empty, air out, and clean gym bags after every use to avoid bacterial contamination.

One way to prevent bacteria from spreading is to place an air-purifying bag inside so it can absorb moisture and bacteria. You may need to reactive the charcoal bag more often if you use it inside a gym bag.

What Does Activated Charcoal Remove From The Air?

air purify bag charcoal activated carbon moisture absorber and odor eliminator hanging on kitchen

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, studies reveal that indoor air has greater health risks due to chemicals inside the home and poor air circulation (for those with HVAC systems).

Some of the home essentials that release chemical odors in the air include oil, kerosene, tobacco, gas, paint, pesticides, disinfectants, and scented air fresheners. Add to this some of the common allergens including pet hair, pet dander, air mites, pollen, dust, and fungi.

Air purifying bags can help absorb all these common allergens. Depending on the charcoal's density, it can also help remove oil, harmful gases, and chemical substances in the air.

Aside from activated charcoal, you can also use other types of humidifiers to improve air quality inside your home. You can read more about them in this article: "Can You Use An Air Purifier And Humidifier Together?"

How Many Purifying Charcoal Bags Should I Use?

The rule of thumb is one bag per room, however, there's no rule as to how many bags you want to put inside a room. Each Nature Fresh Air purifying bag weighs 200 grams. Ideally, a 200-gram purifying bag can cover an area of about 100 square feet.

You can order Nature Fresh Air-purifying bags exclusively on their website. It comes in packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20 pieces or 200-gram bags. Currently, this product is only exclusively available in the United States.

How To Dispose Of Air Purifying Bags

After two years, your air purifying bag may completely lose its ability to absorb odor and air pollutants. The proper way to dispose of it is to open up the bag and mix the charcoal in the soil. If the bag is made of hemp fabric, it can be buried under the soil and it will decompose.

Wrapping Up

hanging air purifier in kitchen

For optimum performance, activate your Nature Fresh Air-purifier bag before initial use. Activate once a month to maintain its efficacy. It can be safely used anywhere, even around babies, pets, and food. Each bag can last for around two years so it's considered by users a really good investment. 

Thank you for reading through, and we hope you were able to find many uses for your Nature Fresh Air purifier bags. If you're looking into other air purifying options, here are some articles on Dyson Air Purifiers:

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